Thursday, November 20, 2008


i'll be locking up my lappie for a while, as i have an exam around the corner, yet i have this stupid uncontrollable online addiction... but i hate to leave my blog unattended..
thank God, peanut taught me how to auto-schedule-posts on my blog...

1. go to create new post
2. click post option
3. fill in the dates
4. click publish post
5. the word schedule will appear next to your post title
6. done!
(i hope this works... never tried it before... if this gets posted, means, it works!! ^^ )

therefore, i'm sorry if i wouldn't be around to response to comments and all... (i promise to reply to every one of them when back^^) and i hope my posts couldn't be too dry for your appetite... haha... do wait for me to be back~ meanwhile, keep yourself company with these dry posts, i have prepared one post for every 2 days, (EOD/every other day posts) hehe...

something interesting MayLuu emailed:

This is for people who are myopic...
1. look closely at the picture, what do you see?
2. Remove your glasses / lenses, what do you see now?

No, you are not hallucinating. It's just that you have myopia..
i'm not sure what would a person with perfect vision sees though..
you tell me.... :)

p/ss: If you haven't done the poll on the right side of the page, do participate,
will be closing the poll soon... any ideas for the next poll?



  1. I don't see anything. Still the same old man :)

  2. eh i suddenly thought that when u grad, u will need to change you blog's title!!!! no more med student.. hehehehe...

    ops.. a bit out of topic.

  3. halo, this is interesting.. learned new things^_^
    and this pic proofed that I dun have 近视...btw wat the term after translate 近视? :-P

  4. err... i just see some glowing light around einstein??

    have fun with exam.

  5. Haha..I can see the sultry and sexy Marilyn Monroe..

  6. fallen angel, which is cool? the picture or being able to schedule a post??

    sabahking and brenda, i guess you have great eyesight! so you see no difference... lucky you! having perfect vision!!

    bingwui, yalor... have to change my blog... how leh?? maybe can crap something like learning is a life long process or something?? but during HO-ship.. i doubt got time to blog de...

    shawnn, it's call myopia for short-sighted.. and hypermetropia for long-sighted... oh yes, 'shang kuang' is called astigmatism... ^^ congrats, you have perfect vision!!

    reneya, you have perfect vision too!

    yes Kris,.. indeed she's sexy...

    wow, i didn't realised so many of my readers have perfect vision! only me, bingwui n Kris hv myopia.. the rest of you very lucky leh.. glasses and contact lenses very susah ler...


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of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
of living in the dark end of winter turmoil..
instead, it was a love story..
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