Monday, November 10, 2008

8 things we didn't know when applying for med school

You know, back in those days, when we graduated from high school, and eagerly filled up the application to medical school, there were a few things, we didn't realise we CANNOT do, in medical school... i shall mention a few here:

1. NO unusual piercings

2. NO tongue piercings

picture from: flash your tattoo

let's break for some interesting fact: Here's someone who broke the Guiness Book of Records

Brent Moffatt from Winnipeg, Canada, pierces himself with surgical needles as he sets a Guinness record for most body piercings, in Montreal, December 13, 2003. Moffatt inserted 900 needles into his legs to break his previous record of 702 piercings - 12/26/03 (scary, isn't it)

3. and definately NOT this... super gross wehh... i dare not even look at the picture... :P
picture from: too many piercings

4. NO nail polish
hmm.. i secretly adored nail polish.. but i guess it's not a luxury i could afford... and nail polish is actually rather bad.. it hides the clues for diseases, which we find in the nails, like vasculitis, leuconychia, splinter hemorrhage, etc..

5. NO long finger nails.. finger nails have to be clean and short as we would be examining patients... and percussion would be darn painful if your third finger nails are short... if you noticed, all medical doctors and students have short finger nails, especially the third finger on the right hand...

6. NO hair dye (besides copper/brown/black)
i don't know who made this general rule... i once wanted to dye my hair blue, with a tinge of silver lining.. but well, in the end, didn't do it.. i can't imagine the expression on my supervisor's face if he sees me like that... so ya.. this is one of those things, we are not suppose to have..
picture from: your color ideas

7. NO unsual hairstyle - this is obviously, out of the question lar....
8. NO tattoos - and there goes my tattoo dream~

picture from:

i goggled this and found this tattoo pretty cool...
~the last supper~
very artistic... i bet it's painful too....


  1. ai..why do medic alway need to "act" professional? got studs or tattoo shudnt be a big deal right?

    oohh..i saw an ortho surgeon with such arm tattoo..not last supper, sth else.
    But its cool~

  2. get people do like that meh?
    very horrible leh !!

  3. woh so many rules also ur school...

    haha, according to ur photos, if the school dun have such rules also I not dare to do lar... :-P

  4. >wicrap, yeah, and it's not just medicine.. professionals like teachers, nurses, etc also have certain boundaries... i think basically it is because people look up to them as 'role models'... and so ya.. certain 'professionalism' is expected... i mean, like let's say some kid saw his teacher having this cool tattoo, then the kid goes and get himself one, not realizing the importance of sterilization and all.. putting him at risk of diseases like hepatitis B, C and HIV,... well, at that point, who is it to blame? so ya.. that's why.. we need good education...

    >sabahking, the one with piercings all over the face pretty scary huh? hehe.... i also dare not look at it.... hehe... gimme the creaps..

    >shawnn, hmm... it's not like formal rules lar... more like unwritten rules... i'm not saying that the students do that... i mean, simple things like, nail polish, helix piercings, red highlights which in my opinion are quite acceptable, but they are not so acceptable to some ppl in this profession... of well..

  5. can have tattoos what! as long as it is well hidden ;)

    I'm sure girls can get away with more things than guys :D

  6. sigh, another unfulfilled wish..

  7. >fengy, well hidden?? hehe.. perhaps so... hmm, why do you day that girls can get away with more things than guys? a bit sexist ey.. i beg to differ...

    >wicrap, emm... and what would that wish be?

  8. Not to be sexist or not.
    But i agree with fengy . i think he meant about body deco , like hair coloring n studs. Its more acceptable in gals to a certain extent

    hehe..i tot of having my ears pierced before i start work.
    Though its quite common guys do it, but not in a hosp setting i guess.
    looks very dim now ... it painful ka???

  9. >wi, confirm sexist la!! (kidding).. but like you said, to a certain extend..

    why would you want to get your ears pierced leh? if i tell you it's darn painful, would it change your decision?? hehe.. i mean, i pierced mine before clinical years in med school, before i knew it was somewhat unacceptable to some groups of people..

  10. i think still can have tatoo. u just have to put it at ur shoulder or some area that cannot be seen when u wear ur office wear.

    yes the piercing guy pic is extremely gross. but speaking of it, i have not really seen the real picture of the most tatooed person in the world. the last time i saw her on tv the tv producers put heavy makeup on her just to see what her real face looks like.

  11. >renaye, pandainya, hiding your tattoo, huh? but i think tattoo would be super pain wehh.. sigh.. not to forget, the risk of bleeding and infection...

    yeah, super gross right? scary, just looking at it...

  12. i actually thought of getting a tattoo at my back but not after my friend scared me with HIV cases by tattoing. :D

    there r many places to hide the tatto which u can show off when ur not working. :D u just need to see what attire u have.

  13. >renaye, yup.. allow me to scare you further... it's not just HIV, there's also risk of Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C and other infection.. and that's besides the pain.. =P

    where you wanted your tattoo to be?

  14. see aku ada supporter ;)

    Of course i'm being a sexist because there is no equality between gender :D Hahaha. But that's another debate.

    Why I say girls can get away with more things?

    Girls can wear t-shirts with collar and still get away, sometimes, but we guys all are stuck with formal shirt with tie.

    This list can actually go on and on so I'm quite sure you can think of many other things :D

  15. >siGh.... so happy lar, got supporter... fyi, i don't get away with collar t-shirts here wor.. we have to wear formal to wards...

    the only thing i can say is, sometimes girls can get away with a smile, or pretending to be bimbo-tic.. hehe.. (just kidding)

  16. Well, first off my name is Ashley.
    Since I was younger I have always wanted to go into work with medicine.
    When you say we can't have any piercings, do you mean at all, or that we are not aloud to wear them in the work place?
    And if the tattoos can not be seen in the business attire would that still be not allowed?
    I currently have 6 piercings, but I can take all of them out for months on end and they will not close up. I have one tattoo, but its on my upper leg, so it will not be seen by anyone at all. Other than my future husband or whatever.
    But I have always wanted to become a pediatric neurologist, but my self image includes me with some body art, but I can still appear professional if I wear a shirt and pants.

  17. Dear Ashley,
    i'm glad to hear that you aspire to be a doctor... well, do not worry, such unwritten rules differs from country to country, hospital to hospital, departments to departments... In Malaysia, generally, we are not encouraged to have multiple body piercings.. but of course, you cal always remove your earrings, etc during exams or when in the hospital or use less obvious ones.... dress professionally and everything will be okay... nothing should stop a person from following his/her dreams... what more something as noble as this...

    all the best Ashley... i hope to hear you news from you... hope you will enjoy med school... it's perhaps one of the most interesting course, in my opinion =) awesome & amazing~

  18. Huh...that kinda sucks...I saw this one park ranger with 4 piercings in each ear (3 lobes on both, a tragus on one, and a helix on the other), so why can't doctors have that freedom? *sad*

  19. i have my tongue and nose pierced and i think its so stupid that some people cant be a little diffrent without getting tones of shit for it im keeping my piercings plus i dont like doctors anyway never want to be what i hate

  20. I want to be a doctor when I'm older and I already have 5 piercings in each ear, hoping for more piercings in the future. Will UK medical Universities not accept me if I have piercings? :S

  21. OMG! What Med School is this? I'm a medical student and have five piercings, one tattoo, and always have my nails polished. =P

  22. hi doctor..may i ask u out of topic question?how many HOs now working in Melaka GH?i'm a student from MMMC n i'm doing a project 4 my commed research but i seem cannot find any reports or data regarding HOs on net...can u help me?just rough figure also can..tq =)


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