Monday, November 24, 2008

The infamous Seremban Siew Pao

Being a proud Seremban gal, today, I am honored to introduce to you, one of Seremban's famous and well known food...
The kitchen~
So many delicious siew paos~~
and VOILA!!
These are the pork-filled siew pao~
the delicious juices flowing out..
RM 1.10/piece
These were the chicken-filled siew pao
got sesame seeds on top....
the egg tarts are great too!

and their Tiramisu cake tasted good too!!
(only the Tiramisu though, hehe, hush, hush....)

This stall is situated opposite Blossom Garden,
same row with the Buddhist Association/ Curry Leaf / Hang Kang Restaurant

i heard that the boss of this restaurant wakes up 3am, (yes 3AM!!) every morning, (yes, EVERY morning!!) to cook the fillings for this infamous Seremban Siew Pao... he would later distribute the fillings to the branches while his employees would wrap them in pastry and bake them... it is after all, a secret family recipe....

so, there is a moral in this story too, every success starts with hard work and determination...
and behind every bite you take, someone worked really hard to put that smile on your face..
enjoy your siew pao~

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  1. Looks tasty.I guess the pau must be booked early to secure them

  2. definitely tasty, it is one of my favorite food.... .^_^

  3. borneo falcon, yeap! it's super tasty!! but don't need to book lar, they usually have enough.. unless, like you are buying a lot la...

    shawnn, your favourite food? sure boh? ^^

    bingwui, come seremban! i bring you go eat! ^^

  4. I like Seramban siew pao, I like egg tarts (sometimes), I like cakes!!

  5. wi, wait till you come back Malaysia la! :)

    brenda, yeap! seremban siew pao is the best siew pao!! guess what? my Thailand friends who came to visit Malaysia liked them so much that they wanted to buy some back to they country as souvenirs!!

  6. I was posted to Hospital Seremban last year for 3 months, but had not been to the shop before.
    I like egg tart so much.

  7. I don't really know which shops have the best Siew Pow in Sban now~ Have not been eating them for quite some time...haha someone told me the one in Temiang eventually get better


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