Friday, November 7, 2008

jogoya! jogoya! jogoya!!

After the previous post, which a number of people, especially of the highly testosterone equipped species would disagree with it, i decided to blog on something neutral... something that i promised to blog, such a long time ago, but procrastinated.. so here it was, the day after paediatric exam, we all headed to Jogoya! i'll just let the pictures do the talking~

since, i had never introduced my coursemates before,
so here they are....
all starving at the lift..
on the way up to jogoya..

arrived at jogoya!
nice ambience~
~nice food~
so many variety
endless food, Food, FOOD!

i started off with my plate of shashimi...
i liked the oysters the best!! very fresh indeed!
but i could not take much of it, as i forgotten my anti-histamines =(
but the osyters, they are really, REALLY good...
so, i just HAD to take a few more...
the prawns were very fresh too~
had to take a break from shellfish
drown myself in coconut juice....
fresh, refreshing, it is~

but when they discovered there was free flow of alcohol
there goes the binge drinking..
From left: white wine (bong's fav), rum n coke, gimlet (volka n lime), red wine...
i personally like gimlet.. it tasted good...
oh yes, i learnt that one should never mix wine with other alcoholic beverages..
it causes stomach upset..
but of course, i learnt that the hard way
the ladies~ wine tasting party, anyone?
some grill lamb

ika dim sum

then had some fun with this!
the spicy ones~ (tom yam flavoured)
and not so spicy ones~

bobo took this picture to illustrate that it's bigger than vincent's thumb!
i know, they looked a bit gross....
needed some courage and mind power to try them..
i ordered another plate of snails, =P
hmm~~ big juicy prawns~

fresh steamed fish
allow me to share with you,
the sad fate of a fish....
observe how a fish can disappear in 10 seconds!
10, 9, 8, 7, 6..
5, 4, 3, 2, 1...GONE!!

those greedy people
(captured on film!!)

moral of the story: i don't wanna be a fish in my next life...

Desserts after that!!

guess what? jogoya had muachi!! (pulut rice desserts)
but i thought the ones in Taiwan tasted much better
a bit disappointed...
yeay! endless flow of Haagen Dass!!
this tiramisu cheese cake is really, really nice!



some sesame fish

dont remember what this is

after 2 hours, everyone was happy and satisfied!

honey made us all some tea to sober up after that
how nice~
something i saw on the way back
the leaves were beautiful
and i spotted a flute player, with piano accompaniment
so, there goes my review on Jogoya

Acknowledgement: Thanks to bobo & typ for the pictures, and Vincent of course, who planned this late lunch @ Jogoya! Everyone when home with a 32week fundus! =P

Jogoya Contacts:
T3, Relish floor, Starhill Gallery,
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel: +603-2142 1268    Fax: +603-2148 8171


  1. wah.. this post is wicked! make those who are oversea jealous... LOL.. wey.. i commented on ur previous post but my comment din pop up one? i commented in the wrong place ker? LOL..

  2. hey..just a question
    where can i find the exactly same song (Hmmm - Fly Me To The Moon)which is currently playing in ur blog...i found other version but dislike the voice...:(

  3. I absolutely lurrve the tiramisu!! Simply delicious!!

  4. >bingwui, you can enjoy jogoya when you return to msia.. but i'm sure there's some nice russian restaurant over there, right? hmm.. what you commented? maybe you could retry...

    >sine nomine, this song is hauntingly nice right? i tried to copy and paste the codes but blogspot don't let the codes appear... hmm.. tried to publish in a new post, also didnt work... do you have an email/msn? i can try sending you the codes through that... =)

    >zhengdhong, hmm.. i think per person is less than rm80.. it certainly burnt a hole in our pockets... but the food is good...

    >cute little angel, yeay! it's delicious!

  5. Nice dishes. Look expensive. By the way, all the ladies look beautiful :)

  6. thanks for the compliment.. they would be so delighted to hear that =)

  7. Wooo....

    so gorgeous restaurant.
    U have so many nice pics attracted me. :-P
    must be very expensive...!

  8. indeed.. the pictures just make you feel hungry, doesn't it??

    i do personally think it is overprice.... when compared the quality of the food... but there is sure a lot of variety.. and if you are a fan of sashimi and seafood or wine, then it would be worth you money, i guess...

  9. what a fulfilling lunch ... i also want ...

  10. yer... now i damn regret i asked darren not to bring me to jogoya during our honeymoon. =.="
    *jealous* i wanna eat too.. T_T

  11. >renaye, you want? can, can.... go jogoya~~ ^^

    >dann, i know, it looked delicious.... it is actually, hehe..

    >jun, don't worry, you can always get him to bring you there next time =) jogoya is not running anywhere, hehe..

  12. wow wow wow.............drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Looks yummy, looks yummy. Maybe one day, us gals should get together. You know, me, you and whomever whomever. Ladies night, hows that? I've never been to jogoya before. But my best friend frequent there all the time.

  14. >cg, looked delicious isn't it?? hehe... it makes me hungry all over again, just looking back at the pictures.. :)

    >brenda, that'll be great!! we should all get together one day... you, me, and whomever whomever.. hehe.. =) sounds good~
    p/s: you should try jogoya :)

  15. Yea, I know. Maybe sometime and the gathering plan, maybe sometime at the end of the month maybe? That's a plan ya~ Don't chicken out last minute! We'll see first :)

  16. sure... i'll be having my internal medicine exam in 2 weeks time.. i should be available after that :) don't worry, i won't chicken out =P why would i do that?

  17. I want to go! I want to go! I have heard so much about the place since last year...but I haven't had the chance! Sob! Sob!


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