Monday, November 3, 2008

i knew what you did last Halloween

Since my friends and readers, specially Brenda, had been asking about my Halloween dinner... i had compiled it into a storyline, to make it more interesting, hehe... here you go, the story of

i knew what you did last Halloween

It was October 31, a cold quiet night. The full moon shone brightly, melancholic in a way.... Deep in the basement of HUKM Forensic Hall, there was this lady ghost, sleeping soundly...

~The sleeping lady ghost~

A sudden fireworks shot at the background. The celebration of Halloween began, with people cheering and shouting,.. distressing to the lady ghost... the smell of fresh innocent blood awakened this lady ghost from her slumberland~

~The awaken hungry lady ghost~

Who dares to wake the lady ghost? i smelled of fresh innocent blood.... the smell so tender and juicy... i could not resist...
The lady ghost bumped into the mummy. Being super hungry, she bit off the mummy's big round fresh succulent eyes..

~poor one-eyed mummy~
(i thought this pictured looked like 2 chopped off heads on a white table)

Mummy: oh please, great mightly lady ghost, please don't eat me... spare my eyes, they are highly myopic and unhealthy...
Lady ghost: but i'm so so soooooo huuunnnggrryyyyy... the lady ghost craves for fresh innocent blood....
Mummy: oh mighty lady ghost, i am but an old stale mummy....
*tink!* (idea)
Mummy: mummy heard there's a Halloween party at TGI's Fridays... lots of fresh innocent blood to feast on..... mummy can bring great mighty lady ghost there....
Lady ghost : oh really? are you saying lots of fresh innocent blood?
Mummy: yes, oh mighty lady ghost
Lady ghost: wait no more, let's head down to TGI!!

So, together with her new found friend, the lady ghost head down to TGIF, looking for victims to satisfy her hunger... speeding at 160kmph, even the policemen dare not give the mighty lady ghost a ticket... hehe...

~The smell of fresh innocent blood~

The lady ghost arrived at TGI Fridays 1 Utama
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Hungry ghost find many new victims...
Hungry ghost disguised herself as a Halloween ghost..
little do these people know, their lives is at stake...

The lady ghost found many new ghosty friends there... partying and playing... instead of fleeing in fear, the innocent bloods welcomed the lady ghost with open arms... all eagerly waiting to feast!! then, they introduced TGI's menu to the lady ghost, which looked very mouth watering... So, the lady ghost decided to give it a try...

the huge spider watching from above


cheesy cheese ball

Fried calamari

Spicy chicken

Main Course:
Friday's Chicken (very cheesy)

Halloween Burger (with tongue sticking out!)

Salad with Chicken (so healthy)


Lady ghost's favourite: the cookie ice-cream desserts which melts in your mouth, bringing shivers down your spine... delicious!

After a satisfying meal, the lady ghost is contended... She was tired and decided to go back and sleep... Thanks to TGI Friday's many innocent lives were saved...

here's a few other pictures....

Last message from the lady ghost : see you next Halloween~~ huhu~~~

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thanks =)

Acknowledgement: To yml and beng siong, who contributed to the storyline..


  1. Amazing, a most extraodinary halloween i must say^^ Hahaha, the storyline was good, by the way, plus the pictures editted, haha!

    The Big stomach

  2. Omg!!! You looked damn scary!!! Did you actually went out wearing like that huh? Oh, and are you going to the screening tonight?

  3. > mr spynchter, indeed, it was an unforgettable Halloween... unfortunately, Halloween is not much celebrated in msia, compared to hong kong, and other foreign countries..

    >brenda, haha! i have the uncontrollable impulse to do stupid things every once in a while.. so, this was one of those silly days i would look back, and laugh, still in disbelieve why i did that.... but hey, we live life only once... living the Halloween spirit!

    p/s: what screening tonight?

  4. p/s: and i think the background music goes well with the scary pictures... is like some hauntingly scary ghost asking you to fly her to the moon.... haha! creepy ei? =P

  5. hahahha.. the 2nd picture of you and your fren really look like you all got head but no body!

  6. >peanut, haha! i thought so too.. pretty scary huh... next time you can imagine 2 heads on your table.. hehe...

  7. such lovely friends..and u all wore tat to;


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