Friday, November 28, 2008

kei tak sek's mango lo

I craving for KTS's mango lo~~~ wawa~~....
okay, maybe that's not a very good opening line for a food review....
anyway, i'll like to recommend one of my favorite desserts : tada~
seriously, it's the best, ever!
one of my friend said that when i eat this, like happy till wanna cry... haha!!
but really, you should try it....
unfortunately, the branch near times sq had been closed down...
shifted to somewhere near low yat, i heard,.. will go food hunting after exam ^^

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  1. remember to tell me whr is the new branch..

    i was shocked when my fren told me it was closed..

    gd luck in ur exams@

  2. i've tried this.. but nothing to shout about wor -__-

  3. i agree with suk teng. it's not as nice as u describe lor...

  4. pong & shinLoo,
    haha.. everyone has their favourite dessert kua.. if you two also liked the same desserts that i like, then not special liao, right? hehe.. but seriously, i tried mango lo in other places, nothing is as good as this, not even close.... and maybe, MAYBE, it's because i have something for mango... hehe ... =P

    anyway, audrey said there a branch in ss2 leh.. but dunno how to get there though.. sigh... i'll have to ask around whether got any branches nearby...

    eh, my exam over liao! yippie!! when you all free? let's go shopping! got christmas sales =)better still, let's go kei tak sek for mango lo!!

    btw, should i curl my hair? considering, hehe.. scared it makes me look old though.. see how la.. christmas is in the air~~

    wi, thanks.. exam is finally over! :) one of my friend said it's somewhere near lauyat, but i haven't know of the exact location,.. will tell you when find out.. but you dont have to worry la, you wont be back anytime soon also... =P

  5. p/s: wei, you guys update your blogs la... it's been 3 long weeks liao!! for christ sake.... shinLoo, what happen to the place you wanna blog bout... step on it.. cannot so lazy one =P must keep motivated....

  6. Hey..saw this interesting piece on medical doctors.:P

    At least five doctors to suffer from mental woes every month

  7. What's that? Only mango dessert I know is the Thai one with pulut and santan. Nice too, but I prefer durian. Hope you did well in ur exams!

  8. i think i ate similar thing near time square area there..however is in kiwi flavor...and hor...i cant finish it..too much...haha...but i c u eat till can cry till so happy...pengsan

  9. ss2 de kei tak sek..i know where but u urself says it is too far ,dont wan go de......:(

  10. reneye, memangpun sedap... :)

    kris,i was so surprise when i saw it on the papers this morning too!! headlines!! i really, really wanna know where he gets his data.. sigh...

    stp, thanks... exam was pretty tough, but i think should be ok.... i ate the thai pulut with santan mango before... quite nice, but i like the mango better.. in the end just ate the mango, and left the pulut,... haha.. p/s: durian?? NO WAYYY!! just in case you didn't know, i don't eat durians :P i know, it's irony for a malaysian not to like durian, but well, i just don't..

    cg, don't pengsan lar.... but it's really really nice leh.. i think they put some endorphines or happy drug in it.. that's why after i ate, feel so happy :P

    cheryl, hmm... we should find time to go... but i dunno the way leh... u know the way ma??


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