Tuesday, April 17, 2007

COAMS #30 - Craniotomy-Phobia

I was at the operation theater today to witness a neurosurgery on clipping of a Berry’s aneurysm at the branch of the left internal carotid artery. In layman’s term- simply clipping a dilatation of an artery in the brain to prevent it from rupturing and causing complications. And I MUST confess that it was THE MOST GROSS-EST thing on earth! (in my opinion) All my other friends were like excited and enthusiastic while I was desperately peeping from the corner of one eye… Imagine having part of the skull removed and seeing the bleeding pulsating brain… it was kind of scary, at first.. I can’t help feeling pain for the patient despite the fact that I am well aware that the brain tissue has NO pain fibers,.. oh well… well, it looks okay in the books and movies but to actually witness with your naked eyes, it’s well, a different thing all together… I’ll grow out of it, I hope…

p/s: craniotomy = making a hole in the cranium (skull bone) to access the brain.

(April 17, 2007 at 10:46 PM)

Author's Note

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of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
of living in the dark end of winter turmoil..
instead, it was a love story..
of a couple who did not live happily ever after...
but they live, loving each other..