Tuesday, January 10, 2006


PMS (Pre Menstrual Syndrome)

Sometimes, I just don’t understand myself. I worry over petty little things, I act emotionally, then I blame it on menstruation, hormonal fluctuant and all.. Okay, let’s just say that I got all my priorities wrong! What are my priorities? What do I view important in life? Life over here is frustrating, really,.. sometimes, I just don’t get the people here, I can’t understand them.. I realized I live in a selfish world… and I can’t allow myself to be one of them, I can’t go against them, the worst thing is, I can’t talk to anyone about them… arGhhhh…. And it’s driving me mad…

The walls are getting closer, the knots are getting tighter, the air is getting denser…

I tried to look at the bigger picture, trying to understand to situation,..

Remember the time I was crazy over Ranger & The Georgian Magazine thingy? I didn’t regret over them,.. I mean The Georgian was a great success we can be proud of, but Rangers were stupid, but I did learnt a lot, experience wise… I guess at that point in time, those things were important to me.

OK, I know you are all lost, I’m like taking you on a journey that doesn’t make sense. I did have this weird dream last night though.. there was this helicopter which landed in HUKM (mind you, we actually do have a helicopter pad here)… and it (the helicopter) took me far, far away,.. and I see HUKM getting smaller and smaller from high above,.. as if the problem resolving,.. then, I woke up in my room, bummer! (imagine having the harsh reality suddenly hitting you)

My homework is piling up, running way back behind my study plan. My consultant, Mr Ismail insisted that we read 20pages a day, which at first, it seems really easy, but I am now about –200 (negative two hundred) pages behind time… *siGh *… The problem with me, I guess, is that I don’t put much priority on studies, but a hell lot on exams. That how I ended up so stressful are the exam days approaches… with the last-minute-studies and all… with the adrenaline shooting high, the endless cups of coffee and god knows how much ‘midnight oil’ I’ve burned…


‘midnight oil’ – is referring to the proverb burning the midnight oil. And the sentence I used is grammatically wrong and merely for exaggeration purposes; therefore not advisable for students to follow. Ps: Hell, the whole article is grammatically wrong anyway! Thank God Pn Chu Lai Lin(my English teacher from high school) is not here with her red ink pen.

Author's Note

Dear friends and readers, Thank you for dropping by and leaving comments/ shoutouts. More importantly, thank you for being there... please accept my apology that, lately, i may be busy with work and not have time to reply youir messages/comments, but rest assured, each and everyone is read, and highly appreciated :) have a nice day! ^^

of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
of living in the dark end of winter turmoil..
instead, it was a love story..
of a couple who did not live happily ever after...
but they live, loving each other..