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Nah Youn Sun, Korean Jazz Vocalist - what a performance!

I've just got back from Nah Youn Sun's Jazz Concert at the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra(MPO), Kuala Lumpur Conventional Centre (KLCC).... and it was - AWESOME!!! I have never heard such an impressive vocalist performance... Listening to her sing, takes your breathe away, quite literally... you feel your soul being sucked out from your body, as it lingers and sways with the song... you being hypnotized by her voice, her music... the music fills the space, and all there is, is just you and her...

Nah Youn Sun voice is so versatile, almost like a an instrument... she can sing any note, hitting those high octaves and going deep and mallow... she can sing even with her 'breathe' !! and do the lip smacking thing ! Listening to her, makes me feel that the conventional modern pop artist (not going to give examples here), well, they are not good enough... THIS IS WHAT YOU CALL SINGGING~~

Her back-up quintet was very impressive as well, with:
1. the pianist - very impressive, loved the jazz jamming... and he plays the keyboard and the piano (did i say both at the same time?)
2. the guitarist - yes, you can play jazz on a regular guitar... really fast....
3. the bass - cool, electrically shocking... there was one part where he plucked the guitar like the way you play the cello, upright.... wow, i didn't know you can do that!
4. the percussionist - so fun seeing all his percussion! and the sounds can make your mind fly..
5. the drummer - super cool drummer! with feel~ but i secretly think that my brother, Tuan Yuan can play better than him... hehe... fyi, my brother plays for his school chinese drum band... and they won the states competition and performed at the national symposium! how cool is that? maybe, next time show you all the video... hehe..

there was an invited Malaysian guess who performed 2 songs with her too(playing the bass)! (but i forgot his name.. hehe.. paiseh..)

I loved her songs so much, after the performance, i bought her album, Memory Lane..

and i got her signature :)
It says: shinyin, kam sa ha mi da (thank you) (signature)

Visit her official website here (

To listen to her songs, click here

Memory Lane
01 . Eternal Love / Music : Niels Lan Doky, Lyrics : Lisa Freeman (04:25 )
02 . Paper Tiger / Music : Dong Ik Jo, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (04:33 )
03 . Memory Lane / Music : Jung Yeol Kim, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (04:46 )
04 . Anak / Music : Freddie Aguilar, Lyrics : Freddie Aguilar (04:48 )
05 . Little Fish-Big World / Music : Jun Park, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (03:16 )
06 . Cloud Nine / Music : Tae Soo Kim, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (04:07 )
07 . City Rhythms / Music : Niels Lan Doky &Youn Sun Nah, Lyrics : Lisa Freeman (03:27 )
08 . Han River / Music : Kwang Min Kim, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (03:55 )
09 . Heart of Glass / Music : J.Ivanovici, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (04:55 )
10 . Cinderella Me / Music : Jung Yeol Kim, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (03:28 )
11 . The Waves / Music : Dong Ik Jo, English Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (04:37 )
12 . Tears of Ice / Music : Satoh Masahiko, Lyrics : Anna Lia Bright (04:15 )

To purchase this album, click here

Nothing, NOTHING beats the live performance though...

Some of her other songs:

Nah Youn Sun - Rainy Day

Nah Youn Sun - One Way
There's a little history about Jazz Vocalist Nah Youn Sun:


NAH YOUN SUN, Korean Vocalist- Born in Seoul in1969, the daughter of a choir director and an opera singer. Nah Youn Sun started her musical career with the Korean Symphony Orchestra at the age of 23, having never studied singing before. She then performed in numerous Korean musicals on a national stage, for which she has received numerous awards.

However, because of all its constraints she did not find that musical environments fulfilling. She decided to go to Paris in 1995 to study jazz and French song at the CIM school—one of the oldest jazz schools in the French capital— and at the National Music Institute of Beauvais, and at the Nadia and Lili Boulanger Conservatory.

Her fondness for jazz revealed itself when she started playing in Parisian jazz clubs in 1996–97
with David Georgelet and Yoni Zelnik (who still play together today). She attracted considerable attention, notably by Jacques Vidal who invited her on his record Ramblin (1999).

She received numerous prizes (Jazz à La Defense, Saint-Maur, Montmartre), and continued to comb jazz clubs and participate in festivals. In addition to this French life, Youn Sun performed in Korea. In Seoul, she created her own production company, Bis Music, where— as a leader—she produced two records distributed by Sony Music.

In Paris, she worked almost exclusively with her quintet whose records are produced by the independent label In Circum Girum.

In five years, Nah Youn Sun has recorded four albums (two of which are exclusively distributed in Korea) and has extensively performed in various jazz festivals in France, Europe, and Korea.

In 2003 she was named Jazz Artist of the Year by the Korean audience and media. A few months before, she was featured with her quintet on a program for ARTE Channel called Paris Jazz Club – Rue des Lombard. In 2004, the release of Nah Youn Sun 5TET’s So I Am... It was widely celebrated by French audiences as well as the press, who regarded her as one of the most remarkable singer

Something else to look forward to :
For more information, visit The Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra
Box office: 03- 2051 7007


  1. jazz is always nice=) great experience eh?

    LOTR Symphony?
    I shouldn't miss that! haha hope i can make it=)

  2. u r also eyeing the LOTR symphony? my friend and i might be going.

  3. the cucumber chocolate song quite nice leh.. hahaha

  4. >zhenlong, yeah... i loved jazz.. the coloured notes and rhythm... i think LOTR would be awesome too! the whole orchestra is playing and they invited the young kl singers & children's choir group.. will be spectacular! i'm so looking forward to it! ^^

    >renaye, not just eyeing, actually, i bought the tickets already, hehe! so happy and so looking forward to it!! i highly recommend it to you ^^ i heard most are the tickets are hot-selling/ almost sold out... if you wanna watch, you gotta be fast~ ^^

    >cg, haha.. music is my life!! it's like oxygen~~ okay, maybe more than oxygen... hehe..

    >bingwui, haha! i thought the song was rather cute too! ^^ i couldn't the songs she presented on youtube though.. her live performance was AWESOME!! the youtube quality was not poor... you should take what you listen, and times 20 times awesome.. hehe... ^^

  5. Hey, you know that Korean artist huh? I've never heard of her name, lol. Lord of the rings symphony?? Ok, I'm so gonna go!!!!! Btw, I couldn't go online for one whole day, almost. I'll check on the ticket, etc etc. Let me know if you're going too ok. Muacks.

  6. Shinyin!! The site is so confusing!! I want to book my ticket but, don't really know how to and don't really have time to browse through. Fast fast guide me ya.. Leave me a comment, a message or anything ok. Thanks thanks. I really wanna go :)

  7. brenda, i tried to check the online booking, but they say a timeout has occur, i'm not quite sure what it means... try calling the box office tomorrow :) it's easier to book over the phone...

    p/s: i've brought the tickets when i was there last tues.. i'm watching the one on saturday :)

    you have your student card? try buying with your student card, it's only rm15 for any seats!! but you need to be there in person to buy, can't buy online :) call first, make a reservation, then go there pick up the tickets with your student card.. if you need any help, contact me....

  8. is a very long post again !! i just able to read half of your post cause get exam !! continue to read the half next time !!

  9. i'm so sorry about that... i will learn to summarize next time...

    p/s: all the best in your exam!!
    i hv an exam coming up soon too, sigh...


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