Saturday, November 15, 2008

i hate the rain

i wondered who has been doing the rain dance lately
the rain Gods must have been really pleased
it's been raining almost everyday
sometimes, even twice or thrice a day
you woke up to a sunny day
only to be tricked later by a massive downpour
oh gosh
i hate the rain
i really do

when it rains
half the paediatric wards in Teluk Intan Hospital
are filled with patients with AEBA
(acute exerbation of bronchial asthma)

when it rains
the incidents of motor vehicle accidents increases
the A&E department
once again crowded with anxious people

when it rains
you read of flash floods in the papers
people losing their homes
some even their lives or loved ones

when it rains
the traffic is horrifying, the jam endless
you missed appointments
or perhaps made it late to your movie

when it rains
it's difficult to catch a bus or a cab
the motorcyclist get caught under the bridge,
and you find yourself catching a cold

when it rains
the laundry don't get dried
clothes get wet, shoes get soaked,
appointments postponed, plans canceled

when it rains
all i could do is, stay in
cuddle under my blankets
rejecting awful dreams, thoughts and memories

give me a reason,
how can i not hate the rain?

the little magical song, i was taught during my childhood days:
rain, rain, go away,
come again another day...
rain, rain go away,
please, please, pleaseeeee....


p/s: is there a sun God? we can do the sun dance ^^

p/ss: this is cheryl's response to this post, but i'm not sure how to comment in cblog. click here


  1. i like rain...including rainy day n also the korean artist... :P
    in rainy is so nice... calm ur thought...calm ur mind.... kinda relaxing when u r at room....vice versa when u r out..
    perhaps i am the1 doing the rainy dance ritual...
    keep dancing...

  2. please im sing, please, pleaseeee.... stop dancing.. pleaseee...

  3. u might hate rainy day cos u r in malaysia!!Imagine u r in desert,i am sure u will dance ur whole life just for the rain!!
    u blame AEBA on rainy day??faint!!then u should blame ur family for tat as well....
    MVA??if drive carefully then wont be a problem....
    flood??blame it on developer bah..
    missed appointment??blame it on ur poor time management...
    hard to catch bus??u never board a bus pun...
    wet laundry??wash ur clothes b4 u run out of any..
    dont u just enjoy wrap urself under ur blanket??
    Enjoy both sunny n rainny days cos everything will be beautiful if u can ve positive thinking......enjoy!

  4. tcl!! tiu yan queen~~ every line also you tiu~~ *speechless*.... how can all sunny and rainy days be beautiful to you?

  5. Rain, Rain go away....... I used to like rain a lot before but not now anymore as my house roof is leaking.

  6. hahhahaa...i remember i sang that rain song while i was a kid and planning for an outing.

    oh man, rain + jam sucks to the max..esp in kl.

  7. brenda, good for you~

    borneo falcon, i understand, a leaking roof can be very frustrating.. my room used to leak too, on really heavy rains, and we had to put buckets to collect the water... and there would be this some what irritating water tapping sound... a little scary too, it sounds, in the middle of the night..

    wi, i'll second that! jam in kl during rainy days sucks! a 20minutes ride from my place to KLCC can take up to 2 hours!! it's insane...

  8. haha.. at least u still got a bed to cuddle and not outside soaked up like a wet chicken.


    ok ok.. i study...


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