Sunday, November 16, 2008

How to fix a wounded bed?

Cheryl's bed was wounded today... the thing is, the beds in HUKM's student hostel are rather 'fragile'.. i think the beds were probably older than we are... all suffering from severe osteoporosis... somehow, the nuts, nails and wood structure were starting to give way... sadly, to submit a complain to the office to fix this problem, it takes like, erm half a year, maybe? So, we were left to figure out ourselves, or well, sleep on the floor :(

Really, we tried everything:
duct tape
lots of duct tape
lot's of strings
(poor illustration of knotting technique...
we weren't scouts okay)

bottom line: nothing works!!
except one...

Today, i'll share with you, how my housemate, Sweet Cherry fixed her wounded bed..

Things you need:
1. Bandages
2. Lots of bandages
1. Wrap the bandage around the supporting structure of the bed

2. Tie a double butterfly knot
3. Tie a 'beautiful' butterfly knot
Mayluu insisted that the knot MUST be 'beautiful'...
4. must tie with love and care... haha....
5. Replace the plank
6. TA-DA!! There you go.. note: 3 bandages at 3 different sites

7. Replace the bed and smooth it down

8. Voila!!
Now we can all jump on the bed!!

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  1. finally get a post that a lot of photo can see liao !! not need read a lot of words !!

  2. hahaha.... jump on the bed and it'll break into million pieces!!! xD

    Hahahh... if you have lots of time, you could also create a alarm clock system from the bed! When the alarm rings, the bed instantaneously breaks into 2 xD

  3. can do anything u want on the bed ad....
    pass the quality assurance ad....

  4. jocelyn!!it is all ur fault!!!who ask u jump on my bed wor????? poor bed.....

  5. >sabahking, oh... you like post with many pics but few words.... too bad i'm not a photographer.... and my k750i can't take good pics... sigh.. but, i'll try to keep a balance :)

    >ray, wahhh.... alarm clock like that, scary wehh.. dare not zzz..

    >im sing, hmm.. wat do you wanna do on the bed?? dont bring other guys back.. hehe.. after cheryl kill u..

    >cheryl, *jump* *jump* *jump* !!! (hehe...)

  6. wah.. can count the amount of ribbons, bandages and strings that the wood is broken into pieces. LOL. why not call somebody and just nail another piece of wood outside the bed laa..

    or u can stuff a lot of things under the bed until the level of the mattress, then you go jump 1000 times also nothing will happen...

    oh.. or i think you WANT something to happen. LOL

  7. call who? how to nail another piece of wood outside the bed? hmm... why not just suggest to get a new bed?

    stuff a lot of things? haha... good idea..

    *jump* *jump* *jump*

  8. so active, no need to study ah! =P

    i am so lazy

  9. look who's asking who to study???
    don't lazy lar.. one more day only.. jia you!

    p/s: i tried to relink, still tak jadi... now, i can't even access your blog, came out:

    Blog has been removed

    Sorry, the blog at has been removed. This address is not available for new blogs.

    Did you expect to see your blog here? See: 'I can't find my blog on the Web, where is it?'

  10. *jump**jump**jump**jump* to jocelyn's bed**...yeah..

  11. I doubt that temporarily repair will last long. Better still, get rid of the bed and put the mattress on the floor

  12. cheryl, *jump*, *jump* *jump*... eh, actually, you can link your cblog url to your comments..

    borneo falcon, sleep on the floor very creepy leh.. after got anything come crawling leh? how?

    p/s: cheryl, his idea, not mine.. hehe..

  13. haha..
    i'm using the same floor mat in my room too
    same design, same colour!

  14. shawnn loo, you don't see patients with 'beautiful' butterfly knots, do you? hehe.. seriously, the bandage can be very strong and secure...

    beng siong, *high fives*... our whole apartment is that color! haha!!

  15. Yer~ This is so funny.. Fixing a wounded bed? Hmmmp. You in pj huh? Haha :)

  16. i don't think anyone else bandages their beds.... haha!
    p/s: what you mean by pj?

  17. no, no... that's not me in the picture, i don't have such cute pj... it's my housemate, Cheryl... i was holding the camera all the time... hehe..

  18. Jocelyn oni wears lingeries......*drooling**

  19. jocelyn has tempting thigh...u all never see it? ask her to post the photo lar...ask cheryl to post also can....

  20. i don't lar... it's im sing who wears sexy night gowns, while we sit around her and suffer from anemia secondary to epitaxis.. after exam, i wanna learn Chinese and comment on your blogs!!! and im sing, i'll post all your sexy D-cup pictures! =P

  21. walao..
    tat's gonna be HOT~~~
    *blink blink*

  22. WoW..Public Uni's hostel that bad?

    Until the bed almost broke into 2?Maybe the previous occupant was too active jumping around on the bed. :P

  23. >beng siong, you not scared you get hypovolumic shock meh?? haha!

    >kris, coz the beds seriously very old liao.. not just cheryl bed, mbut ost of the older beds in the student hostel also like that, even mine.. sigh :(
    maybe it's not just the previous occupants, but also the currant occupant, hehe..
    *jump* *jump* *jump*


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