Thursday, November 6, 2008

love me, love me not...

i was at brenda's blog when i saw something that clouded my thoughts:


No men, and I REPEAT NO, NOT ONE, NOT A SINGLE MAN are loyal, faithful, can be trusted, etc. NO MEN. NO!
(I'm talking about r'ship ok)

Don't tell me otherwise, and don't argue this with me. NO MEN NOT EVEN ONE man is/am/are loyal, faithful, can be trusted, etc.

LOVE. Love.

Love is blind. Love is blind for a reason. You know why? Cause only blind people believe they're so in love/OMG.

You can NEVER, I repeat NEVER PROVE me wrong. NEVER! Never.

Gals, will always be gals. There're born that way no matter how tough, how strong, how manly they look. Gals will always be gals. They wanna be love, etc, asking for all those unrealistic tender loving care that doesn't exist. If it does, it's called ACTING. ACTING, my love.

Guys, will always be guys. Guys, no matter how soft, how girlie, how good, blah blah blah they may look, guys will always be guys. They will/am/gonna/will/certain/ cheat on ya. It's just a matter of time my love. I'm SURE, I'm so certain, so sure, it's just a matter of time.

Time. Time will prove all these. When it does, you're welcome. (for thanking me) Lol.

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a bit disturbing?

okay, maybe i have never blogged about love or relationships before.....(well, not here)... probably because i don't really, like, believe in them... i come from a family where every man in it cheats, whether it's my uncles, cousins, friends, relatives, or even my grandfather!! (once upon a time) okay, not all, just almost all.. (a family history of cheaters? )

so ya, those happily ever after only existed in fairytales..

so, there is no such thing as love... just 2 individuals who feel good together, made believed that they cannot survive without each other, and decided they want to be together.. or at least to try to live the rest of their lives together.. or at least, that was what they thought at that moment in time....

some made it through, some struggled, some persevered, some survived through the storm, some lived in denial and ignorance, some break..

So, the question lies, hypothetically, yes, hypothetically, if your other half cheats on you? would you forgive him/her? would you continue the relationship?

~but it's still sweet watching old couples in the park~

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  1. nope.leave.not worth to stay.

    p/s: why can't i follow your blog? error on page ;p

  2. Don't believe everything you see or hear! Everybody's different in his or her own ways. Just go out there and discover the beauty of life for yourself. Even if you get burnt in the process, it will all be worth it as it is part of life and you can put it all down to experience...and you become all the better and wiser and stronger for it.

    Life is a song worth singing, sing it!

  3. Family history, of cheater? Are you sure baby? I reckon love and all that, it's all a fairytale. It's kinda sad. The thing is, though I said I don't believe in it and all, some part of me, still hope and prays, maybe, just maybe, love do exist. Don't know la.. Ironically, ya know what? I've seen a lot of lovely couple, just like the pictures above, overseas. And I do, really believe that's love. I mean, these people are like so old, but they still hold hands, kiss on the cheek and so on. So sweet :) Good morning, good morning, wake up ShinYin!!

  4. First and foremost, im strongly against those words sentences made by your friend. Its totally bias and prejudice. Discriminating us as men. Dont ask where have all the good men gone to, but question yourself have you been faithful to your partner instead. Have you created the sparks and flare to sustain the relationship before it deteriorate? Certainly, not all men cheats, little do you know, girls too.

    Im a living example. Not that i've done anything wrong, but i was being cheated. Dang. zzz... Inconvenience truth.

    I find it hard to accept the fact, and was lost on how i should be. It happened too drastically, beyond my thoughts. But still i love her. Everybody deserve a second chance, a chance to turn over a new leaf. As for detail, its too personal to say out here.

  5. Love and relationship are a complicated issues but will get easier after marriage. Took your poll.

  6. totally disagree with ur fren..maybe there are more guys cheat in a relationship, bt this doen't mean there are no more faithful guys in this world. pls dun burn down the whole jungle just because u dislike a tree..chop it down instead...haha
    try widen ur scope, and time will prove u as well.
    to maintain a relationship, it gonna have efforts from both side. that's why both lover are related

  7. >knitfreak-to-be, i see you have figured out yourself how to do it.... thanks for following my blog =) glad you liked it here

    >stp, so life's a song~ even if we do go off tune once in a while, or end up with a bad sore throat, we'll still go on singing, right?

    >good evening brenda.. it was already evening when i saw this.. yeah, sometimes, watching old people is kind of nice.. knowing they had survived through so much.. and yet still have each other... brenda, i guess, it's still good, believing in fairytales.. every once in a while...

    >dann, so sad to hear bout your side of the story.. you can speak up for all the other good man out there.. and tell the world that life can be beautiful~

    >borneo falcon, i dont think marriage makes relationship easier... i think it gets harder,... having kids, family issues, mother-in-law issues, financial issues,.. it's so different from those dating days before marriage.. but i do believe, if the relationship can survive through all those hardship, it is indeed a strong relationship! one have to learn to love, not just each other, but also the relationship, and the marriage..

    >sine nomine, *chopping down tress* hehe...

  8. Love like the stock markets has its up and down.

  9. kris, stock market coming down these days weh... sigh... love and stock market not same de..

  10. Same.. In stock market got technical rebound (get new temporary bf/gf) , dead cat bouncing (eat dead cat, see if you understand this or not), and last and not least "catch falling knives".

    Stock market will have its up and downs for a long duration of time.(trends)

    Hopefully, in love the bad things don't have "long term trends". :P

    All in all, time is the greatest healer of all (not doctors by the way..hahaha) and it is the way wealth can be built.

  11. actually, i dont understand the terms you used..

    eat dead cat (sek sei mau??)

    catch falling knives???

    what's that?

    people say time can heal.. but i guess, it takes more than just time... sometimes, even with time, memories still keep coming back, haunting... and letting go, forgetting, is always easier said than done... oh well... many theories to that..

  12. In stock market terminology

    - "dead cat bounce" means that the stocks rises a little bit and then resumes falling even more.

    - Catch falling knives meaning try to take advantage of severely falling stock prices with the extend that it might fall even more thus incurring more losses. This terminology came around because the RED candlesticks during stock downtrends will look like long bloodied knives.

    If still can remember back the painful memories, will taking Prozac helps?

    Ex- American soldier are prescribed with that medication after coming back from their traumatized missions from Iraq.

  13. kris, and i wondered, how many falling knives have you caught lately? *wink*

    p/s: Prozac (Fluoxetine HCl) is a SSRI (Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor) aka anti-depressants.. it's a controlled and prescriptive medication.... not some chocolate candy you can just pop in anytime... i does not make you 'forget' the past.. your American soldier probably did suffered from Major Depressive Disorder, and therefore was prescribe this.. do excuse me for the sudden serious tone, but i guess, i need to clarify it... Ideally, one is not suppose to have access to Prozac over the counter, you need to see a doctor before taking such medication..

  14. I rather not catch any falling knives..a few really stab through my aching heart.

    Yup. I know what Prozac is.It is a controlled substance. Honestly, when I was 12-13 yrs old, I finished reading the entire books on diseases and cures.(books sold from Reader Digest) So i know a little about these things..of course not as detail as you as I am not in the medical field :P

    The suppression of serotonin makes a person "mellow" or lessen the aggressive/anxiety behavior thus producing the relaxing effect.

    Btw, medicine/vitamins sold in US is dirt cheap compared to Malaysia.But visiting an American doctor can really burn your wallet big time!!

  15. you'll be surprise how much drug companies and pharmacist earn! sometimes, it just make me wonder, gosh.. why not just study pharmacy? easy life, good pay =P haha..

  16. Yeah, pharmacist has a way easier life.

    Profit margin is huge something around 300-500%!!

    And if the pharmacist is able makes this much down the supply chain, what about the drug companies?

    That's the main reason, why drug companies' stock will shoot up like rocket if a major drug gets approved by the FDA.

  17. yeah, you are totally right!! the drug companies earn a lot of $$$ !!! but they also pumped in a lot of $$$ into research... ^^


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