Wednesday, January 28, 2009

the shadows of chinese new year

Chinese New Year do things to people. the relatives. the friends. the questions. you know. sometimes, they can be scary.

these few days, my relatives has been visiting. and i. i was bombarded with a series of questions. one of the scariest ones were : when are you graduating?

i would answer them, 'some time this year, hopefully. ' you know, the truth is, i don't know. professional exams will be in march. i don't know how much percentage i stand to pass. i guess i never feared this much all my life. what if the examiners decided that i wasn't good enough, that i wasn't safe enough?

failure rates in UKM is the highest amongst all public universities in Malaysia.i don't know why. 10%. yes, meaning, with my batch of 200 students, approximately 20 will fail. this was how they 'uphold the standard'. in fact last year 23 failed. and amongst them were not those borderline students, but some top scorers who are very dedicated to their study. some had panic attacks, some had tuberculosis, some were too anxious and intimidated, some just did not make it. so you see, you cannot afford to fall sick or panic during an exam.

so ya. when i was asked: when are you graduating? i answered them: 'some time this year, hopefully.' i dare not tell them about professional exams in march. i dare not plan post-graduation trips. too many what ifs played in my mind.what if i failed? what if i didn't make it? this terrifies me. it haunts. i don't think i'll ever be strong enough to face failures. i cannot imagine the disappointment in my parents face.

touch wood!!

on the other hand, my elder cousin often got bombarded with the question: when is he getting a girlfriend? when is he getting married? you know, it's kind of nice to have an elder cousin to sort of shield off questions like that for the few of us. okay, maybe good for us, but not so good for him. after all, i'm still studying. and i can always excuse myself with the excuse, 'no time'. hehe.

the problem arises when they start asking me to introduce my friends to him. WALAU! why do this to him leh? don't you think it would be super embarassing to him? so ya, i told my aunt off that day (in a nice way, of course). sometimes, it is not just about meeting people or filling in the gap or following the norm. not about fitting two pieces of puzzles together, nor matching two lonely souls. sometimes, perhaps, it was the right person, and the right moment.

the thing is, we'll never know who or when it is right.

so, my theory cannot pakai. okay, now i'm just ranting.

i find that it very easy for people to relate themselves to you. when you are in the medical line. whether is it some chronic illness they have, or some odd conditions of their friend's and relative's. some might be curious of your life. how tough it is. how is it seeing blood. cadavers. bodies. some talk about unfairness of the educational system. some talk about the government offering good healthcare. some talk about the hectic housemanship. some craved for ghost stories from hospital on-calls. too much ER and house, perhaps?

sometimes, i just wished they would divert their attention from me, to perhaps my sisters, brothers or cousins. really, the same questions every year. the same answers. engineering, psychology, information technology, linguistic, teaching, business are very interesting too! and they are earning big money! then again, money is not everything. oh well. i did try talking to my cousins about their nature of job, then i got loss between some of the technical terms. but i try, i'll always do.

anyways, better start hitting the books. chee yong's going back to HUKM tomorrow to study. mk is already there today. my sister started doing her assignments yesterday. my younger brother is doing his homework downstairs. i seemed like the laziest person on Earth. my books still not yet unpacked.

shinyin, insaflah~

the next month with be tough. the following month even tougher.

happy chinese new year.

p/s: boonLee, i will post a happier post next time. i promise. oh yes, i have something to tell you. remind me when we meet this friday ya.

p/ss: pong, the organiser, how's your plans?

Friday, January 23, 2009


Dear all readers, i want to wish you all a very HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! Have a prosperous and blissful year ahead, blessed with happiness and good luck!
May everything be 'Sun Sun Li Li'~
Those sitting for exams, pass with flying colours~
Those graduating, get a good job~
Those working, promotion !
Those retired, well, just sit back and enjoy life lar...

So many things to look forward to this Chinese New Year!
Spending quality time with family~
Meeting up with relatives and friends~
Lots of nice food, cookies, oranges~

Gosh, i am rushing assignments to go home today..
never ending case write ups.. (case reports)..
suffering from the consequences of procrastination...
*work* *work* *work*

here's some nice CNY videos... to get you into the CNY mood~
i like these videos and the moral behind it~
do find time to go home this New Year~

there is nothing more important than family~


very touching video

are you going home this new year?

i think i like this last video the best.. almost cried watching it~~
you know, sometimes, there's just some things that money can't buy~

p/s: hope you like the new header and the new background song~ ^^

Friday, January 16, 2009


Place: Tenji
Food : Japanese Buffet
Location : Mont Kiara
Price : Current CNY Promotion: RM49.90++ (lunch), RM89.90 (Dinner)

I went to Tenji @ Mont Kiara last week...
They had this RM29.90 for first hour, RM39.90 for second, and RM49.90 for third onwards...
So, here's the post, with very few texts, and lots of pictures!
We ate for 2 hours, so it's only RM 39.90 for ALL THIS!!
Don't jealous~ hehe..

The long queue that day @ Tenji
Luckily Siam King managed to get us places...
Thank you Siam King~
~Praise the Siam King~

Me @ Tenji
(camwhoring while waiting for the queue)

Cherry and i @ Tenji

May Luu and i @ Tenji

~Siam King, Mrs Siam King, Woan Jia, Sze Sze @ Tengi~

There are skills to eating buffet:
You should always start with less oily food,
from raw food towards fried food..
simply because oil and fat reduces peristalsis speed,
and therefore it gives you earlier satiety..

so, i started with this:

~this is my plate of sashimi~
oh, i love this....
*so happy* la-la-la-la-la~~

~OMG!! these oysters are sooooo fresh and lovely...
they melts in your mouth....
i can eat this like everyday, seriously~
i suddenly remembered that i forgotten to bring my anti-histamine,
but, this was just to irrisistable....
surely one or two won't hurt right???


~cheryl's plate~

~May Luu's sushi~

~fresh coconut juice~
(i've been very good today, alcohol free me)

~more sushi~

i loved this...
i think we ordered like 6 times! hoho~
and i took 3.. hehe..


after a while, i started feeling itchy at the back of my throat...
i think i am the ONLY person who would stop eating in the middle of a buffet,
walk down to Guardian, across the street,
just to get anti-histamine..
and mind you, it cost me RM12.50!

me caught on camera with the world's greatest allergen!!!
May Luu helped me to peel the shells, but still got allergic reaction after eating..
life is SO UNFAIR!!

~the evil culprit~

~May Luu and her one-mouth-can-finish grilled Unagi~

~Cherry having a great time!~


~grilled Ayu Fish~

~grilled meat~

~fresh red fish~

~soft shell crabs~

i discovered this plate of CHESSY MUSSLES!!

my favourite!
~delicious Lobster salad~

~grilled salmon~

~cabonara, nicely prepared!~

~lamb loin~

ahhh.. so full...
but there's always space for DESSERTS~~

~~chocolate fundae~~





~May Luu stole Siam King's pop corn~
why did they have pop corn, anyway?
(p/s: Cheryl said: the couple behind MayLuu ate A LOT!! like seriously A LOT!!)

~last but not least, HAEGEN DASS ICE-CREAM~
they melted our hearts...
(from left, top: cookie, macadamia, lemonade; bottom: strawberry, summer berry)
i loved the first!

We ate till we had 36 week fundus.....
So, honey made us some tea again.... peach tea...
tea always helps~
i am starting to like tea,.. maybe i'm getting old~


(p/s: i guess Siam King forgotten his tea, so something really bad happened)
-ophs! terpost picture~
(note: picture had be checkered to keep confidentiality)

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

shinyin's busy eating pancakes...

Lingesh sent me an interesting link today. It was a story written by Topher, who is a Caribbean medical student at St. George’s University. I liked his medical school metaphor : pancakes every morning. Here's the article, enjoy reading: (don't forget to watch the video at the end- it's classic!!)

Medical school is like trying to eat five pancakes every morning for breakfast.

At the beginning of each course, we’re given a syllabus telling us how we’re going to be graded, the question break-down for each test, and the schedule of lectures each day for the next 4-5 months. Nothing is going to sneak up on you unless you can’t read the print on the page (in which case you’re blind and things sneak up on you all the time).
But it’s sunny outside or snowing outside or Tuesday. Whatever. You’re in medical school to become a doctor, not to be in a classroom (scheduling conflicts here) and you find yourself out on the weekends, maybe catching a movie on the weekday, and so on. You blow off the first week of any course because the material is supposed to be introductory and you certainly blow off the first week after any exam to recuperate. Maybe you take off two weeks if it was especially difficult and draining.
Eventually though, the next exam is closer than the last exam and you have to return to the desk and pretend to be a serious student. The first week back studying, you won’t be as efficient and as familiar with the material as you were leading up to the last test, so there’s some built-in catching up to do. You can’t understand the material taught TODAY because you blew off the introduction, so until you catch up, you keep falling behind. By the time you’re back in your stride the exam is so close you can feel it’s breath on your neck and you still have material to cover on a first pass. Let’s not forget: you haven’t reviewed or committed anything to memory at this point. It’s now that you understand the truth:
Medical school is like trying to eat five pancakes every morning for breakfast.
You know you can do it. A Premed advisory committee endorsed you saying, “He has the stomach for it. He’s committed.” And you prove them all right. Every day you show up with your first-year optimism and your annoying hunger for learning and you clean that plate (just kidding, it’s adorable). But you begin to notice that those pancakes are slowing you down a little each day and the sugar highs and lows are screwing with your sleep. Smart person that you are, you decide to pass on the flapjacks one day. You think to yourself, “Self, I’m going to eat ten pancakes tomorrow so that I don’t have to eat any today.”
But it never stops. Turns out that “self” isn’t the most responsible lender, and before you know it there are 40 pancakes in front of you and your plate needs to be clean by tomorrow. So yeah, at this point it looks impossible. But really, it’s your fault.
In the future, as I like to imagine it, I’ll be in charge of all medical school admissions. The process will be six weeks long and will consist of nothing more than showing up each morning to eat five pancakes, at which point you can then go about whatever you were going to do that day. At the end of the five weeks a few jaded, newly diabetic hopefuls will come to my office and, mixed with both pride and resignation say, “I did it. I finished those goddamn pancakes.”
“Wow,” I’ll say. “That’s very impressive. You must be very proud, and your parents must be very proud. Just one more thing.” They’ll reflexively clutch their stomachs, shifting their girth from one hip onto the next and groan, “What’s that?”
“Regurgitate it.”

As much as i liked to laugh at this metaphor, i could not. I find my very self in those shoes. My stacks of pancakes is nearly as high as the ceiling, standing tall and proud, like the Petronas Twin Tower, overlooking me, challenging me to gobble them down.
You see the pancakes. You dream of pancakes. You hallucinate of pancakes!
I am developing an evil plan to drug the examiners, and maybe smuggle the stack of pancakes into the exam hall and throw them all in the bin!! Who's with me?? - in my dreams!

The truth is, noone can help you eat those pancakes.
You have to settle your stack of pancakes.
Sometimes, i felt the walls closing in, almost suffocating, as the days count down, time cruelly past us, the pancakes stack higher.
We cannot afford to give up, can we? Just merely inches away... How we managed to get this far is a mystery. How can we go on, another mystery. Yes, we are just inches away, inches away to graduating, to finally achieve our dreams, make your parents proud, save lives, blah, blah, blah..
little do we realized, this is just the beginning...

Okay, I have to get back to my pancakes~

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

crushes crushes people

Referring to the previous post on Crushes, a friend of mine said that, to get people to talk about things, I should get the ball rolling first… oh well…

I find telling stories from the past can be quite embarrassing, but you know, when things happened some very long, long time ago, thinking back, you could only laugh yourself silly.

So, today, I shall share my story.

YES, Tai Im Sing, I am writing about my crush, and you owe me dinner, haha!


I think I had my first crush when I was in standard three. Actually, I cannot be sure. I mean, what does a 9 year-old knows about crushes and all? A 9-year-old can get so confused with emotions and all…

Anyway, back then, when I was a 9-year-old kid, I was very much different from now, I guess. I was not tall, and not the least pretty or smart. I wore huge thick rimmed spectacles since year one. (Thanks to my dad who somehow believed that the bigger the frames, the more you can see, sigh..)
I had huge incisor teeth, the kind that overlapped each other, creating an inverted ‘V’ shape or a dentition on my front upper row teeth, somehow slightly disfiguring. Mummy used to call them ‘cute rabbit teeth’, while I, well, I had my reasons not to smile.

I had straight hair, short, with some fringe, common haircut, not enough to fish a compliment. I was not even friendly or talkative. Shy may not be the sufficient vocabulary either. Teachers never remember me.

When relatives visits us, it was often ‘ Nei geh tai lui hou guai, Ling Ling hou leng, chii jap pun mui’. (In cantonese, your eldest daughter very obedient, second daughter very pretty, like a Japanese doll) Ling Ling is my sister, and she was always the pretty one. And I was supposing, the obedient one. Did I say that with a tinge of jealousy?? Haha! I need to clarify that I love my sister very much, and we have a very close bond. We still do immature things together, most which are too embarrassing to blog about.

Anyway, back to the story.

So, that was the 9-year-old me.

Let’s just say, I was the little girl in class that no one notices.

However, there was this boy who noticed. He sat next to me at class. I do not know why I still remember him. Perhaps, it was because he was very nice.

His name was Kevin. Kevin Wong.


I remember the paper frogs he taught me to fold. And I still remembered how to fold them.
We would have competitions on whose frogs could jump the highest, the furthest. He made the frogs do impressive somersaults, while we laughed at those who could not land at their feet.
Here's how the paper frog looked like.
I folded another one, as it looked very alone.

Anyway, those days, he would race me at homework, I remember Maths in particular. Somehow, he always wins and he would rush me into finishing mine, sometimes even letting me copy answers. I could not remember whether I did so. I often looked forward to finishing my homework fast; just to catch up with him, so that we would have time for play.

When I was unhappy or bored, he would cheer me up, telling me stories. I think he must have been very good with origami; he would fold objects with his magic hands, build buildings from stationeries, making his stories very much exciting. I remembered, once, during the middle of exams, he made this HUGE froggie from a white artblock! Funny, I remember none of those stories now.

I remembered he played the Electone (an electric piano with 2 layers of keys plus 1 layer of foot pedals). We shared the same fate as we were forced by our parents to practiced 1 to 2 hours per day. He was very smart for a 9 year old, I guess, as he would play a few songs, record them in the electone, and replay the songs repeatedly over the next whole hour. His Philippino maid, busy cooking in the kitchen, never discovered it. I secretly envied him for that, and wished my piano was electrical too! I remembered we would sit for hours at our desk, together playing the imaginary piano during breaks, making up some imaginary song. I never really heard him play before though.

After school, we would play at the school field, near the back school gate, while waiting to go home. We would catch ladybirds and let them go. I remembered the red round creatures with pretty black spots. We would play catch and raced each other to the end of the field.

About half a year later, or so, my parents decided to shift to Seremban. So, I had to change schools.

And I, I never see him again.

So, that was the story of my first crush, that is, if you consider that as one.

There was no palpitations, ears-turning-red, or i-can’t-live-without-you kind of feeling though. Perhaps, it was more of losing a childhood friend rather than a crush. I think I did missed him every once in a while, back then. I must have had. Maybe, that was why, part of me resented to start all over in a new primary school.

Silly me, right?


Anyway, I cannot decide whether I like crushes or not.

I think sometimes, maybe sometimes, crushes crushes people.

At first, it feels good, nice.
Then, comes the palpitations and the I-want-to-see-you feeling and all.
Sometimes, you get fantasy and all, to some extent, even obsessions. And you had to inhibit your own mind like : Gosh, can I just stop thinking about him! Stop appearing in my dreams, please! -And it just drives you crazy. The last time I saw my last crush, I had an asthmatic attack. Not so good (or safe), huh?

So, over the years, there was the head prefect, the school house captain, the senior, the group moderator, the other group moderator, and a few others…

but I guess the longest crush I had,
the longest crush I had,
it had to be him.

Let me see, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5….. 12 years!

OH MY GOD! I had a crush on you for 12 years!!

Well, I actually had a picture of him.


how can anyone not have a crush on him?

I think I still do, haha!


p/s: There is a poll about crushes on the right hand column of this page. Do feel free to participate.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

When *JC in da house* met *Confessions of a medical student*

(Sook Jiuan, I malas to think of a title, so just curi yours, hehe..)

(picture from JC in da House)

Last Christmas holidays, I met Sook Jiuan and Boon Lee, my good old friends from high school. And the day before, I had lunch with Boon Lee, Xiang Ying, Suk Teng and Jack. Meeting them brings back all those good old memories… Many had changed but some things are still the same after all.

And yesterday, I was surprised to see that Sook Jiuan had blogged about it! Such a pro blogger!!

As you all probably had already known BoonLee from the previous post : Happy Birthday, Boon Lee!, allow me to introduce Sook Jiuan aka Joanne (JC in da house). I like to call her Sook Jiuan because I think it’s a beautiful name, and that’s how we used to call her back then, in KGV.

We were classmates in form six. How I missed our beloved school, SMK King George V (KGV)… i'll like to comment about what Sook Jiuan said, about KGV being the top school... well, academically, not always,.. i came to realize that there were many other schools across Malaysia with even more outstanding academical performance!! but i still liked KGV.. well, at least, i didn't have to grow up in a stressful environment that a student's worth is measured by the numbers of A's in your report card.. mind you, there were times i almost failed my school exams... but, our teachers were very encouraging...

i grew up in an environment where i had never witness a fight in my school before... or watch any student smoke in the toilets.... the biggest offense i suppose is students not wearing their nametags!! well, occasionally, some students skip school, but usually it's to stay home and study for exams.. okay, now you think i come form a school of nerds... it is just that people around here happened to be nice, that's all~

i missed the good old teachers, classmates, friends… I can go on forever, just talking about my high school life… Lower six Iskandar- that was our class, with Mr Foo being our supervisor.

Sook Jiuan is one of those pretty girls in class, you know, the kind that guys would go like: ‘Gosh, I wished she were my girl~’ *wink* She’s so sweet, soft-spoken and friendly. And she's very cool to be with! I remembered those days we were all crazy over Jay Chow... yeah, those times i had ShinLoo to translate song lyrics for me to han yi pin yin, hehe... and you, me and Shin Loo would all like go crazy during class breaks.. good to hear that you are still such a loyal fan.. while, sadly, i started losing him, as his songs became more complex and harder for me to understand..

Remember the times we had so much fun at English Fest, Telematch, etc.? Our class, for some unknown reasons, keep on winning lots of prizes and hampers... how nice... sharing it around...

and i remembered you had really neat and pretty handwriting, as we used to write to each other when we first enter university...

it has been like, how many years? 6 years.. wow! time flies~ and now you are working already, in Singapore... meeting up old friends brings back good old memories... take care my friends~

on the other hand, i have one more good news: my baby had finally been discharged!! yeay! took it around for a spin, oh, it feels so great... i took a slow drive back to HUKM today... mummy would be so happy to hear i wasn't even above 100! oh well..
i'll like to end this post with a very touching email i received from ShinLoo today... Thanks for the awesome translation... you can read the original script in Chinese in her blog

Love, at the very beginning it's always sweet
There's always a person to be there for you, to share everything with you
You're not alone anymore, at least there's a person who loves you, who thinks of you
Whatever you do,
Long as you're together, everything is well
But then, as you know each other better,
You'd begin to notice his flaws
Thus problems arise one after another
You begin to feel troubled, tired, and you want to escape
People say it's like picking up little pebbles
You want to pick up The One that's suitable for youself
But how would you know when you'd find one?
If she's The One for you, are you The One for her?
Well, love is like polishing pebbles
When you first picked up the pebble, you may not feel satisfied
But humans are flexible
A lot of things can be changed
Long as you have the heart, and courage
If you want to go around picking up unknown pebbles,
Wouldn't you rather polish up the pebble that's already in your hands?
People think because the feeling subsided
Thus they become lazy
It's actually people tend to be lazy
And causes the feeling to subside

In a dinner gathering, at one point someone mentioned that eating shrimps is good for health
A middle-aged man then said, "Ten years ago, when my wife was still my girlfriend, if she said she wants to eat ten shrimps, I'd peel twenty for her. Now, she wants me to do that? No way! I don't even have interest to take off her clothes."

It's no wonder why people nowadays don't fancy an early marriage
This is because, marriage makes people lazy
If everyone is
Lazy to talk
Lazy to listen
Lazy to create surprises
Lazy to be gentle and considerate
Then I'd be surprise if they don't go their separate ways
So please remember
An active romantic relationship
Needs sufficient nourishment
To be in a relationship
You can't be lazy

A couple had decided to go for a dinner after work. But the girl was late because of an office meeting. She was wet from the rain and was late for 30 minutes. Her boyfriend was very unhappy and said, "You are always like this. I will not wait for you anymore." At that moment the girl totally broke down, she thought, "Maybe, we don't have a future together."

The same situation, same place, same time. The girl was also late for 30 minutes. Her boyfriend said to her, "You must be very tired." He then wiped the rain water from her face and put on a coat for her. At that moment, the girl cried too. But the tears that rolled down her cheeks are warm, so as her heart.

Can you understand?
Between love and hate, there's just one fine line.

Love needs forgiveness and timing. It all depends on how you think.
When a person falls in love with you, and you think he's a fine guy
That doesn't mean you'd pick him
You say, "I want to find a guy whom I love very much, before I can commit."
But when asked, how would you consider that you love very much?
You may not be able to answer, because you can't

That's right. We always think we'd find the person whom we love very very much.
But when we look back, we'd find ourselves were indeed very naive
If it was never started, how would you know you wouldn't love him very very much?
The feeling of love is being discovered, only after you've been with him through ups and downs
You're hoping to find The One
But maybe, just maybe, someone has already been there all along, just that you never noticed.
So, take a look around
Maybe he's been waiting for a very long time

When you love someone, love him 80%
The hopes and expectations, make them 80%, the remaining 20% is for you to love yourself
If you love him too much, you may form a kind of pressure, causing both to suffocate

A friend once asked me, "How do you love someone?"
I told him,"Everyone has a different perception for love. I wouldn't want to mislead you."

Best wishes for all the lovebirds in the world

Thursday, January 8, 2009


i was at cuteLittleAngel's blog and saw this interesting article on MANGLISH, or rather Malaysian English.. super hilarious... believe it or not, many foreigners are interested in Manglish, but sometimes, it takes a Malaysian to understand what another Malaysian is saying. There is no special rules or classes for Manglish, it's a language all Malaysian pick up along the way. Very Malaysian indeed... Manglish is a very expressive language... proud of it~

i think it's okay to use Manglish, as long as you can also switch to proper English when you want/need to (eg: in formal events) :)

Malaysia scored a victory when 'lah' was finally introduced into the official Oxford English Dictionary. However, most Malaysians were less happy to see the entry listed its usage as Singaporean English, rather than Malaysian English.

oh, i'm feeling sooooo Malaysian today~
(/lɑ́/ or /lɑ̂/), a multi purpose magic word used at the end of a sentence

Lah is often used with brusque, short, negative responses:

  • Don't have, lah! (Brusque response to, "Lend me some money, can?")
  • Don't know already, lah!(Brusque response to someone fumbling with an explanation. Mostly by Chinese.)

Lah is also used for reassurance:

  • Don't worry, he can do it one lah - Don't worry, he can [do it].
  • It's okay lah - It's all right.

Lah can also be used to emphasize items in a spoken list, appearing after each item in the list.

  • They got sell Nasi Lemak lah, Roti Canai lah, Chapatti lah; Everything got lah!
- Used when giving something to another person, often in a rude or impolite way.
- eg -Nah, take this!

- Used when asking questions, especially when a person is skeptical of something.
- eg - Cannot meh?, Really meh?

- Means "already"
- eg- No stock liao; i makan liao; angry liao?

ah/ ak
- Used at the end of sentences, unlike meh the question is rhetorical.
- Also used when asking a genuine question.
- Besides that, some people use it when referring to a subject before making a (usually negative) comment.
- eg Why is he like that ah?, Is that true ah?, My brother ah, always disturbs me!

- Used when explaining something.
- Like that lor..

- Derived from the word "already".
- Often used in online chatroom by the youth in Malaysia, although in speech, speakers will often pronounce as 'ridy'
- eg I eat 'd' 'loh', I eat 'ridy'

- Used to soften an order, thus making it less harsh, sometimes can be persuasive.
- eg Give me that le; come here le..

- Used as an emphasis at the end of a sentence.
- Why is he so naughty one ah?

- Unlike British/American English, the word 'what' is often used as an exclamation mark, not just to ask a question.
- eg What! How could you do that?, I didn't take it what.

- Used as a literal translation from the Malay word 'ada'.
- The arrangement of words is often also literally translated.
- The use of this particular particle is widespread in Manglish, where 'got' is substituted for every tense of the verb 'to have'.
- eg You got/have anything to do? (Kamu ada apa-apa untuk buat?), Got or not? (Really?), Where got? (To deny something, as in Malay "Mana ada?", and also in Chinese "Nali you?" as spoken in Malaysia)
Align Centertable from wikipedia
some other Manglish terms i use

- revive from the Chinese word
-eg- i don't want de; go where de?

-means take away, comes from the Chinese word
-eg- can help me dapau?; i'll like to dapau

-means eaten
-eg- makan liao? Wanna go where makan?

-being skeptical about something
-like the term 'really?' in English

- requesting someone to join or participate or go somewhere
-eg- jom makan!

-often expressing grossness or disgust
-eg- eiyer, so geli....
-eg- eiyerrr, don't like this lar...

-feeling happy beyond words, awesome
-eg- so syok!, syoknya!

- cun can also used to describe a sexy girl

-direct translation from Cantonese means 'drink tea', but in Manglish, means socializing with friends and having supper in a mamak store, usually at night.
-one of Malaysian's culture, is order a drink, eg: teh tarik (tea) or milo, and chat till past midnight, till the odd hours of the morning...
-eg- jom, yamchar!

-from the term mamak (a slang for Indian or Indian Muslims), it is used to refer to Indian restaurants in Malaysia, usually selling roti canai (fried flour) and satay.

-revive from the Malay word which means 'drink', but in Manglish, usually alcoholic related
-eg- let's go minum!

-To reverse, especially in the context of driving motor vehicles.
-eg- i need to gostan my car.

- ashamed, embarrassed/embarrassing. 'pai seh' is of Hokkien origin
-eg- I kena punish lah... very pai-seh eh!

- a very interesting work used in tight situation, when facing a difficult problem. it does not means that he/she want to commit suicide.
-eg- Die-lah!

action - show-off

aiksy/lan si - arrogant, overconfident. 'Aiksy' possibly derived from 'acting up'; 'lan si' is of Cantonese origin.

blur- confused, out-of-it. Roughly equivalent to "spacey" in American slang.

slumber - relaxed, laid-back; possibly a conflation of the Malay "selamba", meaning nonchalant, and the English "slumber".

here are few more terms, and no, they are NOT proper English!
pass up – to hand in "Pass up your assignments"
rubber – meaning eraser as in "Can I borrow your rubber?"
spoil – to be damaged "This one, spoil, lah."
chop – to stamp (with a rubber stamp), as well as the stamp itself.
outstation - out of town
photostat - photocopy
mee - noodles

apa gui?
-i especially like this term, neologism invented by shinLoo, apa-in Malay language, gui-in Mandarin, basically used in frustration... a milder version of 'wtf!'...

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of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
of living in the dark end of winter turmoil..
instead, it was a love story..
of a couple who did not live happily ever after...
but they live, loving each other..