Saturday, November 8, 2008

Madagascar : Escape 2 Africa

~~i wanna move-it, move-it~~ i wanna move-it, move-it~~

this is a movie where anything is possible... i mean a tame lion who dances but can't fight? penguins who build and pilot a plane? a hippo falling in love with a giraffe??

this is one of those feel-good-movie... say, it's a friday night, your boss just bombarded you, you had a stupid argument with your other half, you did freaking bad in your exam that morning, or let's just say, you had a really, really bad hair day... so, this movie is the exact feel-good-movie to cheer you up... like seriously...

i liked the moral values inserted in this movie,.... about friendship, family and love... the way you can educate the little kids, in a fun and interesting way... kids love animals, i could not explain it.. whether it's xin hau, the Shone's syndrome kid at the paediatric wards, my cousin nephew, Issac, or im sing's little cousin, Han Han... they all loved animals.....

okay, i won't want to give away too much of the storyline.... this story is certainly a MUST SEE! it's cute, funny and hilarous!

i was disappointed with Quantom of Solace, which i watched yesterday night.... but Madagascar made up for the disappointment!

Let's all just move-it, move-it~~ ^^

p/s: i dont really liked the granny though... because, i think children should be taught that granny is a loving and kind person,.. and not at all scary.. oh well.....

Classification: U
Genre: Animation
General Release Date: 13 Nov 2008
Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes,
Distributor: United International Pictures
Cast: Andy Richter, Ben Stiller, Chris Rock, David Schwimmer, Jada Pinkett-Smith
Director: Eric Darnell, Tom McGrath
Ratings : 90%

Check out the official website here for trailers and more :)


  1. Definately im gonna watch it. Catched the preview over the cinema, and its hilarious.

    I like to move it move it!!!

  2. dann, indeed, you SO HAVE TO watch it!! =)
    ~~let's all just move it, move it~~~

  3. You've seen it huh? Too bad you didnt went for the screening with us :( I'm so tired, nah, those pictures was taken way earlier. Was gonna go to sleep, but then.. I think of you! Haha :) Good nite dear. Glad you enjoy it :)

  4. brenda, yeah, it would be nice to be able to watch movies way ahead then everyone else.. hehe... so nice? think of me before sleep? hope you won't have any nightmares of me ya... hehe.. i can be hauntingly scary~ huhu~~ goodnight.. :)

  5. Is nice leh this Madagascar 2....

    Well, I shall write my stuffs on it too...

  6. i dislike to watch animation movie except the kung fu panda last time !! hehe !! may exchange link with me?

  7. Boom-dee-ya-da, Boom-dee-ya-da, Boom-dee-ya-da, Boom-dee-ya-da~~

    I love the whole world!!!

  8. >sabahking, Madagascar is really nice wor.. better than kungfu panda, i think :P

    p/s: sure... i have linked you ^^

    >ray, we all do :) let's all just move-it, move-it~~


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