Thursday, May 10, 2018

It feels so AWESOME waking up to A NEW MALAYSIA.

Still in disbelief that this day has arrived. Feel so proud to be part of this #merdekamoment which will go down in history.

I want to thank Tun Dr Mahadir for coming out of retirement at the age of 92, to save and reform the country. May you be blessed with good health and many pahalas.

Thank you to all the rakyat who had came out to vote. Some travelling from far, some coming in wheelchairs and tongkats, some coming despite confinement… #everyvotecounts #rakyatholdsthepower You have made this historical moment a reality!

Thank you to all polling and counting agents, volunteers, who tried their best to ensure fair elections this time round.

Thank you to the ex-opposition, now new leaders of Malaysia, for staying strong, not giving up  hope and fighting for a better Malaysia.  The rakyat has placed their hope, trust, and faith in you. Please lead us to a better Malaysia.

Thank you to the brave leaders who exposed the corruption in the country and spoke the truth to enlightened all rakyat of Malaysia. Thank you Tony Pua. Thank you to all who did what they believed is the best for the rakyat, even if it means going against THANOS. Thank you Invoke, thank you Rafizi.Thank you for putting the country first before everything else.

To some of the old leaders, who were good leaders, do keep checks on the new government. Do make sure promises to the rakyat by the new governement are well delievered. Remember that we have to look at the bigger picture and do what is best for the rakyat and the country.

I am so proud of this new change. A new government for the first time after 60 years. Tun Dr Mahadir, oldest Prime Minister in history, gathering his strength to lead the country when he could have just enjoy his retirement in comfort.  I am so proud of our first women, an ophthalmologist, now the Deputy Prime Minister. Doctors have been known for their compassion and sacrifice. The sacrifice started since day 1 medical school itself, when they face hardship to better themselves, when they put patients and others before them.

I am so proud to see a united Malaysia who set aside all differences and do what is best for the country and our next generation. This is truly a MERDEKA experience.

The world is watching us, and it feels so good to see the world seeing Malaysia with a positive light. I pray for a new Malaysia, free of corruption, a better health and education system for our children, media transparency, a boost in Malaysia growth and economy.

Malaysia will restore its good name.

Happy birthday MALAYSIA!

#thisistoogoodnottoblogabout #reborn

Author's Note

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of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
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