Friday, May 20, 2011

MEGLIO - a new look? a new hook?

Confessions: I have hairdresser-phobia.

Yup, I have phobia of the saloon 
(and what are they going to do to my hair)…

I remembered one of my past experience, which made me looked like Prof Adeeb.

So you see, i am not only saloon-phobia, i am also curl-phobia.

So, very often, I avoided the place, the hair saloon,
until my hair gets seriously damaged and out of control, and needed to get some help. 

Surprisingly, I limit my visits to the saloon to about 1-3 times a year only (hehe)… shhhh,…..

So, this time, we hair was too long, with split ends at the ends, so, it left me no choice,… but to visit my greatest fear, again…

(long straight hair)

I wanted to go to Korean Village, Park Chul Hair Dresser, or Oh Jun Hair Salon (near Ampang Point)  the week before (as recommended by ShinLoo), but the place was closed.

So, when I came back to work in Melacca, my friend, Lui, she recommended this place : MEGLIO at Melaka Raya. Many of my friends have their hair done there, so, it was ‘suppose’ to be good. I guess.  Lui suggested this guy, ANDY, who did her hair and my other friends’ hair.

When I first when to Maglio, I went up a flight of stairs, only to find myself in front of a bunch of students, cutting hairs for the first time. In disbelieved, I wondered - My friend recommended this place? Later I found out that it was the MEGLIO ACADEMY , where students cut your hair for a VERY cheap price. Thank God, I was directed to the REAL MEGLIO SALOON next door, or else, I might be making the greatest mistake of my life.

When I met ANDY for the first time, he was very friendly, and he put me at ease. He offered me a free consultation session, explaining to me about different kinds of styles, and those which suits me. He asked about my background, my job, carreer, how much can I change my hairstyle… etc…

According to ANDY, there are FOUR types of hairstyle:     
  1. FRESH
  2.   SWEET
  3. COOL

I was told that my face shape belonged to the FRESH / SWEET category.

He said he wants to change my outlook, and he guarantee satisfaction.

He said, if I am brave and daring enough, he’ll like to give me some bangs (fringe). He said, that it’ll help to make the eyes look bigger and brighter. 

Being kiasu or what-not, I accepted the challenge. I was hooked.

Which I kinda regret a little later, as it was a little too childish for me. But, oh well, it’s now or never.

And so, I had fringe.

ANDY was a very observant person. When he realized, i wasn't reading the magazines he provided, he asked, do i prefer English magazines? and offered a changed...

 As time was getting late, Andy said, " This will take a while. Have you have your dinner?'
I gently shake my head. -no-
"You must be hungry, I'll get you something"
So, he made some hot chocolates and offered some cookies. ^^
I like a place with good service...
 I wanted fringe with straight hair, but he insisted that I curl them.
I shared my previous bad experience with curls,
He said, he'll do it differently.
He asked me to trust him.

He said, “You have to trust me. I cannot perform my best if you give me limitations. You need to believe in me, and I will give you satisfying results, I will give you a great hairstyle, a great outlook.”

He seemed so confident. High self-esteem and ego.
And so, I just gave in. I was hooked, again.

 * applied LOREAL hair curl chemical*

 He used some huge curls and gave me a digital perm.

 There was so many wires attached to my head.
And Oh Boy, it was hot.

 They used some thick paddings so not to burn me (and my scalp)

 In the end, i looked like a cartoon doll with ROBOCOP HEAD
 Finally, 20minutes is up, the sufferings end, and the solution washed off...

 Last trimming and blow-dry

 ANDY recommanded this:
1. REDKEN ringlet 07 curl cream

2. KERASTASE Oleo Curl Nutritive

 I would say, he's a good salesman

So, finally: 

And this is ANDY
Thank you for the new hairstyle

And i took this with my WEBCAM

ANDY Seet (Stylist / Color Master)
06-2861119(for appointment) /06-2831119
No G-1, 1-1, 2-1, 3-1,
Jalan PM2,
Plaza Mahkota,
75000 Melaka

Operating hours: 11:00am-8:30pm
Closed on Wednesday


  1. heyy long time never see you blog. haha i like your new hairstyle btw and Andy sound like a surgeon asking for the patient to trust him so he could operate on you. hahaha. nice hair style once again and it's great to see you back on blogging again.

    Shin Chan here. ;)

  2. Nice one...naturally after dating, the person will want to improve further in grooming dept

    So cheers & nice day there

  3. Congrats, I no longer recognize you with this haircut....

    It's Bernard by the way....

  4. Shin Chan,
    thanks for the compliment... yes, Andy did sound a little like a surgeon there,.. hehe.. we trust people all the time,.. we trust the doctor, we trust the hairdresser... trust is quite a big thing... i'll find time to blog more despite my tight schedule... ^^

  5. MRC, i wonder where that theory comes from... thanks anyway,..

    haha! that's why they call it a makeover..


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