Saturday, November 8, 2008

Quantum of Solace

only one word to describe this movie: disappointing

okay, maybe it's just me... coz i'm not much of a Bond fan.. but i wasn't having too much expectation from this movie either... i have to admit, this movie is one of those movie that made me felt i didn't get the money worth, and certainly, not the 1hour and 46minutes of my time.... surprisingly, i wonder how it hit the box office! and made it as one of the best selling tickets movie.... i felt that, well, this movie sucked big time!! =P

the storyline was lame, lacked creativity... the action wasn't that great either... i thought the car racing scene from Eagle Eye was much better....seriously,.. no new cool gaggets... and the car was just so-so... a little 'sakit hati' to see it being damaged.. and this movie, it didn't had the last thing which could save a movie- it lacked good looking actors / actresses.. sigh... i don't expect a drop dead gorgeous Bond,.. but i thought Pierce Brosnan was a much more better Bond.. well, although old, at least he had a more charming personality, and a sense of humour.... the new Bond seemed to me like an indestructible robot.. no emotion, boring... sigh...

after the first 10minutes, i was merely waiting for it to end.. and regretting of not watching Madagascar instead of this.. this 007 movie, was like some kind of Rambo movie they had 20 years back... oh gosh...

so ya, sorry to say this, clearly, this movie wasn't my cup of tea~

Action / Thriller
General Release Date: 06 Nov 2008
Running Time: 1 Hour 46 Minutes,
Distributor: Sony Pictures Releasing International
Cast: Daniel Craig, Jesper Christensen, Judi Dench, Mathieu Amalric
Director: Marc Forester
Ratings : 40%

Official site


  1. yes it sucked big time, i even fell asleep...

  2. lol.. wonder what will darren think when he sees this post of urs. he wanted to drag me to 007 movie on our honeymoon at 1st. XD

  3. >kerubin, i'm glad i'm not the only one who feels that way =)

    >junjun, haha! luckily you didn't let it spoil your day.. ^^ and i don't care what darren says about this post, i still think the movie sucked big time, hehe.. and no amount of magic can change that =P

  4. i dl the casino royale and watched the 1st 5 mins, and deleted it after that. James bond is practically the pride of UK guys. Guns and girls plus cool gadgets. It's just so outdated.

    But I also think that Pierce Brosnan is one of those better Bond of all time.

    And Michelle Yeoh is the worst Bond girl of all time, Lolz!!

  5. 2 stars only? How how how? I wanna catch this at the cinema sometime :/ Definately a spoiler now. Bad Shinyin, bad shinyin :/

  6. >yee ming, yeah, i had to agree, a bit outdated... people still watch Bond, for well, the sake of watching... yup, Pierce Brosnan- best bond of all time!
    p/s: it's Datuk Michelle Yeoh, btw... hehe..

    >brenda, i'm just being nice... lowering your expectations for the movie.. so, you don't get too disappointed, hehe... you should thank me for my review =P

  7. Thank you, nono, cannot. You just spoiled it for me :/ Lol!


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