Tuesday, November 11, 2008

cute blog award - when my blog was anything but cute?

yes, the title was self-explanatory. I've just received an award / tag from JC in da house (the cute gal who lights up your day) and chuafc2006 is coming to blog! (the cute guy who takes really good photographs!)...

i can't help but notice the grammar error in the award name. Cute's Blogger Award sounded somehow, wrong... shouldn't it be Cutest Blog Award? or Cutie's Blog Award? Does it refer to the blog being cute, or the blogger being cute?? haha!! Perhaps, the English teacher from Sibu, STP or Poh Lin my primary school buddy can uncap their red pens and offer their opinion ^^

Anyway, i would like to thank Sook Jiuan for sending me this award, on her birthday(11/11)!! YES, everyone go wish her happy birthday!! =) wish Joann happy birthday here

Attached, the set of rules? (seriously, who started this award?? so seriously long weh, your set of rules) =P (cut & pasted)
1. each blogger must post this rules
2. each blogger starts with ten random facts/habbits about themselves
3. blogger that are tagged need write about their own blog their ten things and post these rules . you need to choose ten people to get tagged and list their names .
4. don`t forget to leave them comment telling them they`ve been tagged and to read your blog .

#A. Post the set of rules - done, as above

#B. 10 Random facts / habits of myself:
-darn lucky! =)
-libran, thus indecisive
-music, classical, musicals, maksim, MPO, jazz, modern, bartok, Gershwin
-travelling, Italy
-procrastinator, poor time manager (and poor $ manager)
-autumn, after the rain
-nice family & friends ^^
-speeding, surfing the net, swimming
-wang lee hom
-pursueing happYness

#C. 10 things about my blog
-black, obviously
-dark, obviously
-cool, nice songs :)
-cool, nice readers =)
-cute enough for this award?
-erk... dunno lar... you all help me to describe lar....

#D. Award and tag people
Because you are all so sweet, nice (and cute) people... YES, i am awarding this award to YOU!! yes, you reading this !!! and all my friends and blogrollers!!! coz all of you rock! (i mean, are cute) =P

you've just been tagged with an award for being cute or having a cute blog, whichever cuter =P
(in no specific order)

-Brenda @ ~b's~
-Shin Loo @ the georgraphically blind
-Suk Teng@ story of my life
-Xiang Ying @ What Sashimi Addict?!? What?!?
-cheryl @ 樱桃女王的世外桃园~~
-蘑菇精 @ 蘑菇精妄想星球
-Poh Lin @ My Spot To Write
-Christina Ng @ Kiwi Bird's Heart Sound
-BingWui @ blackpeanut.com
-BorneoFalcon @ Borneo Tips
-ShawnnLoo@ everyday is a gift
-YeeMing @ Temptations and Ambitious
-KaFei @ Fei
-SuiTuaPui @ ...Still crazy after all these years!
-Primus @ Mumu
-Dann @ The Journey
-ChuanGuan @ Pieces of Me
-Darren Lee @ Life of Magician & Magic
-Jun Jun Riko @ Starry Nitez
-wi @ wi's crap
-CuteLittleAngel @ Random Thoughts
-oyy @ Tracing The Hero Footstep
-khek @ Bittersweet symphony
-knitfreak-to-be @ interesse e paixao
-HanPing @ The Journey of House Pharmacist
-Jamie @ Dawn Rose Creation
-ChilliYeow @ my language has its speech
-ZhenLong @ zL express
-sabahking @ Touch The Sky
-spectre @ SpectreOutreach
-raneye @ Speak to my finger
-Daniel @ Weird Weird Daniel
-fengY @ FengY blogs too
-sine nomine @ steps of my life journey
-anita @ anitamukahpress
-topo @ topotato
-bernard @ Green Tea World!!
-a@ron @ XimpliXity
-hOcmun @ The Cross Junction
last but not least, back to Joanne @ JC In Da House and chuafc2006 is coming to blog!

anyone i missed?? it's 0347am and i am super sleepy, super tired and super blur... so ya.... forgive me if i missed you out.. just leave a msg/comment/shout and i'll add it :)

for the record replying tags are on voluntary basis... depending on your level of 'wu-liao-ity'... so ya... this was just me, being bored again... sigh...

~gee, tags are so childish and aimless!! i wonder who does it? =P (hehe)

and guess what? because i am really nice, this award also comes with the Butterfly Award (tagged by BorneoFalcon and ShawnnLoo)

and this

and this

Kreativ Blogger
and this
Love-You-This-Much award


  1. eh.. u r really nocturnal creature oso huh...

    need to tag so many ppl.. LOL

  2. my blog get nothing !! all is lousy english !!

  3. >bingwui, i didn't plan to tag anyone at first.. thought of giving it away to everyone... but after writing that : i am awarding this award to you~ blah, blah, blah,... i find myself sounding rather insincere.. so, i decided to take that extra mile and tag all my friends and blog circle... didn't expect the list to be so long... and by the time i have completed, it's late night (or rather early morning) already... silly me.. so, i ended up with a terrible headache, and abusing PCM... sigh...

    >sabahking, i tagged you! and you have the awards! i think you should be awarded for the efforts you put into your blog... taking the initiative to improve your English with your blog, sharing your thoughts.. not everyone are strong and determined enough to do that... and for that and more, you deserved this award =)

  4. ShinYin!!! Wooo, you no need to sleep is it? I saw your post and I was wondering, how come I've never gotten those *ahem* silly billy awards before, until I checked out the list of people you tagged!! That's more than 10 people you tag there and counting! Anyway, thank you :)

  5. erm, my maths must be failing me, I counted more than 10 tagged. Lolz!!!

  6. Yalor...I count to 10, not sampai my blog...so no need to do tag! Hahahaha!!! Thanks for including me in the list though.

    P.S. Yalor! Should be CUTE/CUTEST blod/blogger award. Cute's blogger award would mean it's awarded by somebody named Cute.

  7. haha...hey, thank you and being so kind tagged all the ppl in ur list....

    btw, i also gave u award (butterfly award), actually same as borneotip that 1 ler.... :-P

    wish u have a nice day... ^_^

  8. Thought i didn see any cuteness in my blog, but million of thanks to you, ShinYin, thats very kind of you... =)

  9. wa wa..somemore left msg in my chatbox..super sincere..hehe

  10. >Brenda, haha! will start the habit of sleeping early... starting tomorrow.. hehe... you're welcome :)

    >yee ming, you have not been practicing your maths since med sch, that's why! =P

    >stp, welcome :) i agree with you.. next time, perhaps i should create a shinyin's blogger award... -how cool is that to have an award named after you :P

    >thanks shawnn, for the award :) you have a nice day ahead too! =)

    >bingwui, am not! =P

    >dann, you are welcome :)

    >cg, of course, i am a sincere person... now only you know? =P hehe...

  11. my blog is nothing and you are so kind to tag and award me. I say you are the cutest blogger of all wor..hihi

  12. Thank you..haha..Not many people will think that a financial blog can in any way be CUTE :P

  13. >anita, you are most welcome :) me, being the cutest blogger?? *blush*...

    >kris, haha.. whichever cuter.. -for you to decide ^^

  14. awwww...thank you for awarding me the cutest blog award...ur cute too!hahaha

  15. you're welcome poh lin... ^^ you stay cute ya.. the kids loved you!


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