Friday, February 6, 2009

Thank You post

Finally, my end Orthopeadics & Surgical posting examination had came to an end. I would like to thank all my supervisors and teachers in orthosurgery: Miss Shalimar, Miss Hazla, Mr Goh, Mr Imtiaz, Prof Ismail, Mr Zamrin, Mr Gooi for all the teachings and guidance...

I would like to thank all those who had gave me support and encouragements (and luck!!)... Thank you to all who left messages at my phone, my blogs, msn, etc.. thanks for listening to me ranting when i'm in mist of stress.. and a million thanks to all who helped me throught this exam.... thanks to all my friends who willingly be my 'patient' for othropeadics PE when you dropped by my room... a HUGE thanks to May Luu and Ki Tiong, who taught me practically all my ortho PE... and Suyin, Cheryl, Im Sing, Typ, G, for helping me revise.. and of course my brothers and sis for letting me practice PE on you,.. hehe...

BIG THANKS to May Luu for the HUGE ONG LAI!! i seriously believed that the ong lai got luck one lor... the next day, i had relatively manageable short cases: i've got a knee examination (ACL tear) and shoulder examination (shoulder instability).. though, there's so much more i need to improve on... and i was really hoping to get a hand case, that's probably the only examination i'm most familiar with... but luckily, i managed to driff through.. must be the ONG LAI!!

i'm taking a day break... reorganising my life.. blogging, relaxing...

then, tomorrow, it marks the beginning of THE STUDY MONTH for PROFESSIONAL EXAMS.... probably the most hectic, most stressful, most unbearable month of my life, so far... like they say, this is not the end, it is just the beginning....



  1. Uush!!!!!!UUSH!!!!!!!UUshhh!!!!!!!

  2. Malaysia boleh...Shinyin oso boleh... Later after passed your exam, might need to change your blog title to "confessions of a medical doctor"....Gambateh in your professional exam

  3. cheryl, USHHHH....

    MRC, Haha.. yalor.. have to change title.. my friend said i didn't think long term when i used that title... hehe...


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