Sunday, February 8, 2009

Papa John's Pizza

Papa John's Pizza is finally OPENED!!!
It's in Berjaya Times Square, Ground Floor.
Last Friday, i head over there with Cheryl, Kiew Ing and Im Sing,
after watching Bride Wars.
(will write review soon)

The Menu had quite a number of varieties:

All chessy Pizza

They also provide Sets Meals:

Sweet Cherry with the drinks

CHESSY Cheesesticks

Garden Salad with Thousand Island Sauce
The Salad is very fresh with thousand island dipping sauce..
I find the portion very small,
unlike Pizza Huts where you can have the fun to take as much as you want
and fit it in a bowl.. hehe..

Sweet Cherry eating sweet cherry ^^

Me eating sweet cherry, hehe ^^

Land & Sea Pizza
I loved this pizza! It is very Cheesy. Just the way i liked it! =)

This 6 inches pizza is served in a cute pinpong size bat thingy..
how cute...
be careful not to drop it! :)

Chicken Super Papa John's Pizza
One of their specialities... not bad...

Compare the 6 inches and 9 inches pizza...

pepperoncini pepper, a traditional Italian garnish
i find this too sour for my liking though... with a little spice...

Remember to eat your pizza with some Tabasco sauce and Lots of CHEESE Powder!!


The breadstick with melted butter dipping and spagetti sauce dipping.

Dip into melted butter

Dip into spagetti sauce

Ki Tiong is happy

and i'm also so happy and fulled!

Dapau the rest =)
Place:Papa John's Pizza
Food : Pizza
Location : Berjaya Times Square ( Ground Floor), Kuala Lumpur
Food Taste: 80%
Food Freshness : 80%
Service : 80% (The waitress that waited on us that day was Miko, and she was very nice and helpful :)
Ambience : 70%
Cleanliness : 90%
For more information :

When compared with Pizza Hut, Dominos and Shakey's, I personally preferred Papa John's Pizza. I find the ingrediates in the Pizza much fresher.
And it taste good. And i love the dipping sauce!
The service is good too. Price reasonable.


  1. Nice pizza. From your review, I should make a stop there when I go shopping there again in the future

  2. Newly opened?

    I ate at there around December. I gave it a try .Even though the chain is quite popular in US but i never tried it out before..haha

    And i saw Datuk Vincent Tan and co while i was dining..haha..his bodyguard dont look impressive though.

  3. i'm sure the price is much more expensive than pizza hut, shakeys & domino's...

  4. borneo falcon, yes, you should give it a try :)
    Cmate, hey, long time didn't hear from you :) doing well?
    Kris, yup, it's the 3rd largest pizza chain in the US.. Datuk Vincent Tan huh? with bodyguard somemore.. you sure that's his bodyguard?
    shinLoo, i think the price is about the same. except that they dont have special promotions like those in Pizza hut and domino's...
    a 9 inch pizza for two plus drinks and bread stick cost RM26.90

  5. Yeah..definitely his bodyguard..standing infront of the shop all the time while he ate with his family. The son was there..totally look very alike him


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