Monday, February 16, 2009

CNY #6: How to make Chocolate Chip Cookies

Since we are still in the New Year mood, well, it least i am...
Here's another cookie we made last Chinese New Year.....
Chocolate Chip Cookies...

1. Firstly, sieve the flour and baking powder.

2. Mix butter and sugar in a mixer until fluffy.
Then fold in flour.

After that, fold in the delicious chocolate chips!
The thing about home made biscuits is that you get to choose the fillings and toppings
-whichever type you like
-and how much you like

and i loved it with LOTs of chocolate chips!! Lots! ^^

colourful toppings- rice candies...

Chocolate rice

and more Chocolate chips!!

and that's my greedy brother...
curi makan chocolate chips ==

Arrange paper cups in lines on a baking tray
(MUST be red color for the extra good luck! hehe..)

Put the batter in the cup

There you go... all lined up...

Bake in the oven...


and that's how you make Chocolate Chip cookies ^^


  1. Choc chip cookies!! hooray, nampak sedap dimakan, and gosh!! you really can make some good stuffs..

    now you can bake awesome cookies to make ur patient feel so much better!! :D

  2. Another bakery lesson from you. Do you make this cookies? Ha...Ha... :)

  3. u surely had a good cny :D
    nice cny series..

  4. khek, haha... actually, mummy baked them.... i just help help only... memangpun sedap~~ mummy very keng..
    baking cookies for patients...hehe.. i'll need to come up with some healthy recipes though... don't want it to worsen their diabetes.. hehe..
    borneo falcon, mummy made them.. we just help help... hehe.... it's fun!! ^^ very easy de, you can try it!
    lead wi,
    Yes! i love CNY!! i doubt i get to celebrate much when i become house officer though.. siGh..

  5. cg, ^^ *happy*
    Poh Lin, you should have came to my house for Chinese New Year!! =)

  6. sedapnye...
    u can open a bakery nx to my house.. ahaksz..
    i akan beli everyday.nyum2..

  7. haha!! bila bosan on-call, bolehlah kita jual kuih kat hospital tu.. haha!! if you want, i can ajar u buat chocolate chip cookie ni... senang aje... =)


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