Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy birthday Ki Tiong!

Dear Ki Tiong,
a good friend,
aka my 2nd mummy (hehe..),
remember how silly we were back in Year 1?
i remember i would run to your room when i had a really terrible day,
and you would listen to this silly girl,
i remembered how i would dragged you to the DSG hall in the middle of the night,
on days that i misses home very much,
and we'll duet on the piano,
until the guard chases us away,
those days in AMSA,
memorable days we had,
on days i panicked before exam,
you'll do PE with me, and reassure me everything will be fine,
And after exams, we'll celebrate and get crazy all over again,
5 years passed by in a glimpse,
soon, we'll be graduating and moving different paths,
i just want to let you know,
that i feel so blessed to have you as my friend..

I wish you a very Happy Birthday,
may you be the happiest bride,
the compassionate doctor,
the understanding friend...
soon, we'll have little James & little Ki Tiongs to play with... hehe..




  1. yaya..happy birthday ,ki tiong....
    P.S hope to see little james , little ki tiong and also little shinyin playing together soon....

  2. yuhuu~~~~~~so many little children to play....but i guess u all dont want o ve little cherry

  3. im sing, *faint*.... ^_^|||

    cheryl, then we have little cheeries and little mushrooms, and little scents to play with little ki tiongs and little bonds... hehe..
    (siao liao- secondary to pre-exam-syndrome)

  4. haha, thank u very much o.... how silly we r, then we hav those of sweet sweet memories, tat we can laugh at n taste back in our future days.. haha, lovely frens, thanks a lot...
    how i wish we hav longer time to spend together...
    haven start to separate, n yet feel d sadness liao....
    hop we all wil be very very fine in wherever we r in future..
    n hav time to meet all d little shin yin, little mushroom, little sing sing, little queen, little su yin...
    then we r get in big trouble lo..:)

  5. haha!! get in big trouble! Ki Tiong, you know what? we just sounded like old ladies talking bout their kids or something... shit, now i feel old....


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