Thursday, February 12, 2009

CNY #4: How to make Pineapple Tarts?

FLASHBACK: 2 days before CNY
I spend the few days before Chinese New Year not with my books, but with this:

Yes. Baking is fun!! i think it's better and easier than cooking....
Everything is so standard, you just have to follow the recipe....
How hard can it be?
And you don't have to worry over getting the food burned...

So, today's post is about: Pineapple Tarts - How to make them...
Why Pineapple Tarts, you may ask?
Well, after my last orthosurgery examination, it was proven that Pineapple Tarts brings GOODLUCK!! as in (ONG LAI!!!)
so, how can you still NOT want to know how to make Pineapple Tarts???
It may change your luck and your life!!
and you can thank me for that later..

okay, let's cut the crap..

Firstly, let me introduce you to this 2 incredible chefs:

1. MY MUM - Mdm Joanne, the super-increrdible Mum
2. The Pineapple Tart Machine - Mr Falcon

Mummy with her expert hands...
*blink* *blink* =)
Yes. This is Mr Falcon. Not Borneo Falcon, though... hehe.. this is the Peninsular Falcon...
i think all Falcons very keng... haha!
With this Machine, you can make ANY biscuits!!
so senang....

okay: Back to Pineapple Tart Making....

1. Firstly, pour the sieved flour, butter, castor sugar into this incredible Mr Falcon
(Mr Falcon is like Mr Muscle.. He'll mixed the ingrediates well and save you from muscle ache..
my hero~)

2. Then pour in the eggs

3. Allow it to mixed well until it appear to be something like this:
(WOW! take a look at those muscles... hehe...)

5. Then choose the appropriate outlet piece according to the type of cookie that you are baking or the shape that you like..

(so many to choose from)

6. For Pineapple Tart, i chose this slit like outlet piece.
7. Allow the soft dough to pass through it slowly.
Cut the dough into short pieces about 3 fingers breathes long.
(palpating too many livers makes me count in finger breathes nowadays, hehe..)

8. Put generous amount of Pineapple Tart filling onto the dough

Apply about this much, but not too much though...

If too much, you might have problem wrapping them...
You know, it's like Vera Wang: You have to fit yourself to Vera Wang, not alter Vera Wang to you.. (if you know what i mean... hehe...)

wrap, wrap, wrap....

Have them arranged in rows in a butter-lined tray

Apply Egg york on the surface
(to gives a nice color and a crunchier coat)

It will appear shiny...

Put into the Oven To bake


Aren't the Pineapple Tarts simply lovely??
I hope the Pineapple Tarts will bring you all : ONG ah~~ HUAT ah~~

Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. if u could inherit half of ur mom culinary skills..ur future half would be v lucky already..lolz

  2. such a lovely pineapple tarts. how long you baked them?

  3. wahahahahahaha....(my reaction after i saw chuan guan's coment)

  4. helo..i'm joo joo here..1st time visiting ur blog..really love it..i'm a medical student also..hehe..

    good luck for ur forensic exam ya=)..and i also bake pineapple tart for CNY..haha..

  5. cg, haha! but mummy really keng leh.. maybe it's somewhere in my genes but i haven't discover it yet.. or perhaps, i should just date a chef!! then i'll the the luckiest person :)
    June, about 20minutes :)
    enjoy baking~
    cheryl, ^_^||| (sweat) - can don't laugh so loud and evil-ly ak? *bluek* =P
    Joo Joo, welcome... thanks for the wishes.. lately my blog has been filled with posts of what i did last new year... and lots of food... hehe.... not very medical.. you can checkout some of the old posts, which you might find more interesting... mostly tagged under- [medical].... enjoy..
    p/s:pre-warning that posts tagged under [shinyin's random thoughts] can be quite depressing..
    Borneo Falcon, hey, did you notice the machine's name is the same with your nickname?? hehe.. you can make pineapple tarts too! =)

  6. easy nia with the machine.
    but pineapple tart is one of the expensive cookies.. :(

    I like pineapple tart though..:P

    HOw much you bought for the machine?

  7. Kris, yalor.. machine makes everything very easy.... -the beauty of technology... i'm not sure how much the machine... will ask mum... hehe...

  8. Haha..Maybe if one day you don't want to be a doctor ..can consider open up a bakery shop :P

  9. Kris, haha!! maybe should consider that.. open bakery shop like so dreamy~~ hehe...

  10. lol!!

    Nono, she can replace organs with pineapple tarts instead.

    What's that horrendous looking, bad tasting bile? let's change it with a sugary spicy pineapple tart instead! :D


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