Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Happy Valentines to all that celebrates!
and for the rest of us, here's a Valentine Survival Kit for you... ^^

Happy Singles Awareness Day!

Found this interesting site:

In response to the huge push by retailers for us to buy all of their candy, flowers and greeting cards February 15 has been declared Singles Awareness Day! This is the day that all of the single people can proudly stand up and show that it is OKAY to be single!

Sure, some people would prefer to have their February celebration on February 14, but the rest of us appreciate the break from the commercialism.

The goal of Singles Awareness Day is to let singles have celebrations, get-togethers, etc. and to exchange gifts with their single friends. The awareness day was established by single people who were just sick of feeling left out on Valentine's Day, and support of the day is growing every year.

Suggested activities for this day are sending yourself flowers, planning parties for other singles to mix and meet and to participate in some sort of single's event. This is especially recommended if you don't WANT to be single. Of course, for those who kind of like being single it's a blessing and a reason to have some fun!

Originally, most singles referred to February 14 as Single's Awareness Day (acronym: SAD) until it just became too depressing! Choosing the next day allowed single people a chance to turn this into a celebration rather than a festival of self-pity or whatever they were doing before. It seems like a refreshing change of pace to know that you can survive Valentine's Day and move on to YOUR day, doesn't it?

And if you are happy to be single, then February 15 is your day to tell the world. The dates approaching quickly, so it might be time to start planning your party right now.


  1. Valentine's Day is like a burden for me now. Ha.... Ha..... Single life is better :)

  2. borneo falcon, Haha!! running out of ideas what gifts and surprises to give to your wife?

    Kris, yeah, i find it hilarious too.. :)

  3. Huh got this "SAD" day meh??...New to me though (Forrest gump scratching the head).... Yeah, It's OK to be single (in whispering mode....not so loud though) :( :D :-)

  4. single..yeah...
    then y r u get so irritated on valentine?
    r the couples become ur eye sore?
    tomorrow got wat celebration?
    i thought we ad celebrate valentine ad

  5. Single awareness
    suite party??count me in!!!

  6. MRC, haha.. i just knew about this SAD day from a friend last week...
    im sing, i where got so irritated?? =P
    Ka Fei, haha! just some awareness day i've just discovered.. PARTY!!


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