Tuesday, February 10, 2009

CNY #3: SteamBoat, anyone?

Somehow, every Chinese New Year, i will have steamboat on one of the
days of Chinese New Year...

Mummy would invite our relatives over for steamboat...
as steamboat is so easy to prepare..
see, Mummy so Pandai...

The SteamBoat with the delicious soup....

MUST HAVE: Fishball (big and small) - oh, i love fishballs so very much...
Quilt eggs, meatballs, Crabsticks, Tofu

Lots and Lots of mushrooms!!
The Chinese Cap Mushroom, The Thin Chinese Mushroom, The Button Mushroom, and the Needle Mushroom.
Mushrooms adds a nice smell to the broth...
and the Needle Mushrooms gives a very sweet taste to it....

Toufu, Japanese Toufu,
'he kiao' (fish dumplings) -delicious!
i don't really like hotdogs in steamboat, but my bro likes it, so ya... u can add those too

because it appears too meatful, here's some crunchy French peas..

and shreaded carrots
(me and carrots.. haha.. well, that's another story)

Align Leftoh yes, you MUST HAVE PRAWNS too!!
(you can imagine how badly i had abused anti-histamines this Chinese New Year, hehe...)
Prawns gives the broth a very sweet taste...
You can also have Tom Yam Broth, Chicken Broth, or Herbal Broth...
Too troublesome?
Well, there's always Ayamas Chicken Cubes!!

Time for grilling!!
This is fun!
A little like Korean BBQ..
Marinate the meat and grill it... ahh.. they melt in your mouth...

soon after, we discovered that grilled ham and prawns were delicious too!!

and then my sis start to get addicted to the grilling that she couldn't stop..

Happy Chinese New Year!

Place: shinyin's home sweet home
Food : Mum's cooking
Location : Seremban
Food Taste: Awesome
Service : Self service
Ambience : The love of home ^^ (hehe)


  1. home made steamboat are always da best!!! i missing mine already

  2. i also eating steamboat with my gf !! the feeling of eating stemboat is so nice especially eationg steamboat with family !!


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