Saturday, February 7, 2009

CNY #1: Reunion Dinner

Now that i have some time in my hands, allow me to share with you my Chinese New Year.... I have the best Mum in the world!! (okay, in MY world).. and there's nothing better than Mum's cooking... and reunion on Chinese New Year... ohh... i really hope i don't have to work or be on-calls next Chinese New Year....

Just in case i had never introduced my family, well, my mum,
she has relatively strong cultural beliefs and 'superstitious'...
One of them is deciding what we MUST HAVE for Chinese New Year...

1. MUST HAVE FISHBALLS (symbolise reunion) and Quill Eggs (symbolise family)
United Fishball and Quilt Eggs Soup
2. MUST HAVE NOODLES (long- symbolize longevity)
-noodles must be uncut to symbolize long life..

Longevity Chinese Yellow Noodles
3. MUST HAVE CHICKEN - for prosperity...
During prayers, the chicken must be presented with a head, tail and feet to symbolize completeness.

White Chicken with Sauce (Pak Zam Kai)

Sweet Sour Prawns Stirred-Fried
(No superstitious.. just that i loved this, like a lot!! we all do~^^ )

Roost Pork

Man Gi Shau

Mixed Vegetables

Apple Salad - desserts

We also had a whole fish to symbolise abundance..
but mum insisted that the fish must be kept for tomorrow
-partly because there was too much food, and partly because she believed that
abundance should overflow to the following year (thus the following day)

Superstitious leh...

And here's introducing my beloved family members~

Dad officiates dinner with a toost
~From Left: Ling(sis), Dad, Mum, Tuan Ren(bro)

That's my brother, Tuan Yuan, and sister, Yoon

~Mum & Dad~
Isn't Dad cute with his glasses?
(sometimes, he forgets and asks: anyone seen my specs? -hehe...)

Tuan Ren waiting for Mum & Dad to finish their long speech
~hungry leh.... ~

Finally!! Can eat liao!!

Yes, i come from quite a big family...
I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters..
so, that's 7 of us!! (including Mum & Dad)
So, you can imagine how noisy (or MERIAH /'yit lau') we can be..

and with Mummy who cooked so well,
no wonder i gained weight this Chinese New Year!! =(
have to start Weight-Losing program...

Happy Chinese New Year!!

Place: shinyin's home sweet home
Food : Mum's cooking
Location : Seremban
Food Taste: 100%
Service : Self service
Ambience : The love of home ^^ (hehe)


  1. Your mum cooks well. Hope you cook as well as her. Ha....Ha....

  2. Confessions of a Medical Student #51: so sad to say, i can't cook! i mean like seriously..
    (experimenting doesn't count, of course!)
    besides, there's always Mummy... hehe.. and my poor cooking can accentuates her good cooking... hehe.. why cook when there is Mum?

  3. time go ur house, ask ur mama cook all the nice nice food for me, have another reunion dinner....haha...

  4. it's "itadakimasu", not "itadakimas"... japanese would have a "u" at the back of the "s" sound...

  5. cheryl, haha! next time i should recommend: best food in Seremban -->> shinyin's house.. hehe..

    shinLoo, pro in Japanese Language pun... hehe.. *edited to "itadakimasu" *

  6. why the girl in the white t-shirt doesn't look like u one. she is ur sister? or u r the one holding the camera but din snap urself? haha.. coz i count count count i can't find u leh.

    ur mum can really cook. i shall steal skill based on the pictures.

    before eat got speech summore? geng leh..

  7. yes. it's my sis, Ling. i wrote there what.... == i was the cameraman... no one take pictures for me :(

    Mummy very keng one leh.. you sure can steal skills or not... not easy one leh...

  8. yeay! i love CNY!! got many angpows & good food... :P


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