Sunday, February 1, 2009

14.02.2009 - A date with the dead

Guess what?
This year, i'll be spending my valentine's with
a Forensic Examination!!

How i wished someone would cancel or postpone the exams
and save me from this!
Fat hopes, huh?

Hmm.. maybe after exam,
i shall light a candle,
dress in red,
and peel a red apple in front of the mirror...

haha! now i sound a little psychotic....
*exam fever*


  1. ha...we been celebrate valentine together for so long ad....
    ha...this time with death....
    not a bad experience lar...
    is a new thing....
    haha... :P
    P.S thanks for be with me all these years....hoho... queen, mushroom , bond gal too......

  2. good luck with those post mortem presentations.. hahaha..

    if u dress in red, is not forensic d lur.. is psychiatry d.

  3. sing, UKM always finds a way to torture their students... hehe...
    aihhh, what an experience..
    bingwui, ish.. haven't you heard before, if u stand in front of the mirror in red and peel an apple in the dark at midnight, you can met with the spirit of the dead?

  4. oh so charm la, set sucha date for u! do ur best k!!

    ps: oh what i heard was tat if u do tat (peel apple without breaking in front of mirror) u can see the face of the person to be ur future spouse! scary huh.. o.O

  5. zzzyun, really? i thought it means you can meet up with someone who had past away...

    but in your case, maybe i should just do that in front of the mirror and paste wang lee hom poster behind me... eh, i think can leh, my room memang pun got him staring back at me.. future spouse??

  6. (if u stand in front of the mirror in red and peel an apple in the dark at midnight, you can met with the spirit of the dead?)


  7. As for me, every 14/2 will be "dead day" for me....Trying to escape from being "green eye" being exposed to all kind of romantic stuffs...LOL

  8. If Death looks like Brad Pitt (Meet Joe Black), would you reconsider??


  9. Wi, scary eh?? i never try before.. maybe you can try and tell me how true it is.. hehe...
    MRC, the D-DAY huh?? well, i guess, every once in a while singles like me do envy those couples.. sometimes i can be so evil that i deep inside i wished the sweet couple on the next table disappear.. haha! and then try to convince myself that V-day is just another OVER-COMMERCIALIZED day.. haha... Happy Valentines! =)
    Kris, Brad Pitt?? Are you kidding me?? hehe.. all girls would go heads over heels.. ^^


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