Saturday, February 28, 2009

~away for exams~

Finally, I've received my exam slip yesterday, sort of CONFIRMING that all this is true.
and no, i won't be shouting into any pillow this time.
I can't believe that 5 years past in a blink of an eye..
okay, maybe several blinks..
Shu Juen was already talking about missing university life..
i think i'll be missing it too...

Anyway, meanwhile,
I'm just keeping my fingers crossed.....
Praying hard that everything will go through well...
and hoping that i will not screw up...

Mr Jeevanan, our ENT consultant, said that:
'Examiners don't fail students. Students fail themselves.'
I guess there is some truth in what he said.
When under exam stress, students (including me) do all sorts of funny things.
Even a very good or average student, when panic, make mistakes in exams,
and some mistakes, being very unforgivable..

The last mock exam i had,
well, it didn't went really well...
(and guess what? it was videotaped and all! and yes, my coursemates get to view it in dk1 and well, 'learn from my mistakes'.. )
Prof Shahrir was like: shinyin, what happened to you?

The next exam, the real one, would be even more stressful,
You get thought block when four examiners stare straight into you,
watching you examine the patient,
pressuring you to answer the questions,
as the time keeps ticking....

So much at stake...

But i suppose,
we have to learn how to manage anxiety, stress...
how can we manage patients if we ourselves get over anxious, no?
i really hope i can maintain composure, calmness..
breathing exercise....

Will be giving it all my best for the next three weeks...
Wish me good luck! =)
(i desperately need in this time)

All the best to all my coursemates,
hope we'll all pass this with smiles ^^

p/s: Will be fasting from the internet for a while~
Please do not abandon me.. :)


  1. Jia you jia you jia you jia you jia you jia you jia you....

    haha, so many jia you, shld be no prob de lar....

  2. The examiners are actually trying to pass the student. My lecturers also said we should never left the sheet blank. Always write something (even though it might be crap). Otherwise no marks can be awarded.

  3. all the best WU SHIN YIN! can't wait for more exciting blogs from you! :D

  4. hm...u dun need luck, u jz need to be confidence.u wont b nervous or anxious when u r confident.all the best~!

  5. Hi shinyin, i'm sure you'll do well. All the best beb! You don't luck, you just need preseverence and hardwork!

  6. all the best girl!!!! breath in, and out.... clear your head.. and just do it~!

    god bless~~

  7. All the best and GOD bless! JIA YOU JIA YOU!

  8. Shin Yin!!! All the best!
    Wait for your good news =)

  9. thanks everyone for the wishes =)
    will jia you~~
    *finger crossed, hoping for the best*

  10. Hi, & good day to you, Jocelyn.

    I'm Abas. You can call me Abasster Bond. No need the 'Bond' lah. I found your blog from Peanut man's blog. Right now, he's into being a fur advocate. I'm more of a 'save the whales' person. Lol. ;-)

    By the way, I just posted a new batch of voyage articles & a Forbidden City Palace Museum Historical Artifacts Part I slide show on my blog at

    I hope that you may want to take a look at them. Please do leave a comment or two to help me improve my blog. Thanks in advance. Keep in touch.


    P/s: All the best with your exams!

  11. seems like is coming to an end for ur academic year d wo...
    So..all da best lah...and remember when my time come next year...give me advice...haha!!!!

  12. why no update why no update why no update why no update why no update why no update why no update why no update why no update why no update why no update?

    playing hard huh..

  13. knitfreak-to-be, thanks, i needed that~ ^^

    Abbasster, nice meeting you @ peanut's place.... thanks for the wishes..

    Ka Fei, advice? well, work hard, play hard~~~

    bingwui, update liao lur... =P


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