Friday, February 13, 2009

CNY #5: Dinner with the extended family, Grandpa and Grandma

Well, if you think i have a BIG family. You should see my extended family. It's even bigger.. So, last Chinese New Year, we had dinner at the Region, Seremban.

Place: Regent Restaurant
Food : Chinese dinner
Location : Seremban, Negeri Sembilan
Food Taste: Not Bad, 70%
Service : So-so, 80%
Ambience : Too Chinese New Year feel, haha!

Me, hungry @ car
(yes, we had to buckle up at the rear seat)

My cousin, Kian Tiong bought a new DSLR (Digital Single Lens Reflex) camera.
So the nicer pictures were taken by him, and the not-so-nice ones were taken with my modest Sony Ericson K750i camera phone.
See whether you can figure out which is taken by which camera.

(p/s: i took the picture of the fish. the picture which he took tinggal bones only)

Before we proceed with the delicious food,
i'll like to take this opportunity to introduce my beloved family....
i never actually blog much about them, have i???
Funny, i was such in a family mood, this year round...

Anyway, behold to meet all the Leng Jais and Leng Luis

That's my happy Daddy and Mummy...
My brothers and sisters...
From left: Nice Tuan Ren, The Evil Tuan Yuan, Cute Yoon, Pretty Ling

Maternal Grandma & Grandpa..
Uncle Peter & Auntie & cousins: Kian Tiong(Eric), Ying Ying, Yen Ying
Uncle Frankie, Auntie and cousins: Ting Yee, Jian Ming, Jian Ning
Uncle David & Aunt & Cousins: Hong Wei, Chiu Yen, Chiu Peng, Chiu Yi
Aunt Cynthia & Uncle Darren Lai

Pretty Ying Ying Jie Jie

Cute cousin Ting Yee

ahhh.... this is my very VERY cute cousin neice... so chubby.. 2 months saja, you know..
so pandai to follow ppl around the room liao....
and very manja pun...

Anyway, let's go to the food...
i wanna make you all feel hungry.. hehe...

The Menu of the day

Lou Sang

Uncle Frankie said: must put some wine on the salmons..

(think picture so blur not because my camera skills are bad, it's because they lou too fast liao! :P)

My aunts and uncles...
Lou clean clean liao~ yuhuu~

~4 seasons~
This one very nice :)

~4 seasons~

~Roasted Crispy Duck~
oh... soooo juicy the duck....~shark Fin's soup with crabmeat~
(i hope there's no aquatic-protective-enthusiast seeing this)
~Happy prawnss~
hoho.... i loved prawns....
(don't worry, i'm again, i have my bestfriend, Mr Anti-Histamine to support me)
~Every year got fish~
not bad... very fresh...
(i took this picture!)

the picture Kian Tiong took... haha!!
he was like: i tak sempat take picture... they makan too fast liao...

~united glutinous rice~
nothing special... like biasa punya Loh Mai Fun lor...
The desserts in Regent Restaurant a little cheap leh, this time round....
i think if they were to serve ice-cream,
they should at least serve it in a serving cup..
rather than just give ice-cream in paper cups...
(i know, shinLoo is calling me picky liao... hehe..)
but i did remember i used to like cup ice-creams when i was little....

Anyway, everyone had a great time!! ^^
and i drove back to HUKM the same night...
had to prepare for exams.. siGh..
friends all back in HUKM liao pun...


  1. shinyin,
    you look so different! so pretty =) glad u had an enjoyable n fun time celebrating cny!

  2. I don't think that is wine on the Salmon. The bottle looks like an XO to me

  3. Poh Lin, thanks.... i think that's the magic of make-up, haha.. can make my tiny eyes BIGger... hehe... anyways, i haven't seen you for such s LONG time... since primary school, i suppose... i'll be free in April, will you be in Seremban.. we should go out for lunch/ dinner :)

    Borneo Falcon, XO, huh? i didn't check it though..


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