Sunday, October 26, 2008

A trip to the cemetary before halloween~ Nirvana Memorial Park

Today, I had a family trip to the cemetery. (yes, just before Halloween) Apparantly, we were there not to visit a dead relative of something. In fact, we were there to see the place, you know, like how one visit places during a vacation. Okay, now you may think my family is weird. Allow me to explain. It started last night, when my mum suddenly suggested, ‘hey, let’s go to Nirvana tomorrow’ (with a super enthusiastic tone) ‘who wants to come along?’ she asked, expecting us to eagerly raise our hands like 5-year-old kids. My sisters and I just stared at each other, point blank. As usual, I gave the reluctant ‘want meh?’ look. And then, mum started elaborating on how nice the place is. And so I asked, ‘You really want me to go?’ Then mum replied, ‘well, up to you’ and gave the of-course-you-HAVE-to-go look, and continue nagging. So, yeah, that was how I end up here today, at Nirvana Memorial Park.

If you are hearing this place for the first time, I shall spare a few lines to explain. Nirvana Memorial Park is a burial ground, in Semenyih, about 1 hour away from Kuala Lumpur, and 1 hour away from Seremban. This burial ground caters mostly for the Chinese, whether Buddhists, Christians or Taoism. Customers can choose whether to have their (or their family’s) bodies buried or cremated. And mind you, a plot of land here is not cheap. The price ranges from few thousands to few hundred thousands! They even special packages to cater for different needs and demands! Eg:
- Urns plot (aka Flat houses)
- Urns in the Golden Dragon (aka Condominiums)
- Graveyards for couples (aka Terrace houses)
- Special graveyards for couples (aka Bungalow houses)
- Higher end plots (aka higher end Bungalow houses)
- Family Plots
- BIGGER family plots
- EVEN BIGGER family plots
- Artistic plots for artists
- Plots for pets (how cute can that be?)

We were welcomed by Tong Sam Zhong, the monk from Journey To the West..
(Note: According to my sis, Tong Sam Zhong is the King of Afterlife~ not sure how true is that..)
We were welcomed by boddhisatva who is governing the west heaven with guan yin and amitabha.

This is the Golden Dragon. Customers who preferred their body to be cremated can choose to place their urn here, inside this Golden Dragon. It is fully air-conditioned with the sound of peaceful prayers chanting at the background.

The view of the burial ground.. gosh, this place is seriously big...

One of the super expensive grave yard. According to my mum, the feng shui of this plot is very good. Yes, my mother, she is a very STRONG believer of feng shui. Note:
1. Rounded tomb
2. Rounded arch, welcoming
3. High back, with solid wall
4. Steps moving up into the praying area
5. Looking grand and impressive

Some people actually fenced up their grave yard... not so welcoming now, ei.. Not e: The sign ' Private Property, No admittance'.. i think they should have written something like :' trespassers will be haunted for the rest of their lives' or something like that, haha! would be quite effective~

This couple's grave yard also very nice.. They are Christians.. Note: the 2 little white angels... What attracted me most about this grave yard was the picture at the back (right most)

A close up of the picture.. how sweet, right? got poem somemore...

This is a huge family plot..

We visited Bai Guang, a local artist, whose grave yard was super impressive... there was a piano carved from rock and marble.. which plays her music magically... i'll post the pictures next time, when my internet connection speed is better (dial up sucks! siGh...)...

Oh yes, one more thing, before i end this. Guess what? There was one family plot which cost in total RM5.1 Million!! Big land, plus feng shui fees, and renovation... how crazy is that?? (sorry, i don't have the picture though).. Some people really believe in having a nice place after death... and the salesman from Nirvana liked to use the word ~forever~... 'why not get something good to last forever?'-he said... RM5.1 Million, if given out to charity, can build so many schools and feed to many mouths! and here, it was spent on a burial ground.. wow! a bit sakit hati lor~ sigh.. nevermind lar...

After a whole day, it was finally, time to go home.. yeay! i felt soooo tired and sleepy... i think it shows in my eyes... got dark circles some more... and a sunburn... =(

What a family trip!


  1. It's a beautiful cemetary. My parents also bought the cemetary from Nirvana. The cemetary in West Malaysia seem to be better develop than the one over here.

    Get some rest or you will end up look like a panda. Ha.... Ha...

  2. Interesting to put up their full profile pics like that. The first time I've seen

  3. the di zang wang pu sa is not tang san zang ler shinyin... 2 different character..

    the one is the picture is a boddhisatva who is governing the west heaven with guan yin and amitabha.

    where else dang san zang is like how u said it..

    i think when i day.. i prefered my ashes to be pour to see or just tanam laa.. will haunt tat person who dare to tanam me in a coffin.

  4. >borneo falcon>> yeah.. i heard that there's Nirvana in Sibu.. one in KK and shah alam too! they must be making lotsa $$$

    siGh... how to get rid of panda eyes??

    >stargazer>> fyi, i'm not a sales representative of them or anything like it.. but to observe the way people spend money is interesting...
    do you believe in life after death?

  5. haha!! just edited it!! :) but the statue SERIOUSLY looked like Tong San Zhong wor...

    p/s: you liked your ashes spread to the sea huh? sounds like the love for freedom... (and cost effective too! haha!) i think i'll like to be buried.. maybe in some garden.. near a tree... it's nice to belong to somewhere.. ^^

  6. RM5.1 million for a burial place is absurd.... I'd rather do some charity with that money and not have any graveyards at all. After all, I won't be needing this body anymore right? :)

    Plus, it won't be burdensome for my descendants (if I have any). :P

  7. yea.. the love for freedom makes me end up in russia.. sob sob...

  8. >ray>> i know, RM5.1 million is crazy.. oh well.. the way people spend money.. unbelievable!

    >bingwui>> russia is a nice place also what.. can travel while study somemore.. but kinda miss home every now and then, huh?

  9. This place is nice. But to visit it would be like... Hmmm..

  10. i know brenda.. that's why i took the trouble to spend a paragraph to explain how i end up in this place.... hehe... (note: 1st paragraph)... =P

    1. It is a first time I seen this, very impressive write up and view. I hv also checked their website and you can find out more there


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