Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Haji Samuri's Kajang Satay

On the way back from the cemetary, the other day, i brought my family to Haji Samuri Kajang's Satay... after the Jamuan Raya at our university last thursday, of which the satay served was rather disappointing, i was indeed CRAVING for satay.... so, this was what i needed...

In my opinion, this is not 'the best' satay... but i cannot deny that it is indeed the best-'selling' satay... this place is seriously packed with people... and my friends from out-station would purposely travel all the way to this place to eat and 'dapao' (take-away) Kajang's famous satay!

Place: Haji Samuri's Kajang Satay Restaurant
Food : Satay and etc
Location : Kajang (Near Kajang's Police Station)
Price : RM 0.60 per stick (refer to price list below)

The satay is relatively value for money, considering the size is bigger than the average satay. The price of fruit juice is really cheap too, only RM 2.00 per cup!! but they only had orange, star fruit, watermelon and apple juice. (can you believe they didn't had carrot shake? how can they not have carrot shake??)

The ambience here is comforting too, with clean spacious seats and tables. Not forgetting, some decorations too.. and fishes~ they don't cook these fishes though (i hope)..

Mum was excited to see this, all those antic player, irons, etc... (p/s: i had one of those antic iron at home too! the ones on the 2nd shelf.. i don't know where my mum finds them, but well, it's just collecting dusts on the shelves)

i, on the other hand was excited to see this.. some artistically placed strings - the violins, cello and guitar... a bit sakit hati to see them hanging on the wall, though... because i had this believe that they should be played rather than displayed.. i mean, imagine if you were them, how you you feel? okay, let's say you had to write an essay about 'i am a violin' (remember, like back in primary school and your teacher make you write about 'i am a book', etc).. i bet your biggest dream would be to be plucked and played, rather than stuck to a wall... oh well....

okay, maybe i got a little off-tracked, well, back to the satay.... so, after some moments of waiting, finally, they are here! the infamous Kajang Satay!!!

didn't i said the size of the satay is slightly bigger than the average satay? and the best part is, the satay sauce is really tasty.. you could actually 'feel' the nuts!

i personally believed that a good satay is tasty even without it's satay sauce... like this one! the texture is firm and soft... with juices bursting in your mouth with every bite..

oh yes, always remember to eat you cucumbers and onions!! there's this myth that satay is cancer causing and cucumbers/onions are antioxidents which is suppose to balance out the effect... so ya, eat you cucumbers/onions...

for those hot-chilli lovers... you can add the chilli paste to your satay/sauce accordingly to satisfy your taste buds... i however, finds this chilli paste too challenging, so, i shall skip it then..

Last but not least, enjoy your satay~~


  1. Oh used to go to this place in the past. I also didn't find it fascinating

  2. A nice place to enjoy the satay. Here, we get 3 sticks of satay for RM1

  3. satay kajang good at kajang only..
    i ate at klang branch seem like other satay but slightly bigger..

    then, if u go to tanjung karang.. i recommend you to stop at "Satay Hut" beside "Sup Station"..It open from 5.00pm till 12.00 nite..
    The satay could beat the Satay Haji Samuri..There got big satay > rm1.10 n ordinary satay > 0.60..
    If you had chance..you should try..

  4. OMFG... THAT PLACE IS SO NEAR MY HOUSE!!! I am missing home d...

  5. drool..i stayed at setapak there got a branch similar...now thinking back..makes me hungry...aiks

  6. >stargazer> haha! i think the satay is not bad.. but i personally preferred ampang satay :)

    >borneo falcon>> 3 satay for rm1 only??? wow! seriously cheap weh!!! how nice~

    >alien>>satay hut at tanjung karang? will remember to try it out *mental note* :) i'm like a satay enthusiast, haha!

    >josh>> missing home? go home lar~ hehe..

    >cg>>setapak got a branch meh? gee, i didn't know about that.. my friends actually travelled from setapak to kajang for kajang satay leh~~.. :P

  7. I'm hungry too!! Darn. I need, I want breakfast!

  8. satay for breakfast, brenda? haha.. don't skip breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day ya..... :)

  9. i don't know how to identify a good satay because all satay tasted almost the same to me!

    most of the eaters were staring at my table when i brought my mat salleh friends... even the waiters laughed!

  10. >renaye, not all satay is the same.... :( maybe you should try a really good satay to be convinced :)

    p/s: why the waiters laughed?

  11. u went there at good times. when I was there, it was crowded and the waiters are rude. they made me waited 30 min before taking order, uh..uh.. not going there again.

  12. perhaps, you were there at one of those freakingly busy frustrated hours.. 30 mins b4 ordering is long... next time, you could actually call and book 1st (if you go in a group) :) i'm not sure of their phone number though, but my friend did that last time :)


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