Monday, October 27, 2008

My sweet housemates~ you guys add spices to my life!! what would i do without you?

Today i want to introduced you to the people who make my life more beautiful.... (and miserable, at times.. hehe..).. they have been with me through thick and thin = my sweet leng lui housemates!!

BEHOLD : Housemate #1: Gorgeous Ms May Luu (my friends labeled her as ‘the exotic looking girl’ and ‘Ms Sexy Legs’...

(Note: meet Mr blue Alien who has many TEETHssss)
May Luu, my roommate/hostelmate/housemate since 1st year med school... she has big eyes that can 'kill' any guy.... haha.. great company and good sense of humour~ big fan of JJ

BEHOLD : Housemate #2: Sexy Ms Cheryl – the dancing Queen
~chatting with her is like an addiction~ it's so fun having her around.. just lepak-ing in her room, May Luu and i would just 'stick' on her bed... a very good cook indeed (should blog about her recipes some day)... a very good listener... ^^

BEHOLD : Housemate #3 (2 floors above, actually, but she’s down here most of the time): Hot Ms Im Sing
~a very cheerful friend~ i think med life without Im Sing would never be the same... she had eliminated the 'boring' vocabulary from our life.. hehe.. (if you know what i mean)...

So what happens when 4 singles get together? Well, they get really crazy...

And drunk
(okay, i was kidding bout the drunk part)

We have been together through thick and thin.....
for formal events...

oh, how i missed those good old days at AMSA Conferences~

and not so formal events...
So hot and sunny in Bangkok!

The shadows that lurked Lotte World~

and to Makan, Makan, MAKAN!!!

and do silly stuffs..

super shivering cold~

Those good old days~~

Thanks for listening to me ranting, putting up with my unbearable mood swings, helping me make tough decisions (and not so tough decisions), cheering, supporting and simply being there...
My sweet housemates~ you guys add spices to my life!! what would i do without you?

For all those times, good and not-so-good, ~cheers~

(p/s: i wanted to describe more in detail, but oh well.... maybe next time.... hehe..)


  1. Wow! So many activities together. Back then I don't have so much activities with my housemates.

  2. It sure is fun to have housemates like that...

    Well, I wished mine was like that. That's why I made up for lost time with doing lotsa gatherings

  3. Finally, loads and loads of photos of yourself. Not that many la, but still acceptable. Hope you're feeling oh-so-much-better :S And housemates? You don't wanna know mine. They're cekik-ing me EVERYDAY.

  4. so leng lui your housemates. i missed study life. working life is terrible. enjoy study life while you a still at it!

  5. >>>borneo falcon, yeah.. we did a lot together.. somehow, we were quite close since first year itself.. and it's been almost 5 years now! wOW!!! time flies~

    >>>daniel, yeah, it sure is fun! they can be pretty crazy at times.. but it's too embarrassing to blog about those moments.. =P gatherings are fun too, but it'll get harder once working life starts....

    >>>brenda, yes, i am finally posting pictures of myself and the people around me in my blog.. =) i guess i am getting more comfortable with sharing personal stuffs with the readers... and got over the fear of someday, the patients telling me: 'are you ??? who blogged on blogspot?'

    p/s: i'm feeling much better, thanks ^^ i bet your housemates are very fun people too! fun people tend to stick together... or rather, having fun is contagious :P

    >>>andrew, my housemates would be so happy to hear that, hehe.. cheer up, ^^ i guess there is a good side to working life too,.. i can't deny though that student life is the best!

  6. eh.. u r more alcoholic leh.. look at all the bottlesssssssss!!!!!


  7. >>>bingwui, no lar, i'm not qualified to be labeled alcoholic.. the picture was taken just for fun.. my friend took out his collection of alcohol, so ma snapped the picture lor... we didn't drink a lot.. the next day got class, i think... correction: only one of my friend drank a lot, the rest of us just chit-chat.. haha.. (and laughed at the fella who got drunk!)

  8. is gd to have a gd hsemate..seriously if u have a headache 1 then u will be cursing everyday..haha

  9. I MISS MY DEMONIC HOUSE MATE! can booze all night, kacau girl* housemate*, sing *shouting* , play games and etc.U r one lucky girl

  10. >>>cg, haha!! got days of headaches also.. ups and downs.... but it's good to have people to teman you go through the ups and downs... medical school can seriously be demanding, physically and emotionally... i'm so glad i hv my housemates, my zhimuis from high school and my friends.. :)

    >>>spectre, indeed, i am one lucky girl! :)

  11. It's good to see you have so many good friends around :)
    I do really hope, the friendship between you and your girls will never ends. I guess it's quite hard to find good friends now. ...

    Suddenly, I miss you so much. We have never met each other for 5 years already. We didn't speak, we didn't write, but we can only see each other online. It's a bit sad :( I really hope to meet you again, and of cz the other form 6 friends..

    it's been so long we didn't meet...Do you still remember we went to Terminal 1 just to get Jay's album - Yap Hui Mei? lol..I miss that..


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