Thursday, October 9, 2008

do you believe in pseudohappiness?

Okay, maybe this word does not exist in the oxford dictionary. However, i think it should, at least for people who believed in pseudohappiness..

i am recently living by the 'i-am-happy-today-because-...(fill in the blanks)..'- theory.. i guess everyone deserved to be happy, at least once a year.. so i guess, since that big day is inching by, i should perhaps, learn to count my blessings:

i am happy because i have a happy, healthy family,
i am happy because i have good, fun, supportive friends,
i am happy because whenever i am depressed/bored, there is someone i could call,
i am happy because i am in a relatively good health,
i am happy because i managed to survived medical school till my final year,
i am happy because i am actually starting to enjoy ward rounds and on-calls, which i know is crazy, btw,
i am happy because patients have been very nice to me this week, they are very generous with smiles and 'Thank you dr' phrases, and i haven't had any rejections from patients during my rotation,
i am happy because today, i ate the best pan mee (noodles) in the world! (self-declared, which i will blog about later)
i am happy because someone said i looked pretty today, ^^
i am happy because i thought i was late for class, but end up being an hour early,
i am happy because, despite given wrong directions and a wrongly drawn map, i managed to reach my destination today, (perhaps not so geographically blind after all)
i am happy because of who i am, and what i have became,
i am happy because i have a blog which i could ventilate,
i am happy because you are spending time to read this,
i am happy because i have readers on my blog, who are friendly and supportive,
i am happy for all the big and little things,
i am happy because of all the reasons above and more...

some updates on my life:
- i was not able to online as usual, for the past few days because, my modem broke down, and the hostel internet (which was my alternative option) blocked most of the online sites, including my mail and blogs (sigh...).. but it's okay, we got ourselves a new modem today =) (and i am happy for that)
- i had a super sarcastic supervisor for my medical rotations, who started our briefing last Monday with : 'i am not your friend, and i will never be your friend, so do not smile at me, and we should keep a space between us'... i used to like sarcasm, but it doesn't seem very nice when it's used against us, oh well... but, i have to admit, he is a very smart, hardworking and competent specialist, there is so much i could learn from him... so, the sarcasm, it's okay...
- i'll be in teluk intan hospital again, next week, for a one week rotation.. although i used to dread going to the place, but i guess, some time off would do me good... and i am happy because it is just a one week =)

so, there you go, my first happy blog post.. not too bad for a start, ey? Perhaps, i should consider changing the header to a more happy one too.. though i really liked this current existing header..

yellow happy man pic from ShinLoo's blog


  1. Hey, you got any ghost stories to tell from hospital? by the way, we need to be happy everyday, not at least once a year

  2. happy is juz happy....
    no need reason...juz a feeling....
    happy keeps u from wrinkles...

  3. ghost stories in hospital.. I need your contributions :)

    Why?? You can see my other blog

    Absolute Spook

    But I always thought yellow man is digi man though.

  4. huh? why the sudden craze about hospital ghost stories?

    i guess doctors view the ghost concept differently? most of those movies ghost faces are derived from medical conditions i guess.. like exophthalmos. LOL.

    why are u so happy ler shinyin.. share a bit with me.. i'm starting my O&G today!!!! stress stress stress...

  5. >borneo falcon>> a ghost stories?? erm.. i haven't heard of, and would not want to hear... i mean, what is the point of scaring oneself during an on-call night??? i have one rule of thumb though, i DO NOT watch horror ghost movies in cinema! never did and never will =P

    >sing>> happy for no reason can be scary wehh.. extreme unexplained euphoria with risky behaviour can be pathological, with that flight of ideas and all.. haha!

    >danieltcw>> i could make up a ghost story if you want.. or just describe the mortuary, that itself can scare a person.. haha!

    p/s: your blog seriously scary wehh.. i dare not read too much.. and the yellow man is perhaps, a happy digiman

    >peanut>> thyroid eyes indeed can looked scary... but you'll have this tendency to examine the eyes, check the thyroid status and look for anterior neck swelling, haha!

    why am i happy? i wrote so many reasons up liao wor.. and i'm happy today because i have a free movie ticket from GSC and my super sarcastic doctor is in a good mood =) o&g is fun and the patient Mx very easy! just aim for term delivery, otherwise LSCS.. nothing is more satisfying then bringing life to earth! enjoy o&g ya!!


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