Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Squid Noodles (Yau Yu Mai Fun)

Since everyone is interested in nice food in Seremban
(okay, maybe not everyone, but i like to think that people are interested)
so, today, i have for you, another famous delicacy from Seremban...

Have you ever heard of squid noodles
or 'yau yu mai fan' (cantonese)
or 'you yu mi fen'(mandarin)?
This is another famous noodles in Seremban.

In fact, it was one of the kind!
I could not find anything like it in any other parts in Malaysia.

Place: A stall at Blossom Food Court
Food : Best Squid Noodles in the world! (actually, it's the only place i tried, haha! no references for comparison)
Location : Blossom Garden Food Court ( Near Rasah Jaya)
Price : RM 3.50
The stall actually belonged to Boon Lee's Aunty,
She makes THE BEST squid bee hoon,

Smooth Squid Noodles in a special thick soup.
The warm gravy melts in your mouth,
The squid crunchy and meat tasty,
I think you would have to try it for yourself to describe it yourself...

Thanks Audrey, for belanja-ing me and my family, hehe... =)
Seremban has many nice food,
which also explains why am i picky with food..

Enjoy the Squid noodles!!


  1. Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shoppping Centre
    F36, 1st Floor, No. 1 Persiaran Batu Nilam 1/KS6
    Bandar Bukit Tinggi, 41200 Klang. I hope it help! http://winkplay.com/

  2. i went to serembang once..my coursemate are from Serembang..only heard him said that fu yong sao pao is serembang best food...

  3. >spectre>> the designs in your blog post looked nicer than the winkplay site wor...

    >tnh>> seremban siew pau is memang super delicious!! but that is already well, WELL known... if you happened to be in seremban again, dont forget to try out other nice food.. and i think your friend probably didnt realised that yau yu mai fun is only found in seremban... i didnt realise that too, until my friend sukteng told me! and i confirmed it with my uni friends who came fr different stated in msia!

  4. I always eat the sotong mihun in the Seremban Market everytime I go back. Also the beef noodle and the hakka noodle. Then the siew pau and the egg tarts! Fwah! I miss my hometown! =(

  5. Looks good...and RM3.50 is cheap, more or less like in Sibu.

  6. I always go to seremban but haven't try this before.. Now noted.. next time can try jor.

  7. finally u ve 3 food blogs!!congratz!!u now officially can fight my ex-teacher..wakaka..i am still waiting for 'eating out' blog which u promised!!!n not forget our home-cook dish fr cooker..:)

  8. >wetwetwater>> you are from seremban? *high fives*
    Seremban has many nice food, but not many people know about it..

    >stp>> cheap huh? it tasted better than it looks :)

    >keeyit>> yes, you MUST try this next time :)

    >cheryl>> haha!! i am still new with food blogs.. the worse thing is i dunno how to take food picture that looks good.. so, had to add the stars to make it shine... WAHAHA!!! (dont tell anyone, hehe) ... will be blogging bout our eating out later... still haven't get the pictures fr typ, sigh..

  9. Squid noodles? I would love to try them :) Too bad, I don't live anywhere near Seremban.

  10. >brenda>> inform me the next time you go seremban la... i can bring you go eat if i'm around! it's delicious!! worth trying!

  11. hahahahahaha.. i'm laughing my arse off. sorry!! i mean, yea.. the pics are a bit a not errm.. beautiful,

    but adding the stars around it!?!? haha.. must be high recommended :D

    anyways, for a better picture, you may have to play around with the camera settings as well as have some editing with photoshop to make it perfect.

    having a dslr wouldn't hurt either :)

  12. shhhh.... don't mention bout the **** thingy.. don't laugh la.. i'm still a new food blogger.. readers should be more encouraging.. :(

    firstly, i'm terrible with camera settings, and i don't have those professional camera... my idea of a good camera is
    1. compact, small, light weight
    2. stylish
    3. can take good picture with a click! (snap!)

    secondly, i don't know how to use photoshop... i don't even have the program.. :(

  13. Argg!! the food so tempting...too bad I'm allergic to seafood

  14. >kenfucius>> guess what? i am allergic to certain seafood too!! mostly shellfish, eg: prawns, crabs, etc... it's called type 1 hypersensitivity.. but, i eat them anyway, HAHA!! coz I L-O-V-E SEAFOOD!!!! especially mussles in cheeseee!! they are the best!!! my secret? there's always anti-histamines (anti-allergy drugs)... but don't tell other people you learn it from me... i do not want others to think that i am teaching people how to abuse drugs, haha! =P

  15. I don't even know where Rasah IS :P

    Where do you even get anti-histamines in this country? :p

  16. >me!>>> Rasah is in Seremban, Negeri Sembilan, West Malaysia :)

    anti-histamine is an over the counter drug which you can get from any pharmacist.. it is usually used to treat running nose / rhinitis... some people however, 'abuse' them as allergy prophylaxis for seafood and such... haha! some anti-histamines may be sedative,... the new generations ones are non-sedative...

  17. Yes man, that Squid mihun in Blossom is the best one I've tried so far =))

  18. christina, yeap! it's the BEST!! and guess what? the aunty selling it is boon lee's aunt!! be she didn't give me any special discount lar... haha...


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