Thursday, October 23, 2008

~sudden realization~: COUNTDOWN: 19 weeks!!!

Today Prof Dr Shahril made me realized something: i have only 19 weeks more to Professional Exams. 19 WEEKS!!!!!! 19 weeks to Professional Examinations which will decide whether i shall grad med school or not... wow! time is running short.. have to buck up!! so much to revise in such little time...

1. Will spend more time in the wards, practice long and short cases
2. Will spend less time fei-fei-ing, lepaking, onlining, sleeping, etc...
3. Will be more motivated to study
4. Will manage time effectively (hopefully)
5. Will pray really hard...
6. Will locked the laptop in the cupboard (if necessary) to overcome addiction!!

sorry, if i spend less time on my blog.. (not that i want to neglect you)..


  1. Hey, so fast ady count down... haha

    No matter how, just Jia You lar...

    Professional u know.... pro ler..

    u can 1

  2. all the best!!! :)
    i'll miss reading ur blog..hehe!

  3. That is about 5 months but time really flies. Have a good study there

  4. thanks everyone for the wishes... i seriously need all the luck i can get :)

    19 weeks is short leh... i've got so much to cover.... have to compensate for all those past lazy days of mine.... :(

  5. hahaha... you can do it one laa.. if not you, who else?????

  6. HELL YEAH, dr. shahril the rheumatologist, u in int med now?

  7. >peanut>> :) everyone else.. exams can be insane...

    >yy> you know prof shahril?? he's very nice leh.. yeah, i'm in internal medicine...

  8. yo. good luck in your exam. happy study. hehe. where do you want your posting be?

  9. All the best babe :) You'll do well, I just know it :P

  10. well , lock and roll shinyin! after u fnz your exam u can blog like anytime u wan XD

  11. >magma3637>> thanks :)
    where do you want your posting be? --> you mean housemanship? there's a few options, still playing in my head..

    >brenda>> thanks :) i hope so too ^^

    >spectre>> you think locking laptop is easy? i think i'm still addicted :(


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