Wednesday, October 1, 2008

What are the meanings of your birthdate???

i was at Anita's blog, when i saw this, so, i thought, why not try it out:

Your Birthdate: October 10

You're very confident, and hardly anything ever shakes you. (really?)

Mundane tasks tend to drain you - you prefer to be making great plans. (since when?)

You are quite original. When people don't "get" you, it bothers you a lot. (hmm... maybe sometimes...)

Affection is like air for you - you need to give and receive it to survive.

You connect with others freely and easily - and you tend to have many best friends.

Warm and caring, it's hard for you to close your heart to anyone.

Your strength: Your ability to gain respect

Your weakness: Caring too much what others think

Your power color: Orange-red

Your power symbol: Letter X

Your power month: October (this is my power month!)

Click here to play: What Does Your Birth Date Mean?


Your Birthdate: October 10

You don't just believe in love at first sight - you've experienced it. (huh? when???)

You develop crushes pretty easily, but keeping your interest is another matter! (really?)

You are very prone to love - hate relationships. (haha!)

Number of True Loves You'll Have: 2 (i wonder how they calculate this!)
Number of Times You'll Have Your Heart Broken: 2
You are most compatible with people born on the 1st, 10th, 19th, and 28th of the month.

Click here to play: What Does Your Birth Date Mean For Your Love Life?

Your Life Path Number is 6

Your purpose in life is to help others (so, this is my purpose! *with great enthusiasm*)

You are very compassionate, and you offer comfort to those around you. (really??)

It pains you to see other people hurting, and you do all in your power to help them.

You take on responsibility, and don't mind personal sacrifice. You are the ultimate giver. (NO WAY!! then i mah very cham... don't want! =P)

In love, you offer warmth and protection to your partner.

You often give too much of yourself, and you rarely put your own needs first. (sien..)

Emotions tend to rule your decisions too much, especially when it comes to love. (got so emotional or not wor...)

And while taking care of people is great, make sure to give them room to grow on their own. (okay... will ignore everyone and let them grow =P)

Click here to play: What Is Your Life Path Number?

So yes, i have to confessed, i am a little anxious and reluctant about turning one year older in about 10 days time.

Makes one feel old. Really, I am going to be 24 and I have not yet achieve ANYTHING in life... still studying, and living off my parents' expenses. siGh... okay.. i shall not lament or sigh about this anymore... instead, life is beautiful, there’s so much to look forward to =) new resolutions, new experiences, new adventures... there’s always something new each day =)

gosh, time flies~


  1. I played the game and some interesting facts popped out.

  2. not yet achieve anything~ like also perli me onli... hehehehheehe.. joking joking.. soon lah.. somebody is joining me to be 24... =)

  3. >borneo falcon>> some interesting fact ei?? what did it said about you?

    >peanut>> yup.. not yet achieve anything.... yes, will be 24 soon.. and after next year, i'll start lying about my age.. haha!

  4. wah.. got set time to start lying about ur age summore. LOL.. den u need to pay me to sumbat my mouth! :X

  5. eh.. seriously i start to think ur friendster blog is way more interesting than here!


    Every personality has several facets, and it is false to believe that one can describe a character by only one qualifier. In fact, your personality leans on three major aspects : the Expression Number, the Intimate Number and the Desire Number.

    Expression Number

    This is the key value in Numerology. This number represents your potential of expression and contact ; it is also the image that you can give to others. You are free to use fully or partially this potential. It is a very important number to grasp the social behaviour of a person, to help her orientate herself in her professional life. When the potential of the Expression Number is not used fully, it's the sign of a certain instability that exists on the level of the Intimate Number. In this case, you must first stabilise and strengthen it's base (the Intimate Number), before being able to develop your natural qualities of expression. Also, the Expression Number allows the analysis of the possibilities of understanding between two people, to evaluate the type of possible relationship between them. This number is calculated by reducing the total of the Numerological values of all the letters of the full name given at birth. To refine this interpretation, it is useful to take the information from the Desire Number into account. In this way a number 1 or 8 Expression Number (naturally hard) will be softened by a Desire Number 2, 6, or 9.

    Jocelyn Shinyin Wu
    1635375 1895795 53 = 82 = 1

    You have the number 1 for Expression. Independent and ambitious personality.

    This vibration grants a very developed sense of self-affirmation. It is natural for you to be independent and even to proceed before others. You like to do things alone, in your own way or in leading others. This "egocentric" nature, if it is lived positively, can push you to increase your autonomy, your dynamism and thus your confidence. In such a case you will be seen as the strong, independent and autodidact (self-taught) individual (except if the Desire Number is 2 or 6 or if the Intimate Number is 2, 6, or 9). Someone of determination sometimes authoritarian but also loyal and generous. The pioneer capable of taking things in hand or putting new ideas into practice. If on the other hand, you live this number in a negative way, your natural egoism pushes you to think that you deserve the best, that others must make sacrifices for you. You could then feel jealousy for those who seem to have more than you (possessions, talent or luck).

    Whatever way you live this number, you have a lively mind and a certain force of character which sometimes transforms itself in obstinacy. You have ambition and perseverance for the areas which interest you. Your ability to conquer or impose your will (what ever the manner) on those around you, is, accompanied by your determination and sense of initiative, one of your great assets. But you have others : enthusiasm, courage, ambition and power at work. You appear to be creative, individual or a leader of opinion. Such images don't always provoke the admiration and attachment that you unconsciously look for. An incomprehension is absolutely possible. Sometimes you even feel unaccepted by those who are antagonised by your too individual and affirming functioning. But a fleeting isolation doesn't frighten you. Others must follow you. That's your point of view. If they don't it doesn't disturb you. Acknowledge that such an excess can make alliances quite difficult. From that time onwards you will have overcome the need to affirm yourself and situate yourself according to others, the expressions of willingness emanating from people with whom you collaborate will no longer constrict you. You will have reached the stage of individualism accomplished in the noble sense of the term.

    Shrewd for business and efficient in you achievements, you seem less at ease when it comes to sentiments or friendship. This is not because you are shy, but you are relatively hard and you like to affirm your authority or preserve your advantages. This doesn't always create an ideal climate for warm and spontaneous exchanges. Your partner will have to show her docility and tact first unless you consent to soften your attitude. Living with you will be easier when you have more confidence and you don't have the need to dominate others to affirm yourself. Then you will be pleasant, in full bloom, generous and passionate in love as well as in every day life. Ideally, this vibration carries the sense of originality, creativity, panache, the taste for conquests and the capacity to undertake them.

    Four types of excess are possible :

    impatience, irritability, bouts of anger.

    taste for domination, tendency to consider others as pawns, the use of pressure to get an advantage, harshness, coldness, excessive pride.

    Inclination for criticism and disparagement.

    egoism, demanding.

    Pretension and unscrupulous ambition are also very present with this number. But recognising these possible faults is the first step towards correcting them.

    Professional orientation

    As you have guessed, you excel in the professions or activities where you can express your originality, independence and your sense of organisation. The number 1 vibration favours leaders, bosses and the people who innovate or are capable of sorting things out alone. You will be at ease in your own business (you don't like to depend on others) or in driving the staff. Independent professions particularly suit you. Wives don't limit themselves to the status of housekeeper. They will certainly play a stimulating role for the affairs of the couple or will exercise a professional activity on their own. Note that the choice of a profession doesn't only depend on the Expression Number. This decision can also be linked to your Life Path, Desire Number or your Birthday Vibration.

    Hidden Root Number : For your information, this number stems from 82. A strong probability of personal success (often original) especially in the material area and socially thanks to dynamism, combativeness and a sense of organisation. Innate faculties of intuition, imagination, sensitivity and the concern for detail. Professional advancement thanks to a fruitful collaboration. Finances are favoured. Sometimes the success is linked to a sort of change of course, a renewal. Very positive.

    Desire Number

    The Desire Number corresponds to your deep motivations, to that which is important to you. It influences you in your choices and decisions even if you are not always conscious of it. This number is related to your deep emotions. Your Expression Number will be strongly tinted or shaded by your Desire Number. This vibration is calculated by reducing the sum of the vowels of your full name given at birth.

    Jocelyn Shinyin Wu
    6 5 7 9 79 3 = 46 = 1

    You have Desire Number 1. Your deep motivations lean towards independence, originality and innovation. You like praise, conquests and panache. You want to be first in command rather than having to obey. But you don't necessarily look to be the boss of others. What matters to you is to keep a certain independence even if it is within a collaboration. The 1 possesses a strong inner dynamism which pushes the person to put her ideas (quite original) into practice, to assert herself and privilege individual creations or big projects. You are not one who waits for the others or the events to carry you or decide for you. The ambition and desire for personal success characterise your taste and aspirations. You will be at ease in all independent and creative activities where you must take the initiative or manage a group. Don't forget that to fully express your role as leader, you must first evaluate the strength that you must have to develop in order to manage your projects well. This reflection before action will help you to generate this force with more accuracy. Generally, you don't appreciate the undermining of your desire for independence. If you feel in harmony with yourself, if you have no contradiction or hesitation inside then you will manifest a great confidence and an elevated feeling of your own importance. This will be very useful to succeed. However, be careful not to become egoistic. If your confidence was undermined during your youth, it is probable that you show resentment or a desire to rebel towards the end of your adolescence. This unconscious conflict will resolve itself from the moment that you cultivate your own independence and you stop centring your life on reactive antagonism. Be flexible ! Co-operation with others will then be able to happen serenely and you won't feel more inferior or dominated. Possible faults with this Desire Number : the systematic search for a dominant position, too demanding, pride, a mind that want to supervise everything or decide all the time.

    Hidden Root Number : For your information, this number stems from 46, which in the Tarot cards, symbolises "Six of Cups". Attraction, sensuality. Strong imagination, ability to seduce. Importance of the sentiments and the sensuality. But it can lead to errors in choosing a partner because the criterion for tenderness and warmth come before the compatibility of characters. Such unions are generally not favoured (dissatisfaction, disloyalty and often breaks). There is also an indication that you are mistaken about the honesty and sincerity of people, from where there will be certain disagreements. A certain lack of maturity, hesitations. If the 46 do not repeat the errors of the past and make sufficient efforts then the harvest will be good. The 46 must look forwards and stop clinging to the past or to unrealistic dreams.

    Intimate Number

    The Intimate Number, also known as the "the hidden self", is the unconscious base of your personality. It forms a little of the "keep" or the main tower of your castle. Through it you search for strength when you feel the need ; particularly in conflicting situations, each time you must confront an important problem or undertaking, when you are tense, tired or when your primordial interests are threatened. At such a time you will stop using the vibration of your Expression Number in order to lean exclusively on your Intimate Number. It is your way of reacting. The Intimate Number's vibration allows one to know the hidden character of the human being, to reveal the profound needs and to know reactions in cases of tension.

    All of your psychological structure rests on the Intimate Number ! Consequently, it is important that it's integrity is preserved from all attacks or the result will be nervousness, anguish and indecision. This number, that becomes significant in adulthood, is calculated by reducing the sum of the consonants of your full name given at birth.

    Jocelyn Shinyin Wu
    1 3 3 5 18 5 5 5 = 36 = 9

    Your Intimate Number is 9.

    Priority needs of 9 : A means to express sensitivity (artistic or humanistic), ideals and ideas. Doesn't appreciate rigour, harshness or coldness. A feeling of elevation is necessary for well-being.

    You need to feel that your base is made from humanism, ideal and that your behaviour is not egoistic, scheming or base. The feeling of participating towards making the world better is very important for you. It could be devoting yourself to others, helping them without an ulterior motive, investing you in an ideal (including technological progress if it is beneficial for the world). Your whole structure needs to experience the feeling of elevation and openness in order to be able to express yourself fully (see Expression Number). This latent impression of globalness and the presence of an ideal is necessary if you are to function well. If your ideals are criticised or your principles ridiculed, you will put up a great fight. In general, your mind prefers to be occupied with whole ideas rather than the details. Where others only perceive material aspects, you often glimpse great possibilities and you could be an enlightened rather than authoritarian leader. One could say that your are an idealist, generous, capable of compassion, tolerance and gifted with a great sensitivity.

    Although you don't particularly chase after material possessions, you seem to be equipped with a certain luck and generally disposed with a good standard of life, where you can exercise your generosity and natural altruism without having to concern yourself too much with material contingencies. Besides, you don't really like that which demands rigour and exactness (at work or for household), except if it links directly with your ideal. You lean on a base made up of a great sensitivity which you can use in different ways. This quality could be transformed into a real talent in one or more of these domains : music, the arts, writing, fashion, cooking (at a high level), inventions, exploration, new techniques, audio-visual, etc. Your sensitivity can also be expressed through a humanistic vocation. There is a healthy humility in you, perhaps due to your open-mindedness. You will be comfortable in all activities which allow you to reach a feeling of elevation, refinement and moral grandeur. Inertia, heaviness and monotony will be handicaps for you.

    However, too much sensitivity also has disadvantages. As long as you haven't acquired the indispensable maturity to overcome the hazards of life, you risk falling into the classic excesses of this vibration. You could easily be manipulated even if you don't recognise it. Your slightly extreme sensitivity can drive you to short-lived periods of apathy, pessimism and depression after phases of liveliness, joy and hectic activities. An excess of naivety and enthusiasm can sometimes lead you to commit some errors of appreciation which make room for a negative vision or give a bad image of yourself. If you are very annoyed or frustrated, you could become envious, vindictive, obstinate, bitter and even anarchistic. Egoism, pride and rejection of others are also possible excesses of the Intimate Number 9. These attitudes can be corrections following an openness or excessive generosity which don't bring the expected fruits. You help others willingly with the condition that you can preserve your identity, your elevated feeling and that you harvest a minimum of respect.

    In love, there is again this need to be open, the search for an ideal. Your profound base can make you fall passionately in love, but your quest for the ideal can mask the reality from you, which will emerge sooner or later. Then you risk being disappointed. You look for sympathy and proof of love from the one that you love and you know how to be generous in return. You appreciate non-conformist people who see far. You quest of the absolute can be a handicap for your sentimental happiness. Be less demanding.

    Hidden Root Number : For your information, this number stems from 36, which in the Tarot cards, symbolises "Ten of Wands". Professional success linked to personal merit. In relation with the artistic, financial or scientific areas too. Efforts are rewarded with advancement and often new responsibilities (prestige) in the professional area. A certain popularity is possible. Positive evolution after an uncertain period. Inspiration, creativity, open-mindedness, taste for the new and possible interesting discoveries which will be useful for the future. If there is a work, it will be a quality one. Voyages and the foreign are profitable for the 36, which often benefits from a lot of support or protection along it's path towards success.

    Life Path

    Your Life Path which is the reduced sum of your date of birth, gives an important indication on the type of events that you will be regularly confronted with, throughout your life. It isn't possible to skip school, the events always catch up with you, that's why in general one naturally adopts a style compatible with one's Life Path rather than going against the current. Numerology allows you to understand the nature of your route and the events likely to stimulate you. This will allow you to have the power to adopt the attitude that permits you to sail serenely on the sea of your life without capsizing or getting shaken about. A well-informed man is worth two.

    Note : The Life Path does not necessarily indicate the way in which you react when faced with the different situations in your life. In effect, your reaction is mostly based on your assets that are your Intimate number, Expression number and Desire number. The style that one can detect across the Life Path (and possibly your Destiny Number) defines rather your overall behaviour on the route that waits for you than your daily attitude (the character defined by your full name).

    10+10+1984 = 2004 = 6 (06)

    You have a Life Path 6. The route of responsibilities, conciliation, helpfulness and often of the aesthetics.

    Prepare yourself for a vast program of responsibilities in all areas. A strong destiny for your free-will with a lot of choices to make, if possible in a positive and ambitious way rather than with hesitation or discord. A destiny which can correspond to a rapid ascension towards an important position (with numerous responsibilities) in the social, financial, political or media areas. More commonly a principal family role. The master of the house (host, hostess) who harmonises, decides and reconciles. A flexible path of interpersonal harmonisation where it will be necessary to chose well your principal orientations of life and relational environment. The others important points of reference for this path will be the taste for beautiful things, love and a sense of helpfulness. You will live situations where marriage, the family and listening will play a big role. You will be brought to judge, to balance and to help. The number 6 path can also symbolise responsibilities seen as burdens or trials, an excessive perfectionism, a tendency to interfere in other peoples affairs. The lesson being to assume responsibility but not to overload yourself with them. Don't be too demanding with others, prove that you are harmonious enough to live a positive number 6 path.

    Famous people with a Life Path 6 : Albert Einstein, Agatha Christie, Laura Ashley, Nina Ricci, Albert Schweitzer (famous doctor in Africa), Charles De Gaulle, Björn Borg.

    P/s: Happy birthday!!

  7. >peanut>> haven't you heard before? that every girl stays 25 after 25? oh well..
    btw, i initially used friendster as my blog... but because it was difficult to upload pics, and because of its limited facilities, i gradually abandoned it and switched to blogspot. from your comment, it only concludes that, well, i USED to write more interesting things.. siGh...

  8. >Ray>> thanks for the wishes.. and the looonnggg personality prediction..
    erm.... can summarized ak? (hehe..)

    >Dann>> *High fives* which date of october are you? Happy Birthday DANN!!!

  9. >Ray>> i do not understand how the calculations work, except for life path (which adds up the birthdate).. and btw, my full name at birth was wu shinyin... jocelyn was later added on when some of my friends could not pronounce shinyin =P .... so ya, does that change all the predictions? =P

  10. erm.... it does make some difference... i think it must be your birth name or something like that but some books state that your nickname do play a role too... so I'm not really sure xD. Btw, it's called numerology. You can search it out from the internet :)

    I think if i were to explain the inner workings on the calculation, it might be too cumbersome to explain it here....

    But I so happen to have a software which could generate the predictions so i just copy and paste the results here. If you're interested, you can always grab it from me anytime. :)

  11. P/s: do u still want me to generate the result for your birth name without Jocelyn? Or maybe I'll just pass you the results when you're online or something as there are actually much more into it than what I've copied previously. xD

  12. it's okay Ray.. i quit believing in horoscopes and predictions a lot time ago... it was just me, feeling bored and surfing around... thanks anyway... =)

  13. hahaha.. well.. maybe u r in final year now so it is a bit hard to write 'interesting' stuffs.. the 'interesting' stuffs are always those first time.. LOL.. nice to read, spent quite long time reading...

    today no mood to study laaaaaa.. getting lazy for 2 days already.. chammmmmmzzzz

  14. Since u posted someth ab ur b'day..then i also wish u 'HAPPY ADVANCED BIRTHDAY,HONEY'...btw,do tell us the name of the fragrance u wan asap or else prepare to receive malai po smell bah!!wakaka...n we would like to book ur time on thursday nite and probably friday as well!DONT go out with anyone else(like wat happened last year,sigh...)LOL!!

  15. >peanut>> haha! so, i'm running out of first times to blog about... but there's always something interesting at the hospital.. but i guess it's the hectic schedule.... sometimes, one do feel like detaching oneself from the hospital life every once in a while... oh well...
    p/s: cannot so lazy one... go, go, go study!!

    >dann>> oh good!! that's just 3 days away!! HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY DANN!

    >cheryl>> yes, honeyyy ^^ ... you'll have me for thurs & fri nite.. ^^ and i'll tell you the fragrance by tml ya ^^ nitezzz...

  16. Yea happy birthday.. anyway if you're bored I'll post a pic.. I'm deciding whether to see a doc about it or not, but anyway I might as well ask you before I do anything, will post a pic up at a blog or picture hosting site and post a link to it, if you could help me figure out what the problem is, that would be great :)

  17. >brenda>> thanks for the early wishes..

    >DN>> thanks for the wishes... you go ahead and post your picture, and describe you problem,.. i'll try to help as much as possible... i do advice to seek medical consultation for medical problems, where a more detailed history and physical examination can be done..


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