Thursday, October 30, 2008

Prof Muhaya's motivational talk

This morning, Prof Dr Muhaya gave another one of her motivational talks.. According to her, the KEY to everlasting happiness is to eliminate 3 things from your life:
1. complains (eg: i hate this/that, so many problems, who's fault is it?)
2. blame (eg: it's all your fault! his/her fault! the government's fault!!!)
3. shame (eg: it's all my fault)
REMOVE all those negative thoughts!!!

the happiness in Dr Muhaya is overflowing,... i hoped i could just stick next to her and absorb her happiness through osmosis :)

a little history about Prof Muhaya....
1. top student in UKM medical faculty
2. got married at first year of medical school
(when the dean discourage her from getting married, she replied, it's okay, i can cope, i am still the top student anyway)
3. remained top student after marriage
4. got pregnant at 2nd year of medical school
5. remained top student in UKM
6. delivered baby at 3rd year of medical school
7. still coping well between family and studies
8. graduate with honors and best student award
9. get pregnant AGAIN!
10. did postgrad program, specialized in opthalmology
11. did research and published journals & books
12. awarded the Professor title
13. awarded the 'Datuk' title
14. turned down the 'Datuk' title to jaga hati her husband
15. actively giving motivational talks to students and the public

isn't that impressive?? Prof Muhaya is so highly motivated and self-driven... i really don't know how she managed, but she did it!!

oh yes, i've just came back from an Interfaith Forem in HUKM auditorium. It is impressive to have different religion (namely, the Catholic, Hindus, Buddhist and Muslim) gathering in one hall, sharing their beliefs... but ethical issues like contraception, abortion, euthanasia, and death itself, there is no end in debating...

by the way, i'm looking forward to celebrating Halloween at TGI tomorrow... Happy Halloween!!

*shinyin haunting you this Halloween*~


  1. Prof Muhaya definitely has a great resume. I can't believe it at first glance at what she had achieved.

  2. Cool, this is the 1st I heard in Malaysia.

    Its definitely a coolest story I ever heard.

    I admire her now, wahahaha

  3. >>>borneo falcon, indeed, what she had achieved is very impressive.. if you watched Malaysia Pagi Ini, sometimes she appears in one of those live health forums..

    >>>shawnn loo, yeah.. i admired her too.. ^^

  4. Celebrating Halloween at TGI huh? Btw, your pics looks a little bit spooky~

  5. well, that's the plan Brenda.. spooky? i thought it was artistic... anyway, some of my friends who had to close the picture box on msn because they claimed that the pic was too creepy.. haha! =P

  6. i have listened to her motivation talk too. very interesting and i'm so impressed with her resume!

  7. married and get top student samo..deliver baby and top student..omg..

  8. >reyene, you have listened to her before?? when? yup! she has a very impressive history... i seriously have no idea how she managed!

    >cg, yeah,.. you got the omg right...

  9. yes i had. she was a speaker for an international forum organized by the women ministry last week.

  10. >renaye, wow, the speaker of an international forum giving us a ophthalmology lecture in our small classroom.. i guess sometimes, ukm students never realize how lucky they were...


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