Monday, October 20, 2008

The Best Curry Laksa : Asia Laksa

Today, i would like to introduce one of the famous food in
Seremban, Negeri Sembilan - Asia Laksa
Place: Restaurant Asia
Food : Best Curry Laksa in the world!
Location : Rahang Garden, Seremban. (opposite Rahang Post Office)
Branch : Senawang
Price : RM 3.00 (s) RM 3.50 (m) RM 3.80 (b)

The other day, I went to Asia Laksa with my highschool zhi mui, Audrey and Boon Lee.
Just in case i forgotten to mention earlier, i came from Seremban.
I spend the second half of my childhood life here,
and grew up enjoying Asia Laksa.

Good service with a smile~ that's the friendly aunty waving at my friend, Boon Lee..
The Stall
Fair cleanliness and Fair price

Awaiting the best curry laksa in the world!!
(or at least that's what i think)
Audrey's father, Uncle Aloysius would usually bring his own personal
box of parsley leaves and onions when eating in Asia Laksa.

Finally!! 3 delicious bowls of curry laksa! =)
The laksa is served with :
eggs, chicken, shellfish, beancurd (tau hu pok).
The think coconut milk makes this laksa taste extra good,
together with its smooth texture,
aromatic curry smell.
The burst of curry taste with every 'tau hu pok',
Makes me misses Seremban all over again!

*blink* *blink*

The next time you happened to head down to Seremban, do not forget to stop by Asia Laksa!


  1. A lot of ingredients goes into that dish and the price is unbelievable

  2. really cheap wey..the BIG one is less than

  3. oooooh... sounds very good! will keep that in mind if i were chill at seremban :)

  4. i still prefer the laksa at kemayan square lor .. with peanuts one .. yum.. damn long never eat that ady!!! ... sigh.

  5. what kind of laksa is that? doesn't look like laksa johor.

  6. >Yatz>> really so cheap? how much does an average curry laksa usually cost?

    >khek>> yes, you MUST try Asia Laksa! it's the best!! =)

    >sukteng>> i personally prefer Asia Laksa.. the one at kemayan sq is okay for me only, maybe it's because i dont really take peanuts... haha! very long we didn't go there liao weh!

    >renaye>> i only know of 2 types of laksa:
    1. curry laksa
    2. asam laksa
    this is the formal curry laksa.. how's the laksa in Johor? i nvr try b4...

  7. Cheap! And what a huge chunk of chicken! I don;t mind this kind of curry laksa...but not the Penang laksa. Sarawak laksa's the best! LOL!!!

  8. >stp>> haha! you should try this the next time you visit West Malaysia =)

  9. Seems really nice, but there're actually curry mee la!

  10. >brenda>> yes, it's curry mee.. but it's also known as curry laksa in Seremban ^^ from what i understand, most people from the north refer laksa to the asam laksa of penang...

  11. Yea, the northern folks refer laksa as asam laksa :) And prawn mee as Hokkien mee, rojak as pasembur and so on, lol :) But who really cares about the naming anyway :)

  12. how interesting~~ and confusing all at the same time.. haha! yeah, who cares bout names anyway :)

  13. heh.. brenda is indeed quite the penangite perhaps?

    the naming is VERY confusing for a penangite if he/she comes to KL for the first time indeed..

    not to mention, if u happen to come from penang, food from every where else.. would err.. suck. hehe :D

  14. This Asia Laksa got another shop in Senawang Industrial Area.

    The laksa there is more thicker and the taste more ... and more...
    compare to this shop.

  15. >khek>> penang food is nice, bit a little overpriced..

    >yoke huey>> YUP!! there's another branch in Senawang.. i personally find the soup too thick for my liking... hehe...(the santan super thick wehh..) but it's very famous too, and some might prefer it to this...

  16. well not to say any curry laksa but i think u could hardly find any noodles serve in large portion comes less than RM4 nowadays..

  17. hey..i been there, but it was few years back.,haha

  18. >yatz>> quite true, especially in KL.. food are getting more expensive... especially since the fuel price hike... food stalls raised their price... but when the fuel price came down, food prices still remained...

    >sine nomine>> it was good right? i had to have asia laksa when back in seremban! ^^


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