Thursday, October 9, 2008

Best Pan Mee in the World!

Like i have said, yesterday, i was happy because i ate the best pan mee in the world!! (self declared~) I do not plan to start a food blog, but good things should be shared, right? So, here you go...

Yesterday was not my first time here... (you may skip this 1st paragraph if you do not know Cheras area) my internet modem was spoil for the past few days, so I got directions to TM office in Maxis Tmn Segar. My sense of direction is like super bad, but the worse thing was, i had been given wrong directions, and a poorly drawn map.. the 20+ year old TMnet guy said that the place is after a 'very big mamak store'.. it was later on, when i arrived there that i realized that the 'very big mamak store' he was referring to was Steven's Corner! i think it is a serious offence for a 20+year old guy to call Steven's Corner a 'very big mamak store'.. come on, it's Steven's Corner!! he could have just mentioned Steven's Corner, and i might not even need directions! ~faint~

Anyway, this store is opposite Steven's Corner and the Police Station, a 3 storey corner shop lot.. and this restaurant had only 2 dishes on their menu : kuan loh pan mee (dried noodles) and cheng tong pan mee (soup noodles). They also had only one standard size serving. I guess this saved them a lot of trouble when taking orders.

Behold, the best pan mee!

This is the dried pan mee. If you are a chili-lover, this is a must have because this pan mee is served with Kin Kin Restaurant's famous fried chilies!! My friend, Suk Teng recommended this 3 step technique to eat this pan mee:

1. Firstly, put generous amount of fried chilies (yellow arrow), depending on your taste buds threshold to spiciness.

2. Secondly, break the semisolid egg yolk.

3. Lastly, mix them well!

TA-DA!! you got yourself a bowl of really tasty pan mee!! (My friend Cheryl did the mixing here, as somehow, her end product looked nicer than mine :P) The texture of the noodles is much finer than the regular pan mee. The smooth shiny coatings melts in your mouth...

Hope you will enjoy this pan mee!

Place: Restaurant Kin Kin
Food : Best Pan Mee in the world! (comes with a bowl of soup and fried dry chillies)
Location : Taman Sri Kencana, Cheras (opposite Steven's Corner and the Police Station)
Price : RM 5.30

(some might argue that the serving size is too small and it is overprice, but seriously, what you pay is what you get!)


  1. I like the soup one though. Funny your definition of "pan mee" and mine are different. I always thought "pan mee" was the flattish sort of noodles, the ones with a clear soup :)

  2. well..chilli pan mee is nice but not this 1..the service is damn bad and they are actually NOT the real branch outlet of Kin Kin..if u wanna try the good chilli pan mee..head down to kl..

    now i dun mind to bring u go if u want to..i'm craving for it alredy :D

  3. i had 1 at jalan sultan ismail there..quite similar i think..v nice..i duno is da branch or wat..haha..since i abit lot sense of direction in kl...can try out wat yatz said..he is da pro here..haha

  4. eh? kin kin restaurant? isn't that the name of the famous pan mee restaurant in chow kit area off jalan TAR? plus the pan mee just looks the same.

    Could it be... their branch in Cheras? lolz!!

    (even if u try googling, u'll end up getting the kin kin restaurant in chow kit. :P)

  5. >borneo falcon>> yes, it's good~

    >DN>> pan mee comes in many sizes, got long flat ones, round ones, pieces one (min fun koh), and even nicely cut square ones (found at tmn counought).. and they are served either dried (kun lou) or in soup... i personally preferred the dried ones :)

    >yatz>> WOW! you've tried pan mee EVERYWHERE!! you must be such a big fan of pan mee! are you saying the super kitchen pan mee is better than kin kin? would loved to try it someday

    >zachary>> *added it to the must-try-food-list*

    >cg>> indeed, yatz is like a pan mee addict! or rather pan mee pro!

    >yee ming>> yes, it's the stall near our KCKL campus.. the taste is the same, minus the crowd, the queue and the hot environment.. and the cheras branch is so convenient for us here at HUKM =)

  6. yup... agreed with yatz. The original ones in KL was nicer (though cost around the same) + great meatballs too!

  7. i love to eat pan mee too. But sabah 's pan mee is different with urs one !! Next time i will post a the pan mee too.

  8. oooh..u are in HUKM huh..i'm from UCSI only..quite

    but anyway..the shops at Jalan TAR of Kin Kin and Super Kitchen tasted 99.5% the same, just that Super Kitchen is air-conditioned and Kin Kin is it's much more comfortable there..

    i used to eat at Super Kitchen every Fri even though i stay in Cheras, go all the way to jalan TAR just for that pan mee..

  9. good good... u should make a list and open a small label under 'food log' so that next time i see u i can pau u to bring me around. LOL

  10. > ray>> you all make me feel like what i ate was not original :( but it was delicious lah!

    >sabahking>> do you mean like Kam Pua found in Sarawak? or another type of Sabah pan mee? tell me more bout it... or even better, go blog about it :)

    >yatz>> oh, you are fr UCSI.. Kin Kin in Cheras (shown in picture) is air-conditioned if i am not mistaken :) why go so far wor...

    >peanut>> sure... i should blog more bout food.. p/s: have you just realized that you just ask a person with no sense of directions to bring you around to eat?? haha! i don't mind bringing you, if you don't mind getting lost, haha!

  11. *gulp* *swallows uncontrolled saliva secretion*

  12. nvm.. sometime getting lost here and there can discover new things also. LOL

  13. pan mee in the world ler..then I sud go and try liao..haha

  14. >wicrap>> haha! you were in cephalic phase liaoo... ^^

    >peanut>> sounds very adventures.. =)

    >irenelim>> yes, you should try it :)


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