Friday, October 10, 2008

Ballade Pour Adeline

i am happy because my so-called super sarcastic supervisor, Dr Halim, was in a super good mood today and he complemented my presentation at ward rounds, (yeay! i feel so motivated all over again!!)
i am happy because i did a few short cases today and managed to pick up the findings,
i am happy because i managed to examine Xin Hau at Paeds ward (after some persuasion and play) while he did not let other dr do so,
i am happy because my patient is fit for discharge today,
i am happy because i received so many happy wishes today,
i am happy that we had a great celebration at look-out-point last night (thanks to my housemates and friends who planned it!)
i am happy to receive gifts! (birthdays are the best!!)
i am happy because i shall be going out to meet my zhimuis... (just like old times)

and now, i am happy to share one of my personal favourite song with you... (no, it is not a birthday song)... hope you liked it too!
Ballade Pour Adeline (composed by Paul de Senneville and made famous by Richard Clayderman)

thank you all for the birthday wishes and more~ =)


  1. hahahha.. luckily my reminder pop up with ur name.. but u blogged about it so early d..

    happy birthday!!!! dun study d laa.. go out and 'free' urself for a day..

  2. Happy birthday again!
    Thanks for posting the song up! I've been looking for the name of the piano piece for ages! It sure brings back lots of memories...

    I remember that this piano piece was what got me so interested in piano when I was young. But too bad I did not have the opportunity to learn the instrument as my family was in a difficult financial crisis so I weren't able to express my interest to my parents about it.

    I remember hearing my neighbour playing it and I was in awe. Oh... and also I remember this piece was played on tv last time whereby he was fully dressed in white like a guardian angel!!!

  3. Happy birthday!!! Sorry, im a day late. Im no where near my pc until now. Happy belated birthday.

  4. >bingwui, thanks for the wishes.. and i am not studying la.. oh please! how can i be studying on my birthday? it's just wrong! =P

    >thanks ray, glad to hear that you liked this song too ^^

    >thanks dann.. you were just 25minutes too late!! (haha... couldn't help noticing the time~)

  5. Just got home, i admit its im late. But still, HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!!! May loads of happiness filled your calendars, packed with endless joy and laughter.

    Suddenly im reminded by the song from MLTR, 25 minutes. 25 minutes too late. LOL.

  6. >dann>> seriously, if you noticed the time you post, it was 12:25:00AM MYT which co-incidently was 25 minutes too late.... =P haha! thanks for the wishes!

  7. Wah!!so many hapy thgd happen in such a hort period!!
    Giv me some of ur happy momment lah!!!

  8. just use the ' i-am-happy-today-because-(fill in the blanks)' theory... :)

  9. lol i used to play that clayderman song when i was learning piano when i was a kid... still remember the tune!

  10. Happy Belated Birthday
    and continue to stay happy :)

  11. hope u accept belated wishes..
    study hard play hard

  12. hei ya, my favourite song too!!!!! never fail to immerse myself into it.... since I was 15 years old when i first heard this song.

    yer, belated wishes to you also... haha

  13. Haha, there goes your I'm happy post again :)

  14. >simon>> it's nice being a kid again..

    >chen>> thanks for the wishes :)

    >wicrap>> of course i accept belated wishes! i accept belated gifts also... hehe ^^

    >yy ong ltr>> thanks... yes, this is a nice song..

    >breada>> haha! yes.. this was another 'happy' post... i should label them as happy...

  15. why am i a girl?
    if i am a guy, or if the one playing is a guy, i'll totally fall in love with myself... haha... just ranting... missing home so very much.. siGh... i want to play~


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