Sunday, August 3, 2008

Peadiatric Day 1

I wanted to write about something of a brighter tone, something motivational, I had been blogging so much sad stories, my readers must be getting depressed as they read on... but somehow, I realized, the hospitals are full of sad stories. Stories that challenged your emotions as you try to put on a brave professional upfront.

Peadiatrics was fun! is fun! The kids especially, as they looked into your eyes saying, ‘Jie, play with me’... smiling at you, innocently, genuinely, the baby lived in his fantasy world,.. I loved doing DA with them! (DA=Developmental Assessment, as series of games which can estimate whether a child’s development is delayed). Every baby is unique.. but behind those smiles, hid a story...

Last month, I’ve seen an abandoned baby, then an abandoned schizophrenia patient, and this week, an abandoned child, and later even more sad stories..

Sulaiman, a 54 weeks old boy, delivered at home via spontaneous vertex delivery. He was delivered at home and his Indonesian mother later brought him to the hospital, left him there, and ran away. He was premature, ill, and abandoned with the doctors were resuscitating him... yes, his mother left him while he was still crying, in respiratory distress.

He was intubated and ventilated. The first few days were miserable, the subsequent days weren’t any better. He suffered from multiple problems: chronic lung disease, retinopathy of prematurity on the right eye(leading to blindness), and bilateral severe sensory neural hearing loss (deaf on both ears), GERD, delayed developmental milestones, poor growth and worse of all, suffered from a life without a family.

My friends and I bought him some toys the other day. While other kids had overflowing toys, Sulaiman had none. Dr Juriza said that he lived in an environment deprived of stimulus. The doctor wanted to offer him the benefit of Cochlear Implants, but it would be difficult for him as rehabilitation, which is very important, is difficult for this patient. Sad, isn’t it? He will be transferred to Tunku Ampuan Hajihah Homes. I hope that his life would be better there.

.....praying that he would be nurtured into a big strong tree.....


  1. Hey... just dropping by...

    Yeah... social and family support are always important in rehabilitation....

    I'm in healthcare line as well. I'm an occupational therapist. Nice to meet you here!

    All the best to the little boy. =)

  2. I thought you have written in your intro there that you're going to write something inspirational as compared to depressed stories previous...? But it seemed that I have read another sad story again.

    You taught me something important-Appreciation.

  3. xL, nice to meet you too =)
    OT (occupational therapy) had played such a major role in helping patients regained a good quality of life... sometimes, this aspect is neglected, OT takes time, but it can make such a great difference..
    xL, keep up the good work!

  4. a@ron, if something happy happen to me this week, i'll blog about it =)

  5. Make sure you drop a message in my blog so that I can update on u ya?!

  6. I used to work as Medical Officer in Peadiatric Department. The kids can't tell you what is the problems. They can only cry and shout. That's why some people don't like to be posted to peadiatric department. Actually, the kids never tell lies. They are happy even if you give them a smile or hug. They are very simple.

    Enjoy your time in peadiatrics department.

  7. yes, it feels good to be around kids.. they never lies... and it's nice to see the sad sick kid, after nursed in the hospital, got discharged well with a smiling happy face =)

    and i loved doing DA! the kids are adorable!!


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