Monday, August 4, 2008

I nearly got run down by a car today

I reformatted my laptop today,
It was easier than I expected, (credits to MK who taught me how)
The sun was good,
And so, I went jogging,
To celebrate the recovery of my left foot,
I guess we never realize or appreciate what we have
-until we lost it,
It still hurts a little, but it is okay,
I cannot see the finishing line,
I was sure whether is there a finishing line,
But I ran as fast as I could,
Running past so much, I could not be bother to notice,
Running hard, Running straight,
As if there were some reward at the end of the race,
My foot hurts,
I had to keep running, keep pushing further,
To squeeze that tiny bit of endorphins,
And I doubted the research on exercise releasing endorphins.
Thoughts clouded my mind,
I recited this as I ran,
Flashes of memory replayed in my head,
I was numbed, I hoped to be numbed.
Numbed is a good protective mechanism.
I needed to be numbed.
Oh, and if you were wondering about the title,
This was the part where I was nearly hit by a car,
I blamed my ipod for that,
Or rather it was me,
Holding on to something that did not exist.
The sun sets, signaling me to get home,
I was running a losing race,
And yet, here I am, still running,
A NEW BEGINNING – I said to myself,
I reformatted my life, when I reformatted my PC today.
Tomorrow is waiting.


  1. u know the title is suppose to be the MAIN POINT of your blog entry. and your title had very little to do with your whole story u know?

  2. yeah, i know...
    i was distracted and disorganized that day... so, the whole blog entry was disorganized too, hence even the title doesn't really fit..
    and that was, btw, the main point, i NEED to stay focus... siGh...

    i didn't want to elaborate on tyres screeching and honking cars, i was walking through the on-going green lights and didn't know what was i thinking..

    p/s: please don't change my title like what Pn Chu Lai Lin did to that junior.. sometimes, writers just wanted it to be that way.. =P

  3. perhaps you should take some time off during the weekends? Something must be bothering you when you were walking by.

  4. weekends?
    i'm oncall again this weekend, and that's 3 weekends in a row :( wawa~~ i missed home~

  5. oh... i see.... *gives a pat on the back*


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