Monday, August 25, 2008

i see Christmas and it's giving me a headache :(

i needed a new pair of glasses.

The one i bought from A-Look last year, somehow had part of its multicoat removed, and when wearing it, you can actually see Christmas! seriously, there was like an imaginary fog in front of you and you can't seemed to wipe it off... super irritating! (i wanted to show it to you, but being a blogger without a camera, you can only imagine it...) -it's like having the world map craved on your glasses, streaks of tiger skin marks, and it was so obvious that my friend sitting across the table at the library could see it too! and the Christmas, it was giving me a headache...

Anyway, that's not the main point. Well, i wanted Hoya lens (somehow, i only trusted Hoya, i had been using Hoya lenses all this while, and i never had problems with them, so ya..) but A-Look recommended this "especially individually made" lens which was suppose to suit my frames better, and being a naive consumer, i fell for it. End up with a lens which 'uncoats' itself within less than a year... maybe i should go back to ALook, consumer's right, isn't it?

and i can't wear contacts all day (and night), too tiring for the eyes... and i was taught that we should not wear contacts more than 12 hours a day... although the Bausch & Lombs Softlens which i used claimed to be able to 'last up to 7 days of continues wear', i don't think i would want to expose myself to the risk of eye irritation, keratitis or even corneal ulceration... and besides, glasses makes one look smarter... so ya, i needed new glasses...

so, i decided to get a new pair of specs at Optical 88. i told the girl i wanted Hoya lens, 16% thining, 1.67 aspherical. And guess what? the lens and frames(rimless frames) cost RM790!! (wtf!) that's like half the price of Lasik surgery!! wow! maybe it's about time to consider Lasik...

moral of the story: if you have high refractive error plus astigmatism, NEVER believe those 99, 169 or 199 promotions! :P

p/s: btw, i am NOT hallucinating weh!


  1. hey , u got ur glasses ady or not? if not wait for me ! i want to get a new pair of sunglassesssss..

  2. pong, i am seeing christmas... how long do you want me to wait? ==

  3. Eh, why not try it in Sban?? I tot got good shops there?? hm..

  4. christina, hmm.. i know of KF Lam, the optometrist who is quite good... but if i go back seremban this weekend, i can only collect my specs after few days, and i'll be in teluk intan for the next 2 weeks, plus 1 week exam week.. so, theoratically, that's 4 weeks (1+2+1) , or 1 month of christmas! wow!!

  5. wow.. that's superbly expensive! I've never wear contact lenses b4 btw.. I'm afraid just by looking at how ppl wear them. LOL

    Yah, maybe you should consider LASIK.

    Been wearing the same specs since sec school. My degree of astigmatism seem to have stop raising. Real glad for that.. used to chage it almost every year last time. Wonder why my eyes are so weak... :(
    But I read somewhere b4 that Asians, especially Chinese have the highest percentage of astigmatism - up to 50% of the population! I guess we're sort of included into the 50%? XD

  6. keong, RM790 was the price of the glasses... contacts were much cheaper, about RM240 for 6 pairs for toric lens.. which is about RM40 per month(monthly lens).

    but for a person who uses both glasses and lens (like me), i changed my glasses yearly.. meaning, mathematically, i had to spend RM790 +RM 240+RM240 per year (not including lens solutions)... wow!! maybe i really SHOULD consider Lasik!! but nothing is without it's side effects.. having to resist myself from rubbing my eyes and having 1 month of disturbed sleep... to drop antibiotic drops on a hourly basis.. kinda troublesome...

  7. yeap.. the glasses. I know that. hehe

    well.. since you spend that amount yearly, might as well go for LASIK.
    You can still wear a dummy spec for professionalism's sake. Looks more convincing.. :)

  8. that means u got already ah?? if not this friday we go buy glasses lar

  9. Yeah, a good quality pair of glasses is pricey. The glasses i'm wearing is RM 800+ too :)

    LASIK is not 100% safe. There are related complications...

  10. keong> a dummy specs? hehe..

    pong> yeah, i went surveying again today... got mine! but have to book and wait, sigh... but i can still teman you go buy sun shades ^^ i may be going home this weekend...

    chen> yes, good lens is pricey :(
    nothing is 100% safe,... ^^

  11. indeed it is... it depends on the degree.. especially once you have astigmatism (san kong).... my astig was over 200, so that's pretty bad :(

  12. good lens r cost like tat de lar....
    i also wish to change my spec...
    but since it is perfectly well till now.....
    maybe change after grad guah....
    wanna see ur new spec...
    wat color n pattern o?


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