Friday, August 15, 2008

i need anti-laziness

i have a case write up due tomorrow...
yet, i feel so lazy.....
i have an exam by the corner,
yet, i feel so lazy.....
i feel lazy even to blog....
lazy, lazy, lazy....
just darn lazy...
and i wonder,
is lazyness contagious?
it must have been,
if reading this made you feel lazy too...

i need anti-laziness....


  1. Wah, my exam is around the corner too.... If laziness is infectious, then we die together d, hehehehe!!


  2. i dont feel lazy...
    i feel like smacking you with a book & making you study it!

  3. laziness is indeed contagious
    cos i feel lazy after reading this post. Hehehee

  4. christina, yeah, if this continues, we can seriously die together... :( haha! all da best ya! you'll make it despite the whatever degree of laziness... :)

    >ah^kam_koko'>> you talk exactly like a teacher!! haha! should treat your students with patience and love :)

    >chen>> laziness gets into you, huh? haha! we shall search for that anti-laziness!! :P can make huge $$$ if succeed... earning money of others laziness... haha!

  5. Gosh now i know where my laziness came from..u must be very contagious la ha..must isolate ur laziness and quarantine it!^^

    My exam is also around the corner..let's study hard together=)

    Ohya and if you really like the song, give me ur msn then i'll send the mp3 to you?=)

  6. > darren>> actually, i was hoping that you could invent some kinda vaccination against it... and all i have to do is get a jab and i'll be IMMUNE to LAZZINESS!! hoho~~

    MO still have exams? ^^

  7. i just dun like to see myself as lazy..*self denial* haha i like to think i procrastinate a lot! hehehe

    p/s u knw this ah kam koko??haha he's everywhere. a blog reader he is hehehe


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