Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another bad luck season? CHOYYY! -Touch Wood!

This had been a super unlucky season for me lately:
1. Sprainted my left foot and had to tolerate the whole week of ward rounds and clinics
2. My handphone memory card is spoilt
3. My printer head is spoint - with gaps between words
4. My pc seemed to be very slow, often got hanged and seemed infected with viruses - need to reformat and install a new antivirus
5. Lost my camera (how to survive without a camera/ functioning camera phone?)
6. My watch stopped in the middle of a short case presentation, while counting pulse rates, while my lecturer stared back in disbelieve (seriously! and this was the 2nd time)
7. Friends around me had unlucky events too: stolen laptops, handphones, wallets, (note the 's'), even car tyres!! ...etc..

i NEED to turn my luck around... what happened to my good luck? have i depleted them??? hmm... tell me, what works best??? a lucky coin? a feng shui spinning luck bamboo tree? a lucky fan? Four clover leaf? Not a rabbit foot, please… or maybe i'll need to pray really hard at some super powerful temple???

hmm.. maybe i am just not in luck with electronic devices lately...

....siGh... will things ever get better?

A four clover leaf

A shiny horseshoe

A Daruma-san- A famous Japanese egg-shaped good-luck doll,with a fierce face and blank eyes.

A fengshui lucky bamboo tree - the turning bamboo branches were said to be able to turn the bad luck into good luck and fortune

p/s: Perhaps, i should learn to count my blessings:
1. I AM LUCKY that although i sprainted my left foot, i am still able walk and attend ward rounds and clinics
2. I AM LUCKY that the phone is still functioning and i just need a new memory card
3. I AM LUCKY that only my printer head is spoint which is repairable, hopefully
4. I AM LUCKY that reformating and reinstalling a new antivirus can save my laptop
5. I AM LUCKY that i can get a new camera with a better night mode and vibration resistent function? (no money la!)
6. I AM LUCKY that i can get a new watch? (again, $$)


  1. Surround yourself with good vibes and good things will happen. :)
    And if all else fail, red underwear. LOL :D

  2. there will be sunshine after rain... =)

  3. thanks everyone ^^
    so, let me see, from the suggestions, i should be looking for the sunshine and a red underwear? *wink*

  4. Red underwear? woo..wuahaha

    Well wanted to somethin to console you..but couldn't tahan to laugh when saw what you wrote lolz

    I guess after all the small bad lucks, ONE HUGE GOOD LUCK is cheer up!=)


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