Saturday, August 30, 2008


Dear friends,

I shall be away in Teluk Intan Hospital, Perak for the next 2 weeks, leaving on Monday (Merdeka Day) and will be having my peadiatric exams on the week after that. Yesss, the super-boring place, Teluk Intan.. the last time I was there was 2 months ago.

you can read my experience in teluk intan here..

Anyway, I shall not be online for a while. But, I shall keep writing… for a writer never stops.. I shall keep you all updated when I am back. Looking forward for something nice~ will be missing all of you...

p/s: busy packing now... thanks to Im Sing who helped me with my checkList for Teluk Intan..

1. Clothes : formal clothes,casual clothes, pajamas, socks, towel (basics)
2. White coat, stethoscope, tendon hammer (need to remamber to pack my brains too)
3. Blanket, bed sheet, pillows (yes, i need my blanky...)
4. Footwear: Shoes, sandals
5. Toiletries: shampoo, tooth brush/paste, skin care, comb and hair care products
6. Mirror (important)
7. Medications (very important)
8. Books : medical , leisure (sigh... study, study, study... exams never ends)
9. Stationeries
10. My life (Laptop), external hard disc (the only things to keep me alive)
11. Chargers – laptop, cellphone, pda, ipod (things are useless without its charger)
12. Umbrella (sediakan payung sebelum hujan)
13. Food & drink , breakfast: Dutchlady chocolate milk
14. Dining utensils, drinking bottle
15. Ipod
16. Tissue paper
17. Pail, Dynamo, brush (i shall miss my washing machine, a lot! sigh...)
18. Hangers
19. Money, cellphone
20. Mosquitoes repellent (i hate mozzies)
21. Extension wire

-anything i missed? :)


  1. Hospital attachment is very sien. Always kena scold by doctor (and senior pharmacist).

    Anyway, I think u left out a few important items.
    - No bring IC?
    - how about ATM card/credit card?
    - item no7.. medications.. no need bring lar.. bring one pharmacist there can dy.. bring me!

    HeHe.. Pediatric suppose to be one of the best part of training.

  2. Have a nice trip. Hope to see you when you back

  3. >hp84>> i don't usually see doctors scolding pharmacist around here... they sort of consult each other, like in a very professional way... however, it's usually the medical students who gets the scolding... sigh..

    sure, how can i pack you in my suitcase? ^^

    >borneo falcom>> thanks :) see ya... will be missing your blogs..

  4. lol teluk intan sure got horde cybercafe should u need to log into web!

  5. Have fun! Teluk Intan's a nice place, I'm sure...That's where the leaning tower is, right?...Everywhere you go, everything you do is a learning experience. Look at it in a positive light and everything will be fine! Good luck!

  6. >spectre>>> i hope i can find s place, with fast net access and nice ambience.. i don't like the regular cc which are too noisy and smoky... and some darn ex..
    then again, life would be too tiring to drive to a cc..

    >suituapui>> yes, there's the infamous leaning tower.. when up once.... seriously 'senget'... thanks for the motivation.... i hope that i would learn to enjoy the place ^^ after all, like they say, if you can't fight them, join them :)

    >cg>> thanks... i'll drive carefully :)

  7. wooo..for a 2 week, that is an awfully long list, but then again essential. I guess by the time you read this, you'll be off that 2 weeks!! cheers!!


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