Wednesday, August 13, 2008

sometimes it's just me, and nothing more...

in response to Ray's comment: emotions can be controlled, it's just a state of mind:

i used to believe in that some time ago, as i searched my old entries and found this:

sometimes it's just me, and nothing more...

the brain is a very powerful object
so powerful, it can do 'things' to us...
keep thinking of something,
and you'll believe that it's true...
keep denying something,
whatever truth may be overriden...
God enlightened me today...
i came to realise,
sometimes, it's just me,
and nothing more...


(Posted on April 08, 2005 at 09:15 AM )

note: used to. it keeps you in peace, reassured, in control. but you know, in the end, it's just you kidding yourself.

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of love

Today, i heard a story which was not a story of falling...
of living in the dark end of winter turmoil..
instead, it was a love story..
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