Saturday, August 9, 2008

shinyin's Nuffnang's Gift list ^_^ (compliment of RealMart)

When I read about Nuffnang’s Gift Ideas Contest being extended to 19th August, I knew this was one of those times when life gives you a second chance. So, I had to try my luck and participate. Plus, the increase of the first prize gift voucher from RM1500 to RM2000 was very tempting indeed.

All one have to do is:
1. register at Nuffnang's Gift Ideas Contest
2. Pick a gift from Realmart
3. blog about the gift that one wants to give to a fellow nuffnanger and the reasons behind it.
4. pray really hard

Thanks to Real Mart, I may be able to give you all this gift (if i win the RM2k cash voucher, that is, so pray hard ya..):

1.A Swiss Recruit Swiss Military Watches (Ladies) - 6-744.04.003 for Suk Teng who had a problem with punctuality.

This fine watch:
* Have mineral crystal glass, screw backs, Swiss quartz movement, with date
* Luminous hands for easy night reading
* Luminous dots on dial for easy night reading
* Water resistant : 100 m (you can do all the watersports you want! and still be punctual!!! beat that!)
* Material : Stainless steel bracelet and case

For those times you made me wait hours, for those time, you ffk-ed me, (note: ffk=fong fei kei aka let go aeroplane, metaphore for missing an appointment), for those times I realized your time is 30minutes slower, or sometimes even more, this is for you, ( IF i win the RM2k cash voucher... so, pray hard my friend.

2. A Apple iPod shuffle 1GB - Silver - MB225ZP/A for ShinLoo who just had her mp3 player robbed by a stranger.
This really cool silver player has:
* 1GB (240 songs)
* 4 hours charging time
* Audio support : MP3, MP3-VBR, AAC, Protected AAC, Audible, WAV and AIFF
I find it a really good jogging companion. And on those frustrated days, when you needed some peace at the LRT station, and someone might suddenly pop up some random conversation, or pick-up lines, this would really help.

3. A TAG SUNGLASSES-ME6510 for Darren who needs to hides his dark circles after all those long hours of on-calls ^^

*Ultra light weight, comfortable fit, trendy design.
*Come with a black color sunglasses casing

4. A Edu Toys Mini Skeleton - SK046 for Primus John who should really learn his anatomy since he dreams to be an orthopeadic surgeon.

Guess what? it's a REAL LIFE MODELwit
*Real life model
*Durable parts
*ABS stand
*Age: 8+

5. A Edu Toys Stethoscope - MI001 for Christina who loves kids and this should really come in handy during peadiatric postings =)
*Real working stethoscope - just like the one doctor uses Age: 6+

6. A Philips Essential Lamp 18w - Ess 18w CDL for Yee Ming who needs to lighten up, haha!
*Cool daylight 18w.
*Best seller in its range.
*Energy saver.
*H=16.8cm,D=5.4cm, L=5.5cm Energy saver lamp, White color.

Any gift you might want?


  1. I want whatever as long as it's a gift for me... lolx ;)

  2. elo, excuse me! i remembered distinctly that i was waiting for YOU for at least the last 3 times we last met k! 1.sushi king. 2. carpark opposite hukm. 3. 1U. my punctuality has vastly improved ok. therefore, i also want another gift even though im not a nuffnanger. Hahahaha

  3. Wow, it looks like you spent a lot of time on the RealMart site to find suitable gifts for your friends. Well done. When I saw the skeleton gift, I initially thought you were giving it to your friend because he constantly has a boner... ha, ha. Anyhow, good luck on winning the RealMart Gift Ideas contest. I think your entry is really strong. May be you should submit more entries to increase your chances.


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