Sunday, August 10, 2008

Sparrow - a lame movie

Classification: U
Genre: Action - Do NOT believe this!
Running Time: 1 Hour 30 Minutes
Starring: Simon Yam
Kelly Lin
KaTung Lam
Johnnie To

I was fooled to be thinking that this was an action movie. You know pickpockets-mission-Simon Yam-Johnnie To : they all fooled me... So, I decided to write this review, to prepare you before watching this... and no, this wasn't a romantic movie either... i am unsure of what genre to classify this..

How should I describe this movie? Hmm... if you are feeling lazy, and just want a non-intellectually-challenging movie, this is a movie for you... The plot is VERY predictable… it’s a story that even my 5 year old cousin nephew can recite... reminded me of story from the sixties… there were endless moments where you go like ‘OH MY GOD, what is that fella trying to do?’ or ‘ what was he thinking?’...

I find this story rather empty, sometimes, even pointless... It lacked substance... I guess they were trying a little too hard to make this movie an ‘artistic’ movie, that they neglected the importance of the plot. And the background music, sometimes just make me laughed unintentionally.. haha! I find the music too ‘happy’... when i saw the first scene:Simon Yam on the bicycle, being so happy with that chirpy music, i was expecting a group of people to magically appeared from nowhere and started dancing.. It would be not cruel to say that some parts were rather 'lame'.. i was disappointed greatly.

Well, not all is bad. I should applaud the camera skills which shined during this movie. More applauds to the white suits, the bicycle, the rain, the black umbrellas and the swift pickpocketing skills. But today’s consumer expects something more... mediocre is insufficient... i personally think that if this movie is modified to a musical drama, and added some twisted plot, this movie could greatly improve.

If you plan to watch this movie, be modest with your expectation, do not have high hopes. If you plan to watch this movie, skip the below section, do not want to reveal too much to spoil it. Come back to the below section, after you watched the movie.

p/s: the opinions were my individual personal opinion. Other people may differ.
Sparrow – A reflection
When you venture deeper into this movie, you realized the hidden meanings behind those pointless plots, very applicable to our daily life.

1. Pickpockets are everywhere, they do not discriminate.
2. Guys are stupid and crazy when they meet a superbly gorgeous girl. They would do ANYTHING. (vice versa)
3. When a very pretty girl suddenly seduces you or treats you extra nice, she wants something.
4. When you think you are smart, someone else you least expected, might be smarter, watching you.
5. People tend to hold on to something that is non-existent, building a strong wall from an architect of ice, shielding from other elements, believing in what they wished to believe, with only hope to keep them happy.
6. Nothing hurts much more that holding on to that non-existent something. You know you can keep it close, yet it was never yours to start with, and so, it takes a lot of strength and courage to learn to let go. For all you want, is for her to be happy.
7. You may be the richest or most powerful man on earth, yet still unhappy.

*Note: if you are observant, you might notice the not-so-subtlely advertising for camera and cigarettes

Ratings: 1/5star : a sympathetic star for the camera, the black umbrellas, the bicycles and the simple straight-forward plot, and 'hidden messages'

p/sss: Click here for a second opinion, by shinLoo

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