Saturday, April 25, 2009

what is happiness?

i stood at a fork again,
i hate them,
sometimes, i wonder, whether i am incapable of making them,
sometimes i just wished someone would make them for me,
with me,
sometimes, it's just me, postponing it,
sometime, i just do not know...

what do i really want in life?

What would future shinyin wants?


  1. wat u need to decide tis time??

  2. what do you really want in life?quite a tough question...maybe Success? For myself, I have no answer too... I'm still searching , like you do!..@_@

    we make decision all time in our life. We might not make the right decision at all time, but at least we would learn something from the incorrect decision....... bless you!

  3. Shinyin, for sure you have a bright future as a medical doctor...A highly respected profession....I dont think it'll be like in office..sometimes the insane office politic!! (at least to my thinking) :-)

  4. eh? sg thing ar?...
    from ur response i don think u like to go there ge...
    but cant deny is oso a good choice lo...

  5. cheryl, you know what... i've been breaking my head for the pass weeks liao... :(


    sook jiuan,
    i guess the problem is i am too afraid of incorrect decisions... i am afraid of regrets, i feared that i might end up being someone i wouldn't want... siGh...

    does sucess matters? what is success? would being successful make me happy?

    what is happiness?
    MRC, even being a medical doctor, there are still many decisions in life... and there are politics too, or so , i heard... i wished i would never have to be a part of those politics...
    yml, yalor... the sg thingy lor...
    i memang don't like to go there... yet, i am not sure whether the future me would want this... coz, memangpun, it's a good career opportunity, good future prospect,.. but i want to serve here, not there... and do i REALLY want that? to be successful fast? i don't know... help me...

  6. shinyin, we oways have to make various decisions, like everyday we makan what oso have to decide, haha....but seem that this time, it will affect ur future so it bother u a lot, right? ( i ad guess a bit bit what is ur botheR)

    every decision got its risk n consequences, like me, i oso struggles a lot before i decide,just like "the road not taken" we oways wonder what happen if we take another road, haha, whatever is, hope u will make the best decision:)

  7. 1st define happiness urself, and make sure u wont regret after making decision as regretting won't make any good
    wish u hv ur happiness :)

  8. betty, thanks betty dear~ it's so true, every decision has its rish and consequences... and perhaps surprises too, pleasent surprises, hopefully =)

    en yuan, thanks :) but, the 1st part itself is the hardest... how to define happiness? some people spent their whole life just to figure that out...


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